OLTL Update Tuesday 3/23/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/23/04

By Kathy
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*Please note that I was NOT able to watch All My Children, so I cannot give a detailed account of the baby switch prior to OLTL.*

Jessica goes to see Viki at Llanfair, since Natalie told her she took Viki to the hospital. Viki tells Jess that she is just tired, and Natalie was overreacting. Jessica asks if Viki is concerned that the cancer might be back, but Viki assures her that is not the case. Viki still has some tests which need to be done, and Jessica insists that they go to the hospital immediately to have them done. At the hospital, Dorian tells Viki that it is good Viki decided not to wait to have the tests done. Viki thanks Dorian for her concern, and goes for her tests. Jessica and Dorian are both concerned as they await the results.

Meanwhile, Blair and Kevin are in the new “Craze” office. Kevin is upset that Todd has been named the new City Editor. Kevin feels the position will give Todd another avenue to stalk Blair, and Blair wonders why Todd took the job. Kevin says he just wants to protect Blair from Todd. Kevin and Blair talk about Kelly, and Kevin wonders if the baby is still OK. Blair assures Kevin that Kelly would tell him if something was wrong. Blair consoles Kevin, and the two toast Kevin’s soon-to-be born son with water, as Blair wishes they had something stronger to drink. Kevin feels this is a second chance for him, since he was not able to raise Duke. All he wants is a family to come home to.

As Kelly enters the cabin to meet Paul, Todd spies on her. He calls someone at the Banner to dig up dirt on Paul. Paul hands the baby to Kelly, and tells her to take him, because there is no going back now. Kelly agonizes over taking the baby, but Paul reassures her, and says he knows the baby’s mother doesn’t want him. Kelly says she feels her whole life has been leading up to this moment – to be a mother. (Heather Tom was phenomenal today!) Todd continues to watch, as Paul tells Kelly to take the baby home to Kevin. Kelly says she doesn’t know how to thank him. Paul tells her just to be a good mom.

Marcie runs into Michael at the hospital, as she is frantic about her computer problems. She is afraid if she doesn’t do well in chemistry, she might lose her scholarship. Michael tells her not to worry, he will tutor her. Marcie gives him a quick kiss, and dashes off to visit a friend at the hospital.

Nigel and Roxy are at the hotel, with an electrical problem. (Nigel looks so adorable today in his overalls!) Marcie and Michael are in his room, trying to get Marcie’s computer unfrozen, as the electricity keeps going on and off. Marcie is still frantic, as not only is her new novel on there, but so are all her chemistry notes. Michael goes to work and the computer, and is able to retrieve both the notes and the novel. The two begin to share some intimate moments, when the fire alarm sounds. They go into the hall to find Nigel and Roxy still at work on the fuse box. They return to Michael’s room, and Marcie admits she’s not ready to move their relationship to the next level, as she still “feels” Al’s presence. Michael tells her not to worry, that they will move at a pace Marcie is comfortable with.

Carlotta is looking for Dorian, but she isn’t home. She asks David why they went to Puerto Rico. David jokes that it is beautiful, and a great place for a honeymoon. Carlotta said that Ramona is very upset. David retorted that Ramona is upset because Antonio gave her the third degree. Both agree that Antonio will not let this rest until he learns the truth. Carlotta is insisting that she tell Antonio the truth, but David told her she must talk to Dorian first.

After Carlotta leaves, David reports for his first day of work at “Craze.” David walks into the office, looking very dapper, and begins pitching his ideas to Kevin and Blair. Kevin is skeptical, but Blair likes his ideas. After David finishes, Kevin welcomes him to “Craze,” and in typical David style, says he feels like they all should hug. Jessica shows up to inform Kevin that Viki has had some tests done.

We see Kelly at Todd’s penthouse, and Todd has returned from stocking up on baby supplies. Todd wants to prepare baby formula, but Kelly wants to try to breastfeed. Todd encourages Kelly to make Kevin think this baby is his, but Kelly wants to tell him the truth. Todd says this will only push Kevin into Blair’s arms, but if Kelly lies, they’ll both get what they want. Kelly sends Todd off to find Dorian.

Back at the hospital, Jessica wants to wait with Viki for the test results, but Viki sends her home. She says she’ll go visit with Ben while she waits. Dorian comes out, and tells Viki that she has obtained some information about the results, and wanted to be the one to tell her. It seems that Viki had a mild heart attack, with probably little damage, but Dorian wants Viki to check into the hospital. Viki refuses to be admitted. Todd finds Dorian at the hospital, and says that Kelly is looking for her.

Dorian goes with Todd to see Kelly, and discovers the baby. Kelly concocts a story about going into labor while driving home, needing to clear her head, and delivering the baby in some farm house. She called Todd for help, and he came and got her. She further explains that Kevin knows nothing about the baby yet, as it all happened very suddenly. Kelly lets Dorian hold the baby, then Dorian makes arrangements for the two to be transferred to the hospital.

Kevin goes to Llanfair to see Viki, and she tries to minimize her condition, but she gets weepy, as Kevin takes her in his arms and tells her she loves him.

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