OLTL Update Monday 3/29/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/29/04

By Kathy
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At Ultra Violet, Lindsay stops by, to find Rex all alone, and learns that the place has been closed down. Things “heat up” between them.

At the police station, Nora and Bo are having a quick bite to eat, when Daniel walks in. Bo leaves, and Nora and Daniel begin talking. Nora tells Daniel that when it comes to women, he may be his own worst enemy. She advises Daniel that the best thing he can do is steer clear of Lindsay.

Over at Jessica’s apartment, Natalie tells Jessica about her feelings for John. She says she thinks about him all the time, and even dreams about him, but wonders if it s a rescue-gratitude thing. She says that John has made it very clear that he is not interested in anything more than friendship. Jessica tells Natalie she looks tired, and asks if she would like a sleeping pill. She searches her purse, and around the apartment, but cannot find the pills. There is a knock at the door, and it is the police, coming to arrest Natalie for the fight that broke out between her and Jen.

Antonio is reviewing security footage from Haver’s cell, and discovers Haver playing cards with the rogue cop, and slipping something into his coffee.

At La Boulaie, David wakes up on the sofa, and asks Blair where Dorian is. Blair informs him that she just called from the airport, and is getting ready to take off. David is upset, saying that he was supposed to go with Dorian. Blair gets a phone call, and asks David to leave the room. Starr is eavesdropping at the door, when she overhears Blair talking to Kevin, telling him that she may have been mistaken about the rape, due to the brain tumor. Starr instant-messages Todd, telling him to get over to the house right away. Todd is at the office, and leaves immediately. When he arrives, Starr tells her mom to tell Todd what she said on the phone. Todd tells Blair to say she knows he didn’t rape her. Blair admits that perhaps the tumor caused some confusion, but that they don’t have a future together. She also admits that she loved “Walker,” but that was just more manipulation. Starr bursts into the room, telling Blair to take Todd back. Blair tells Todd to leave, and he goes outside, saying to himself that he’ll wait forever for Blair to take him back. Starr joins Todd outside, asking why Mom is doing this. Todd tells her not to give up hope, that they will be a family again. When Starr comes back inside, Blair is waiting for her, telling her that things can’t be as simple as Starr would like them to be.

At Angel Square, Shannon, River, Adrianna, and the band members from Midnight Logic all gather around. Shannon, River and Adrianna are just happy that they were able to sneak out without getting caught during the raid. Shannon says she wasn’t worried, as she has the best fake ID money can buy. Shannon continues to flirt with River, with Adrianna getting more upset. Michael comes by, and tells Shannon that she really should go home and be with Eve, since she’s upset about John. He tells Shannon that she needs to think about someone other than herself for once. Shannon doesn’t take Michael’s advice, and hangs out, flirting with the band.

Natalie is brought to the police station in hand cuffs, and booked. She is put in a cell next to John’s. John tries to comfort her, telling her not to keep everything bottled up. Antonio comes to the cells, and tells John about the tapes he has found – the pills that were taken from Jessica, the drugging of the cop, and that the cop took the real security tapes, and exchanged them. Antonio is hopeful that this will be enough evidence to clear John.

Jen left her coat at Ultra Violet, and when she walks in, she catches Lindsay and Rex in a compromising position. Jen yells at both of them, and storms out. Lindsay tells Rex that she cannot see him anymore – this is it. Lindsay catches up with Jen at Angel Square, and argue, when Daniel steps in. Jen argues that the closing of Ultra Violet all boils down to Lindsay – that Daniel was trying to cause problems for Rex because of her. Riley is also very upset with his father. Riley leads Jen away. Riley asks Jen what’s with all the negativity? Jen breaks down crying, and Riley comforts her. Lindsay tries to apologize to Daniel, and tell him he is important to her, and against his better judgement, walks Lindsay home.

Jen shows up at the police station, and Marcie asks how she can have Natalie arrested? Jen is defensive, but says she is dropping the charges.

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