OLTL Update Monday 3/15/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/15/04

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David awaits his bride to be, Dorian, the question being, will she show. Just as Andrew tells David that it appears she is not going to show at the church, she walks in. Dorian is dressed in a fur coat asking to speak with David privately, however David is still on wedding go, and wants to know if she is ready to get married. Roxy starts snapping pictures and the pastor says they still need 2 witnesses. Adriana arrives, followed shortly by River. David tells her to take off the coat so he can see the wedding dress he bought her. He gets the coat opened to see she is wearing a suit and not the dress. He asks if she didn’t like it and she says no, that she loved the dress. Dorian tells David the reason she is not wearing it is because she is not going to marry him. She tells him that she thought about this for a very long time. She interrupted by David telling her that she still thinks he wants to marry her for her money. He tells her he want s to marry her because she is the only woman in the world that does not bore him. Dorian tells him that he doesn’t bore her either. David asks her what is the problem and she tells him marriage is the problem. She says she can’t marry him and he wants to know why not. Looking flustered and without recourse Dorian tells him she just can’t and runs from the church. David stands there watching her flee. David finally gets his wits back and goes after her. Roxy tells Andrew that he looks cute in his robes. Adriana comes running into the church and wants to know what happened. River starts to play the organ and she tells him to stop. Andrew convinces Adriana to let the two of them work it out and not to go after Dorian. River says to Adriana that there isn’t anyone there to tell them they can’t be together right now. Andrew says he didn’t hear that. Roxy is bummed that there will be no wedding since she was in the mood for one and asks Andrew if he is single.

Evangeline and RJ are having a nice dinner at the Capricorn. She is happy not to have tons of paper calling her back to her office. RJ asks her for a promise that she won’t take another all consuming case for a while. Evangeline happily agrees and to this they toast.

Nora comes in and asks RJ if Lindsey is with Rex. He tells her that she is with Daniel Coleson instead. She then tells Evangeline that the word has just come down and Todd is officially a free man. Evangeline tells Nora that he should thank her for letting him plead no contest. RJ tells Nora that he is grateful note to have Todd competing with his time with Evangeline. Nora sits down and joins them for a while. She is siting all of the things Todd has done since he came back as Walker. RJ has his own list of evil things done by Todd which he lists after telling Nora that she doesn’t have to convince him about Todd. She tells him she is having a hard time watching this man walking around free. Evangeline asks if they are suggesting an innocent man should be locked up due to his personality. Nora follows with an allegedly innocent comment and RJ follows with an alleged personality. Both of which make Evangeline laugh. RJ suggests that they just give him time and they will have another chance at locking him up. Evangeline wants to know if either of them sees any change in Todd since he has come back. Nora says that he seems difference and RJ says he seems like Walker. Nora tells Evangeline that the one thing she is sure of is that Evangeline did a great job of defending him. Evangeline is pleased with who the compliment came from, valuing Nora’s opinion as she does. Evangeline tells Nora she is looking forward to coming up against her in court again. Nora tells her it will be a while as she is swamped with the Music Box Killer.

Nora tells RJ and Evangeline that she has intruded in on their date long enough. They both deny this and ask her to stay for dinner with them. She says no, Matthew is at a sleep over and she has a date with a hot TV dinner. RJ says that is not acceptable to which Nora replies that not everyone has a gourmet cook to provide dinner every night. RJ wants to know if there are any prospects on the horizon and

Evangeline tells him that is too personal. Nora tells her they are like this all the time. She announces that she is going to stop by the station on her way home.

Todd also comes into Capricorn. RJ says that unfortunately this is still a free country and he can’t boot him out. Nora says, easy does it and when RJ replies that he is fine Nora says she was talking to herself. Nora then says to Evangeline that at least we agree that justice was done. Nora hopes that Todd and Blair can adapt to all the changes.

Todd is annoyed that he is being kept waiting on his first day out of jail. As Nora is leaving she runs into Todd who tells her it is nice to see her out and about. Nora wishes she could say the same for him. Todd says she didn’t win the case to which she replies that he didn’t win either. He tells the male companion he is with that the folder he brought him is enough to get him started and gives him an envelope with payment. He asks Todd enough for what to which Todd simply replies, retribution.

Blair and Kevin are at her place going over the new magazine and the contents that it will hold. She thanks him for this being the longest time she has gone without thinking of Todd. Kevin wants to know if it feels good. She tells him it feels really good and thanks him for it. He tells her she doesn’t need to thank him since she is the one putting this magazine together. She asks him what is wrong. Kevin lets her know that he wishes he really knew what was going on with Kelly. Blair tells Kevin not to worry, Kelly can take care of herself and she is not going to let anything happen to the baby. He says he never learns, he buries himself in his work and takes her for granted. He loves her but he isn’t sure she knows that with all the hell he has put her through. Blair changes the subject back to the magazine, showing him the cover of the magazine. She tells him that everything is going to be all right with the magazine, Kelly and the baby. Starr comes down the stairs just in time to see them hugging.

Kevin is looking through the magazine folder and comes across something he finds funny. Kevin says it is footsteps to dances, like they used to do along time ago. Blair says she loves it and that David says no one else is doing it and it is very retro like they want. Before Kevin knows it Blair is up following the diagram and joking about it. She tells Kevin he has a professional obligation to try this. Starr is watching from her spot by the door but leaves when David enters and says cozy. Blair tells him they are working on one of his great ideas. David says then apparently it was a bad idea and wants to know where Dorian is. Blair says she is at the wedding and David says that she isn’t. He tells her the marriage didn’t happen. Blair is glad that Dorian came to her senses. David asks Blair if they left anything inside her head when they removed the brain tumor. She tells him that the marriage would have failed anyway. David tells her that some relationships are not destined to fail and walks off.

