OLTL Update Wednesday 3/17/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/17/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Juanita

Rodi’s is in full swing for St. Patty’s day. Natalie is putting green hats and green leis on everyone. Viki comes in and gives Natalie a shamrock necklace for good luck. Kevin comes in, and Viki and Kevin discuss Kelly’s whereabouts. Kevin is concerned, because he’s contacted all the people he knows in Texas, and none of them has heard from her. As the two talk, Viki chastises Kevin for his association with Blair, and for not paying more attention to his wife’s whereabouts. After Kevin leaves, Natalie asks Viki if she thinks Kevin and Blair still have feelings for one another. Viki wonders the same thing. Natalie pours her feelings out to Viki, describing how she felt when she received the call that Cristian was still alive, and the possibility of a second chance. Viki asks Natalie considers John a “second chance.”

At Dorian’s, a package arrives for Starr, and Blair tries to hide it from her. Starr takes the package from Dorian, and goes upstairs to open it. When she comes downstairs, she warns both Dorian and Blair that neither are to search her room for the gift, that it is between her and Todd, and it will keep the bad stuff away. (It’s actually the Lord Ring) Viki comes over later, still spreading the St. Patty’s day cheer, and brings a bottle of alcohol – the same brand she and Dorian shared in the cave during their plane crash. The two share a drink, and reminisce about Dorian’s days of being a physician. She tells Viki she would like to get her medical license back. Viki tells her that she was the only one on the hospital board at the time that voted to keep Dorian on staff.

Riley and Jen go to Ultra Violet, for “Midnight Logic” to discuss playing some gigs. Rex looks at Jen, and wants to know what’s in it for him? Jen says she’s not part of the deal, especially since Rex slept with her mother. Rex agrees to let the band play.

Lindsay meets Daniel at the police station, but he has to take care of some last minute business. They agree to try to hook up later. Lindsay goes to Ultra Violet, and she and Rex share a steamy kiss. She challenges Rex to make her want to stay, and the two continue kissing and groping, as Riley, Jen and Daniel walk in and witness this.

Bo and John discuss his resignation, then Bo asks John if he knows anyone that would make a good Chief of Detectives. John immediately mentions Antonio. Bo says with Antonio just getting reinstated, it wouldn’t be a good idea. He offers the position to John, and urges him to seriously consider it.

Eve is moving in with Roxy, and Marcie, Michael and John arrive to help with the move. Roxy is giving Adrianna a manicure, and Shannon is being her typical self. “The Spirit of the Night” is on the radio, talking about being in love, with Shannon mocking everything he says. Shannon also comments that Roxy is taking a fashion risk, and respects her for taking the risk…(LOL…these two were too funny!) John informs Eve that he may not be staying in Llanview, and hopes that Eve isn’t moving here just to be close to him. Eve says she “saw” her late husband when Haver nearly killed her, and that she feels good about the move. Eve later goes over to the police station to thank Bo for rescuing her, and to give him tickets to her performance. Bo accepts one ticket, saying he won’t be bringing a date.

Kevin goes to the police station to ask Bo for his help in finding Kelly. As they are talking, Kelly calls Kevin, and says she is staying with friends that Kevin has never met. She’ll be coming home soon, and will be taking the train, as she doesn’t want to fly being pregnant. Kevin has a quick fantasy of Kelly walking into the police station, carrying their son.

Kelly is still in the hospital, and Paul brings her green carnations. They continue to discuss Kelly getting a baby, and Paul then tells her that when he found Kevin to tell him Kelly went to Texas, Kevin was with Blair. Paul urges Kelly to really think about this, and asks if a baby will save her marriage. Kelly says the doctor has informed her that she will never be able to get pregnant again. Paul is concerned that with Todd out of Blair’s life, even a baby may not keep Blair and Kevin apart.

Natalie waits impatiently for John to arrive for dinner, but he never shows up. She then takes a burger over to John’s room, drops it off, and sees an open suitcase. Natalie turns to leave, but rushes back and kisses John (it’s a hot-hot-hot scene!).


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