OLTL Update Friday 3/19/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/19/04

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Viki goes to see Todd at the penthouse. He asks if she’s still offering the job at the Banner-Sun, and she says yes; he accepts. He doesn’t want to upset Kevin, but Viki says Kevin is being kept busy with Buchanan Enterprises. Todd says he’s also busy with Blair, but decides that Kevin and Blair deserve each other. He wants to be Editor-In-Chief of the paper.

Star pops a balloon and rattles Blair, who asks her to go upstairs and watch a DVD. Starr refuses to go to her room alone, though Blair tells her there’s nothing to be afraid of. They prepare for Jack’s unbirthday party, and Starr asks if Matthew was invited. Blair says she had to beg Nora, and Starr scoffs that Nora thinks Matthew is going to be kidnapped any time he’s near Starr. She asks if Dorian and her “boy toy” gave Jack a present, and Blair says she’ll bring it out with all the others, and Starr wonders if Blair invited Kevin.

At the Palace, Kevin tells Renee he’s worried about Kelly. He’s looked all over for her and can’t track her down. His son Duke is blowing him off, also, and Renee says she saw him earlier in the week and he’s feeling a little alienated from Kevin. Kevin wants to know what the problem is.

Marcie and Michael kiss and are determined to spend the day together.

Bo gives John his new badge as chief of detectives. The press questions John about his involvement in the Music Box case, and Bo says they’ll have a press conference after Haver’s arraignment. Haver arrives and the press crowds around him; he yells “Hello, Johnny!” and tells him he hopes he enjoyed their little game, and tells him “Checkmate”. Gunshots ring out and chaos ensues; Haver has been shot.

Viki tells Todd the position she has in mind for Todd is that of city editor, and he’s fine with that. He wants to prove to the court that he deserves to see the kids, and asks if she knows about Jack’s party. He assumes Kevin is the co host, but Viki says he’s in Texas, and married to Kelly. Todd notices that Viki doesn’t look very well, and tells her she should take it easy, and she says maybe she’d be able to if he could behave like a human being for awhile. The key is to start rebuilding his life. He thanks her for the job and she leaves; Todd vows to destroy Kevin.

Renee tells Kevin that Asa mentioned something about Blair to Duke, and Kevin freaks out. However, Duke never got over the fact that Kevin and Lee Ann fought so much, and his subsequent romantic history. Kevin says he needs to spend time with his son and get this thing resolved.

Todd makes a call to Duke; he’s been in touch before.

Natalie remembers her kiss with John, and Rex asks if she’s okay. He tells her he’s sorry about what Haver did to her, and she says she’s okay. Roxy noticed that Natalie was out of it before and asks if she was thinking about Johnny; Natalie yells for her to stop trying to hook them up.

Bo says Haver is in bad shape and they may lose him before the ambulance arrives.

Marcie works on her book and tells Michael about the plot. They start kissing again but he is interrupted by his beeper; he has to go into work.

Bo orders the entries to the courthouse sealed off, and the paramedics take Haver to the hospital. Bo orders them to keep him alive. He tells Nora to leave and go to Jack’s party. A woman comes up and says she thinks she saw who shot Haver – and she points to John.

Roxy wants to know why she doesn’t get an opinion, but Natalie says that she’s friends with John and that’s all. Rex tells Roxy he’s buying the Pyramid Theatre and turning it into a restaurant. Viki stops by the Hair Haven and asks how her dinner with John went, and Natalie says they went to Capricorn and had a good time.

Nora and Matthew arrive at Starr’s, and Nora makes sure Starr knows Matthew can’t leave the house. Starr apologizes about the kidnapping, and offers to help reunite Bo and Nora.

The woman says she saw John with a gun, and Bo says he’s a cop. John finds a 9mm in the trash and Bo says he remembers John had that type of gun at the range. At the hospital, Haver is crashing. Later, Michael tells John that they got Haver stabilized but he’d be amazed if he survives. John says someone got a gun through security somehow.

Rex and Roxy talk about the restaurant, and Roxy has some crazy ideas. Natalie gives Viki a manicure and notices that her nails are unhealthy, and that she seems tired. She asks her to go see a doctor.

Matthew calls Bo and asks if he’s coming, and Bo says he can’t make it. Matthew says it’s important, and Bo says he’ll come by. Bo wants to know how someone got into the courthouse with a gun and then disappeared.

Kevin gets to the party and Starr tells him the party’s over, but Blair gets there in time to invite Kevin in. Todd arrives with a giant gift, which he leaves at the door. Kevin says he violated a court order, but Blair says she’ll let Jack open it.

Michael tells John Haver made it through surgery but it’s still pretty dicey. He tells John how excited he is that their whole family will be together, and John notes how different his brother is; he assumes it’s due to Marcie. Natalie and Viki get to the ER and see John; he tells them about Haver. A nurse checks on Viki and John brings up the kiss. Natalie says it just happened and it was nothing.

Bo gets to the party and Blair tells him about Todd’s gift. Bo says he needs proof that Todd was there, and Kevin tells him she’s on edge. Bo asks if he got together with Duke, and Kevin tells him about their conflict. Matthew tells Bo and Nora that he entered them in a dance contest in New York. He knows they’ll win. Todd watched the party from outside the window; he sees Kevin with Jack. A sergeant calls Bo and says the weapon used on Haver was a gun registered to John McBain.

Michael tells John that Haver’s awake; Viki assures Natalie she can go back to the Hair Haven and she’ll be fine.

Blair walks in on Kevin bonding with Jack, and then sees Todd through the window. He blows her a kiss.

Jordan tells Viki that she has a faint heart murmur, and didn’t have a normal EKG. He wants her to have a full cardio logical workup. Viki promises she’ll schedule an examination.

Marcie calls Michael and tells him her computer is frozen. It’s some of her best stuff and she can’t rewrite it. He has to go attend to Haver, who is hemorrhaging. Haver spits out that he knows the man who did this; he accuses John McBain, and flat lines.

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