OLTL Update Thursday 3/18/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/18/04

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Evangeline tells Nora that she’s setting her up on a date. Nora blanches, but decides it might be good for her to spend some time with a man over the age of 8. The date, Roger, compliments Roger on her performance as ADA and tells her he’s a vegetarian.

On the flight to Puerto Rico, Dorian and David discuss the Adriana situation. As long as Ramona and Caesar keep quiet, everything will go smoothly with the inheritance. The plane experiences some turbulence and Dorian becomes anxious, but David assures her that no plane with him will go down, and everything will be okay.

Jessica and Antonio arrive at their hotel in Puerto Rico. Jessica tells him she’s happy that she could meet his cousins, and Antonio wishes Ramona and Caesar had been there. He knows how much they love Adriana, but Jess tells him they’re there to forget their troubles, and she just wants to concentrate on them.

Natalie pulls back from her kiss with John and apologizes; she runs out. John goes after her and she says she’s never been more embarrassed in her life. He says they’re good enough friends that they can talk about it and that he cares for her, but he’s not looking for a relationship right now. The Haver case brought up a lot of stuff about losing Caitlin, and Natalie says she understands. He says he doesn’t know where he’ll be in a week, and that he was packing when she came over. She asks if they can forget the kiss ever happened.

Bo goes to see Haver and asks how his headache is. Haver asks for McBain and Bo tells him the charge Haver brought against John have been dropped; they know he inflicted the injury on himself. The arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow; Haver says he’s looking forward to it.

Michael and Marcie greet Eve before her first set at Capricorn. Eve says she’s nervous, but she’ll be okay. They realize they didn’t invite John and Eve says she’ll go to the hotel and invite him in person.

Haver’s attorney tells him tomorrow is just procedure, and not to grandstand for the press. If he keeps quiet, convincing the judge he’s insane will be easy. Haver gives him a note to deliver in person to someone – some instructions about his financial affairs and his work. Haver says he’s not going to any psych ward, nor is he going to prison. He feigns lightheadedness and manages to steal the attorney’s cell phone.

David pours Dorian some champagne and he gives her a gift of a gown. He tells the desk to hold their calls.

Antonio is really bothered that Dorian is hiding something and putting Carlotta and Adriana in danger. Ramona stops at the hotel and he wants to know that they can be honest with each other. He feels that Carlotta’s been lying to him. Meanwhile, Jessica goes to her room. The phone rings and it’s Haver; he starts humming the hypnotizing music.

John and Natalie agree that there is something between them, and are interrupted by Eve. She invites them to Capricorn for her debut, and they accept. They agree to be friends.

Adriana cries to Carlotta about Ramona calling her and seeming distant. Adriana says she was mean to her, but Carlotta assures the girl that Ramona will always love her as a daughter. Adriana says David and Dorian and Antonio have all gone to PR, and Carlotta is surprised.

Antonio asks Ramona if she always knew about Adriana’s parentage, and she says a man brought the baby. She never knew who the birth mother was, and tells him a story that doesn’t jibe with David’s. Antonio accuses her of lying, and begs her to tell him the truth. He knows Dorian’s not really Adriana’s mother.

Haver tells Jess he’s calling to say goodbye. He tells her that he was experimenting and his subject dealt with people who knew they were dying. The things he says were beautiful. He tells her he would never have hurt her and she’s probably the only person in the world that he’ll miss.

David eavesdrops on Carlotta and Adriana and learns Dorian’s whereabouts. He watches Carlotta call the hotel and leave a message that warns that Antonio knows something about Adriana, and she’s worried.

RJ thinks Nora’s date is going a little too well, but Evangeline says he’s a cynic. Roxie interrupts the date and says Roger is married to one of her clients, and attacks him for being a cheater. He takes off and Bo walks in.

Ramona wants Antonio to leave it alone, but he thinks it’s too convenient that Dorian came across her “daughter” in time to get the inheritance. Ramona says it’s late and she has to go, and he tells her she can’t run away from the truth. Jess hangs up on Haver and runs to Antonio. He says he’s sure Haver is still in jail, and that he’ll call the LPD.

Bo asks Nora why she accepted the blind date, and says he’s there to hear Eve sing.

Michael, Marcie and Shannon debate John’s situation. Bo tells them he hopes that John takes the job he offered. They all enjoy Eve’s show.

Dorian and David see Antonio and Jessica and Dorian can’t believe he’s there. David says he’ll take care of it, and that they’re not going to sneak around. He puts on some music and they dance.

Paul meets Carlotta and says Adriana must get her generosity from her. He asks which village it is she’s from, but Carlotta tells him she knows that he wanted Adriana’s money for himself and she’s not telling him anything.

Everyone congratulates Eve on her performance, and John announces that he’s accepting the chief of detectives job and staying in Llanview.

Antonio tells Jess that he called the station and Haver is still locked up; he’s probably just worked up about his arraignment. He tells Jess he has everything he needs with her. At the jail, Bo demands the phone from Haver. Haver says he’s done everything he needs to get what he wants.

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