OLTL Update Tuesday 3/16/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/16/04

By Kathy
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Marcie received a poor grade, and is worried about her scholarship. As Marcie tries to decide how she can cram in more study time into her already filled schedule, Michael offers to tutor her. Michael also encourages her to write her novel, The Killing Club. The two shared some time, and kisses. Marcie then begins to fantasize about various people for her novel, and begins imagining Jen as a character in her book. Jen and Riley agree to lean on one another for support in dealing with their respective alcohol and drug problems.

Carlotta finally told Antonio that Adrianna is really Dorianís daughter. Antonio remembered that Carlotta had a secret that might cause Antonio to lose some respect for Carlotta. Antonio immediately becomes suspicious when he learns that there is $30 million involved, and goes to discuss this with David Vickers. David, of course, denies that there is anything less than honest going on Ė that Adrianna is, in fact, Dorianís daughter. Antonio decides to take a trip to Puerto Rico to do a little investigating.

Jessica visits Haver in jail, to try to get some answers. While she is there, John comes in, and tells Jessica to leave. While Jessica and John are talking, Stephen takes a prescription from Jessicaís purse. Jessica leaves, and John tells the guard to go get some coffee. John and Stephen talk, with Stephen taunting John about Caitlin. John leaves, and Stephen begins to bang his head on the cell bars, until he is bleeding and on the floor. He calls for the guard, claiming that McBain beat him up. Infuriated that he was accused of attacking Haver, John announces heís leaving the FBI. Natalie and John run into one another at the diner, and agree to meet for dinner at Rodiís.

Dorian goes to the hospital to accept the PR position at the hospital, and encounters Viki, who is short of breath. Dorian encourages Viki to go to the E.R. and be checked out, but Viki refuses. Michael walks by, and quickly assesses Viki, and gives her the same advice. David then shares with Dorian the conversation he had with Antonio, and says they must immediately leave for Puerto Rico.

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