OLTL Update Wednesday 3/24/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/24/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Juanita

Blair, David and Kevin are La Boulaie, continuing to talk about “Craze.” Meanwhile, Dorian is at the hospital with Kelly, trying to track down Kevin. Dorian continues to ask Kelly why she called Todd first. Dorian tells her that if there is something she needs to talk about, to say it now, because the truth will come out. Kelly keeps mum. Kelly said to find out what was happening with Blair and Kevin. Kelly tells Dorian to call Blair. Dorian calls Blair, and Blair hands the phone to Kevin. Kevin tells Blair Kelly had the baby, and rushes off to the hospital. Meanwhile, we see Todd on the phone with an unknown person, making sure Kelly’s story about giving birth at the farm house is in order. After he hangs up, he says, “Kelly owes me.”

Natalie and John arrive at Antonio and Jessica’s apartment for dinner. Unfortunately, John’s picture is on the front page of a newspaper, announcing John is the chief suspect in the murder of Stephen Haver. All agree to ignore it, and enjoy their evening.

At the police station, Nora is eating a slice of pizza, and Daniel walks in. A police officer hands Daniel an envelop with a note and a video tape. Nora and Daniel watch the tape (we don’t see what’s on the tape) then decide that Bo must see this immediately. The note indicates that it has something to do with Haver’s murder.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair is frantically searching for a charm bracelet, and Starr walks in, asking about Kelly’s new baby. Blair ignores the baby questions, and asks Starr if she took her charm bracelet. Starr gets upset at the accusations, and storms off. David steps in, and talks to Blair about Starr. Blair says she’s already taken a crystal bell, which she hung in her window, and Blair also found a beaded bracelet. David looks at the bracelet, and said it is to ward off evil spirits. Blair wonders what Starr has to be afraid of? David surprises Blair by showing her some books on child psychology he’s read, in preparing for his new position with “Craze,” and sheds some insight into Starr’s bizarre behavior. Outside, Todd bribes one of the workmen, and Todd enters the house, dressed as a painter. Starr talks to Todd about her fears, that she hears noises when she’s in bed, gets up and the noises stop, and it really “creeps” her out. Todd assures Starr that she’ll be fine, as she has the ring. As Starr and Todd are talking, Evangeline comes in to talk to Blair. Evangeline discusses the possibility of shared custody, and Blair is adamant that she will not, considering all Todd has put her through. Evangeline reminds Blair that throughout the entire trial, Todd’s only concern was that Blair not be hurt, and Evangeline urges her to reconsider. Later, Starr is upstairs, instant messaging Todd about her fears, and Todd once again assures her she is safe. Blair hears a noise outside, opens the front door, and sees that a branch has blown and hit the door. As Blair tosses the branch aside, we see flashbacks of New Years Eve night, and this time, Blair sees it slightly different, and asks herself, “Oh my God – what really happened?”

At Capricorn, Evangeline is looking at Todd’s case, and RJ comments on it, expressing his dislike of Todd. Eve is singing tonight at Capricorn, and Bo comes in to watch her set. After the show, he tells her how much he enjoyed it, and invites her for a bite to eat. As the two are eating, Nora walks in and tells Bo she has something urgent to discuss. Eve asks if it is about John, but Nora will not say. Lindsay and Rex and talking, and Lindsay says she cannot continue their relationship – either business or personal. Lindsay says she is liking the danger too much, and Rex encourages her to reconsider. The two get up and go behind a curtain, and begin kissing. Daniel walks in, orders a club soda, and as he is going to sit, see Lindsay’s coat hanging on a chair. He then sees Rex and Lindsay behind a curtain. He calls someone, and tells them to dig up all the dirt on Ultraviolet – underaged drinking, etc, and to get the place closed down – tonight!

At Ultraviolet, Jenn is helping Riley and the band, and Riley tells Jenn how pleased he is that they are helping each other through their addicitons.

Kevin shows up at the hospital, and as Dorian is leaving, comments that Kelly must have gotten her dates confused, because the baby doesn’t look premature. Kevin’s son is finally brought to him. He is feeling a little sorry for himself, that he wasn’t there for the birth, and begins to once again question Kelly on her whereabouts. Kelly “admits” she went to a spa, to relax, and when she was returning home, went into labor. She never gets to tell the whole story, because they keep getting interrupted. Kelly says she thinks the baby looks like a Buchanon, and suggests they name the baby after Asa.

Dorian meets David at Capricorn, and they talk about how much they have in common, how David finally got a job, and their feelings for each other. Dorain throws her coat on the floor, takes David’s hand, gets down on one knee, and proposes to David (this was so sweet!) Of course, David says yes!

At Antonio’s, he asks John about his relationship with Natalie, and John says they both agree they cannot be anything more than friends. Jessica asks the same question to Natalie, and her response is that they have a lot in common, but are only friends. After they are all seated and eating dinner, there is a knock on the door. Jessica answers it, and it is Bo and police. Bo says he really hates to do this, but begins to read John his rights.

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