OLTL Update Monday 3/22/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/22/04

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At Dorian’s, we see Todd looking through the window at Jack’s “unbirthday” party. Blair freezes when she sees Todd, and he blows her a kiss and disappears. Blair tells Kevin she saw Todd in the window, and he searches the grounds, but turns up nothing. After the party, Blair leaves the house, and Starr calls Todd. As they are talking, Todd has a knock on his door. He opens it, and there stands Blair. He ends his conversation with Starr, and Blair comes in. Blair warns Todd not to come near the house again. Todd claims he wasn’t at the house, and even if he were, it would only be to say goodbye to her. Todd says it’s time he moved on with his life. Blair claims she isn’t buying it. Todd coyly asks if he needs to get a restraining order against her! She leaves, and Todd sarcastically says, “good luck, see you around.”

In Puerto Rico, Dorian and David are trying to walk through the hotel lobby without being spotted by Antonio. Unfortunately, they run into Antonio and Jessica, who are checking out. Antonio says he is not buying the fact that Dorian is Adrianna’s mother. As they are talking, we see Ramona peeking around the corner. Antonio and Jessica finally leave to catch their plane, but he warns Dorian that he’s not finished with this investigation. Ramona joins Dorian and David, and Ramona told them about her conversation with Antonio. Ramona’s main concern is Adrianna, and Ramona says she and her husband are considering going to Caracas. Dorian immediately jumps on this idea, opens her purse, and writes Ramona a check for the trip. Dorian warns Ramona to say nothing more to Antonio, and Ramona tells Dorian to take care of Adrianna, or “answer to God.”

At the hospital, we see a replay of Stephen Haver’s last moments. He states that John McBain shot him, he then flat-lines and Michael is unable to revive him.

At the police station, Bo later tells John that he spoke to Nora, and deathbed confessions are admissible, but since it wasn’t an answer to a direct question, Nora has doubts that it can be used. Bo assures John that he’s on his side, but this case must be dealt with by the book. Natalie shows up, and John informs her that he is a suspect in Haver’s death.

On the plane, Jessica asks Antonio about a call he received just before they boarded. Antonio tells her about Haver’s shooting. Jessica recalls her last phone conversation with Haver, and wonders if he was saying his last goodbye to Jess, and if he knew he was going to die.

Back at the police station, Natalie tells John she put in a call to Evangeline, as he should have an attorney. John doesn’t feel it is necessary. Jessica reminds John that she heard him threaten Haver. John reassures her, and urges her to tell Antonio about the conversation. Bo and Antonio discuss the case, as they look at Haver’s journal. Unfortunately, there is some damaging remarks about John.

Paul calls Kelly at the hospital, and says he’s found a baby. We see flashbacks of Paul delivering Babe’s baby. Kelly asks about the baby, where did he find one, and Paul warns her not to ask any questions. He tells her it’s a boy, and he’s perfect. Kelly later calls Kevin, and tells him to stop worrying, she made a last minute decision to visit a friend in Baltimore. Kevin tells her to come home soon, and Kelly quickly ends the conversation.

On the plane, Dorian is looking at a home design magazine, and asks David about some interiors she likes. The two begin to talk about their wedding that didn’t happen, and David asks if they are talking about their future. Both dance around the issue of being in love, and David finally says that if she wants to get married, she will have to ask him. David admits that when Dorian did not show up, he was heart broken.

Todd receives a call at his penthouse, from an unknown caller. The call is about Kelly’s whereabouts, and Todd heads out the door. Todd shows up at Kelly’s hospital room. Kelly is ready to leave the hospital, when she hears Todd’s voice outside her room. She quickly jumps back in bed, and arranges the covers to look like she’s still pregnant. Kelly’s cell phone rings, and she asks Todd to leave while she answers it. It’s Kevin, and Kelly lets the call go to voice mail. Todd tells a nurse that he’s Kelly’s cousin, and is very worried about her. The nurse tells him what a shame it is that Kelly’s baby was stillborn. Todd goes back in to the room, asked Kelly why she checked in under the name “Heather Hines.” Kelly says she needed bed rest, and didn’t want to worry Kevin. Todd yanks the covers off Kelly and reveals that she is no longer pregnant. Kelly admits that Kevin doesn’t yet know. Todd offers to help Kelly get a baby, and to keep this secret from Kevin. Kelly declines his help, and Paul calls on the cell phone. Todd leaves the room, but listens at the door. Paul gives Kelly directions, tells her to come alone, and the baby is hers for the taking – no money needed, no papers to be signed. Todd comes back in the room, asks where “we” are going, and that he heard everything, and he’s figured it out.

Blair shows up at Kevin’s office, and where Kevin had just called Kelly’s friend in Baltimore. Kevin learns that Kelly lied about that. He and Blair discuss this, along with some of Kelly’s other lies, including faking a threat from the Music Box Killer. Both feel it is Kelly cry for attention, and that at this time, Kelly deserves the attention. Blair asks if Kevin is worried that Kelly may have gone back to her “lover” in Texas, but Kevin isn’t worried about that. (Blair has no idea it is really David Vickers) Blair also tells Kevin she went to see Todd, and that Todd admits it’s finally over.

Dorian and David arrive home. Dorian goes up to her room to call Carlotta, and all we hear is Dorian screaming, “Oh my God!” Starr and David are talking about Dorian’s surprise, (David had her room redecorated) and Starr is skeptical that Dorian will like it. Dorian comes down stairs, and says “David! The bedroom is beautiful!”

Still at the police station, Natalie and Jessica are discussing Viki’s E.R. visit, and Jessica agrees to go home and check on Viki, because Natalie wants to wait for John. When John comes out of Bo’s office, Natalie assures John she’s there if he needs anything.


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