OLTL Update Thursday 3/25/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/25/04

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River and Adriana try to get dressed upon hearing David and Dorian in the hallway. David carries Dorian over the threshold and assures her they’re going to married soon, and they walk in on the rattled teens.

Natalie protests that arresting John is stupid, and Bo tells her to settle down. John asks where the evidence is that Colson used to get a warrant, and Colson holds up a videotape.

Todd speaks with an investigator and tells them he wants perfection – he wants to know what tie Kevin will wear before he picks it out. Starr IM’s Todd and tells him he’s afraid.

Viki goes to the crypt and hears a woman crying; it’s Blair. She’s hysterical.

Dorian tells River that Adriana is too young to be messing around with River, but Adriana reminds her they promised they wouldn’t get married until she’s 18. Dorian informs them that she proposed to David and he accepted; Adriana congratulates them but River still thinks David is after the money.

Todd calls Starr and asks if she’s okay. She tells him she’s scared and doesn’t know or care where Blair is. She keeps hearing noises, but Todd assures her there’s nothing to be scared of.

Blair is hysterical and tells Viki she’s starting to think what happened on New Year’s wasn’t rape, and she made a huge mistake.

Natalie yells at Colson that everyone knows that John didn’t kill Haver, and then tells John she’ll hire Evangeline Williamson. Bo, Antonio and Colson go to watch the video, and Bo says it’s one of his officers, Gary Phillips. Colson tells him to sit down – it gets much worse.

River asks what the rush is for the marriage, and David tells him they’ve been married before and know what they’re doing. Adriana promises they won’t try and elope again, and Dorian insinuates that they shouldn’t do anything that would make them get married and lose the inheritance.

Riley and Jen get to Capricorn and RJ tells them Colson called and will be late. RJ and Vangie say they’ll go to Midnight Logic’s performance at Ultraviolet later that night, and Riley comments that his father can’t be on time for anything.

Colson calls someone and says the raid on Ultraviolet will take place as soon as he gets the paperwork.

John thanks Natalie for being on his side, but says she needs to relax. Bo comes out and says he wants John to see the videotape.

Blair tells Viki that the sarcophagus was the last place she saw Todd alive. She could hear Mitch laughing and she came in and tried to get the lid off but she couldn’t. When she came back with help, Todd’s body was gone. She thought he was dead. She hated him, but she loved him so much. Viki wants to get out of there, but Blair keeps talking. She wants to know why Todd had to come back, and Viki says he came back for Starr and Jack and Blair. But he came back as Walker – not as Todd. Where were his so-called guts then?

Adriana tells Dorian she won’t do anything and she does think that certain things should wait until marriage. She and River leave and he wonders if she meant what she said, because if he had known she wasn’t ready, he wouldn’t pressure her. She has to honor her beliefs, but she wants to know if he’ll hate her for waiting.

Bo asks John if he recognizes Phillips, and he remembers him from the stakeout at the pier. They play the tape and the cop says he’s confessing that he dishonored the badge. John McBain approached him about taking out Haver, and he gave him the gun and half the money up front. John tells them he’s lying.

Viki tells Blair Todd came back as Walker because he thought that was the only reason she would take him back. Blair says he had no right to trick her, and that he should have had the courage to face her. Viki wonders what she would have done, and Blair imagines that she would have been happy. She breaks down again and Viki tells her he did come back for her.

Dorian tells David they have a little more than a year to move the money into offshore accounts, but he thinks they should move fast since Antonio’s sniffing around. She thinks that’s exactly why they should be cautious. Dorian hears they kids sneak out and finds a note that Adriana will be back later. There’s another note on the floor.

Antonio asks John why he thinks this cop would make the video, and John thinks Haver’s behind everything. The look in the cop’s eyes looks familiar. Bo says he’s going to have to book John, and they go out to the station. Natalie goes ballistic and says she’s going to get a lawyer.

Jen notices that Riley’s nervous about being Midnight Logic’s singer. Colson calls and says he’s on his way, and he’ll see him soon. Natalie runs in and goes to Evangeline.

Blair tells Viki she’s not going to be weak anymore and think about what could have been. She asks Blair to go to her house for just a few moments to collect herself, and tells her she thinks she needs to go over everything that’s happened since last year. Blair says that when Todd “died”, part of her died with him. She remembers falling for Walker and that she felt that she was betraying Todd. Everyone knew it really was Todd except her.

Dorian makes some last-minute travel arrangements and tells David she has a friend who needs to have surgery and it doesn’t look good. David offers to go with her, but she says he might be needed there. She tells him to go upstairs to pack and looks at the paper with disappointment.

Natalie tells Evangeline that John is innocent, and doesn’t think that they’ll even question him tonight. She promises she’ll pay whatever, but not to let him be treated as a common criminal. Meanwhile, John is booked.

Todd tells Starr a story that cheers her up. He tells her to call if she gets scared again and hangs up. At Viki’s, Blair wants to know why no one would tell her the truth about Walker being Todd. Viki thought Todd had to tell her himself. She asks if Blair knew deep down inside that Walker was Todd, and that she didn’t want to admit it.

Dorian plies David with champagne and he says he’s sleepy, and he passes out. Dorian tells him she knows it was a mean thing for her to do, and apologizes before leaving.

Riley tells Daniel about the band reuniting, but his father is barely listening and excuses himself for being preoccupied. He makes a call and asks that Ultraviolet get shut down tonight, not realizing that Midnight Logic will be playing there. On their way out, Jen asks Natalie if she heard right, that she needs a lawyer. Natalie tells Riley to take her advice and stay away from this piece of trash, and Jen says Natalie is in for it.

Antonio calls Bo and says he found Phillips, dead. It looks like he killed himself. Bo laments that it makes his confession look even stronger. Evangeline goes to see John in his holding cell and he tells her he doesn’t think he’ll be in there too long. She says there are plenty of innocent people still in jail who said the same thing.

Blair says she keeps going back to the same man who hurts her over and over again, and Todd is still a lying son of a bitch. Viki wonders why she’s so upset tonight and Blair says she doesn’t know what happened New Year’s Eve, and she feels like she is falling and has nothing to hold onto. Todd hollers from the hallway for Viki and Blair says she can’t let him see her.


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