OLTL Update Friday 3/26/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/26/04

By Kathy
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At Capricorn, Lindsay is lamenting to RJ that she fears she has lost Daniel. RJ slyly asks if Rex has anything to do with this, and the two banter back and forth about her relationship with Rex.

At Ultraviolet, Midnight Logic prepares to take the stage. Rex and Jen exchange a few comments back and forth. Natalie shows up, much to Jen’s dismay. Natalie again warns Rex to stay away from Jen, as Natalie feels she is nothing but trouble. River and Adrianna arrive to hear Midnight Logic play. Shannon also arrives, and her I.D. is questioned, but Rex takes a look at it, says the I.D. shows her being 21, and says to serve her. Shannon and River begin to discuss music, and Adrianna looks on, seeming a bit jealous.

Evangeline visits John in prison, and John agrees to allow Evangeline to represent him. They begin talking about his case, and the possibility that Haver hypnotized the police officer that shot him. Evangeline promises to arrange bail. She later returns to tell John that the officer apparently committed suicide, and it lends credibility to the officer’s story, but that they have not yet begun to fight.

Todd Arrives at Viki’s, and Viki tells Blair to go upstairs until he leaves. Viki and Todd exchange heated words after Todd tells Viki he how he managed to see Starr. Todd tells Viki he is worried about Starr and how afraid she is, but Todd doesn’t know what she is afraid of. Viki agrees to go visit Starr and see if she can intervene in any way. In exchange, she asks Todd to promise to stay away from Blair and the children, and to give Blair some time to get everything in perspective. After Todd leaves, Blair comes downstairs and admits she heard everything. Blair is also aware that Starr is afraid, but has no idea why.

Antonio comes home, and Jessica asks if it is possible that the rogue police officer was somehow hypnotized. Antonio asks her if she remembers being hypnotized. Jessica remembers most of it, and begins to detail how she was drugged, and how Haver then hypnotized her.

At Capricorn, Todd meets a woman for drinks. It turns out this woman is an accountant for Buchanon Enterprises. He tells the woman that he is looking for an Account Executive, and she comes highly recommended. As the woman begins to feel some effects of the Vodka Gimlet Todd ordered for her, he begins to flirt with her, and she talks about life at Buchanon Enterprises. She talks about the low morale, and the fact that some people have been let go. Todd encourages her to keep dishing the dirt on B.E.

At the police station, Daniel is still determined to close Ultraviolet down, unaware that his son is playing there tonight. They are able to find some building code violations, and Daniel sends four officers to check for underage drinking, and to check the violations. At Ultraviolet, Jen and Natalie finally come to blows after Natalie pours a beer on Jen. Rex is trying to break the fight up, when the cops arrive.

After Blair leaves Viki’s house, Viki nearly collapses.


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