There is a candle light vigil around the Angel in Angel Square. People are remembering the women that were killed by the Music Box Killer. Carlotta, Jessica and Antonio are there. Carlotta and Jessica lay some flowers at the statue base. Antonio feels better that the days of his terrorizing this community is over. Natalie is behind him and hears what he has said and whispers a simple “are they.”

Carlotta comments on the number of people there and that they just keep coming. Jessica says its like a black cloud that been hanging over everyone, no one could leave their homes and they are worried about their children. Carlotta agrees and adds that maybe everyone will be able to sleep better. Natalie hears Haver's voice in her head saying hello Natalie as he did in the airport. She turns around quickly and finds Carlotta there. Carlotta tells her she didn’t mean to startle her. She says she is fine, she is sad for those women. Carlotta comments on how hard it must have been thinking that Christian was alive and then Haver. Natalie says she was almost one of those women. Roxy comes up to Jessica and Antonio to find out what is going on in the square. Jessica tells her about the memorial and guessing no one wanted to be alone. Roxy in usual manner wants them to fry the creep and show it on cable.

Natalie is standing a bit away from the group when she is again startled by a man’s voice behind her. She spins around and when she sees it is John she tells him she did not hear him come up. He can see she is jumpy. John tells her it is over, that Haver is in jail now. Nat tells him she doesn’t feel that way, she feels as if something isn’t finish. John tells her once again that it is over and Haver cannot hurt her.

There is a hand holding a gun the target is unseen. Haver comes into view with his guard. John walks in front of the gun unknowingly to tell Haver that his insanity plead is not going to fly and hell will freeze over before he sees light of day. Bo simply looks at John and says his name to indicate this was not appropriate. John hears the cocking of the gun and yells down, pushing Haver to the floor. Immediately after the shot is taken, Bo yells instructions for catching the shooter and John checks the doorway then turns back to the group. Haver tells John that he saved his life and thanks him. John tells him not to push it and walks off. An Officer lets Bo know that the shooter has been caught and they are bringing him back up. He tells Bo it is an older person and a civilian. Haver jumps on an earlier incident and tells Bo that it must have been Asa. Asa had been there earlier that day with a gun.

Two officers escort the shooter to Bo. He is the father of one of Haver’s victims, Raymond Collins. Sadly Bo has to put him under arrest. He tells the officer to read the man his rights. The officer leads him away and then Bo lets loose his frustration over all this to John. He asks John where is the justice in all of this and John tells him there isn’t any.

Haver is back in his cell and asks the guard for some paper and something to write with. The guard tells him he has to get permission for it. As the guard walks off John comes in asking Haver if he is going to finish his book, a cheap movie of the week, or two bit memoirs of a serial killer. Haver says he needs to something with his time, he doesn’t think they will be holding his teaching position until he gets out. John tells him he isn’t going to get out. Haver wants to know why he didn’t let Asa kill him that way all his problems would be solved. John tells him it wasn’t’ Asa but the father of one of the women he killed. Haver taunts John about his fiancée and John reacts by reaching through the jail bars and squeezing Haver’s throat until the guard comes over. John releases Haver and tells the guard that he is under control. John tells him that he is just a little man on the way to being forgotten, there are no games left. After John walks away, Haver smiles and says they may be one game left.

Haver’s lawyer is in his cell with him going over what will be happening to him. He tells him about the psychiatric exams he will have. Haver just whispers, “amateurs.” His lawyer says everything he says can be held against him in a court of law so he is only to speak to him and no one else. Haver acknowledges his lawyers wishes and sits down. He wants to know what they will do next. His lawyer says that now they wait. Haver does not agree and says there is more they can do.

RJ is behind the bar and Dorian is telling him about her decision not to marry David. RJ was surprised she even considered it for a moment. He wanted to know how she could consider marrying that criminal. Dorian looks at him and tells him she is surprised to hear that he felt that way. David appears behind Dorian and tells her that they need to talk. RJ tells David that leaving him at the altar tends to say it all. David tells Dorian that he owes her an explanation at least. RJ tells David to leave Dorian alone. Dorian tells RJ that it is all right and walks off with David. Evangeline returns and tells RJ that every time she leaves him alone he is surrounded by women. He tells her not to worry as none of them can touch her.

David pleads with Dorian to change her mind; he can get every one back. Dorian wants to know why getting married is so important to him. He asks her why she changed the name of her house to La Boulem? She tells him that she wanted to get the respect from everyone in town that she finally deserves. He says that is why he wants to get married. He is tired of everyone in this town taking him for a grifter and a con artist. Dorian replies but that is what you are. He denies that he is that way with her and he wants everyone to know that they take their relationship seriously. Dorian says that everyone will think they are crazy. David wants to know when she started caring what everyone thought. David asks her to help him show the world they mean business. Dorian takes the word business to mean the money and says she thought this was about true love. David asks her to marry him again. He says it doesn’t have to be a big wedding they can go to a drive through. Dorian says that’s not it. David tells her than it has to be the money. She has to be so hung up on the money that she is depriving herself of real happiness. He tells her she is taking money over love. Dorian says what if she just doesn’t want to get married. David says that he does want to get married. He is convinced he could make her happy if she wasn’t so hung up on her bank account. He goes on to tell her that if she cannot accept the fact that he loves her then one day she is going to wake up and the only thing she will have is 30 million cold lonely dollars bills.

Adrainna decides that some of the follows should be taken to the hospital. Andrew thinks that is a wonderful idea and tells River what a lovely girl she is. River says that is one of the reasons he loves her and wants to marry her. River says they will do what Chris and Nat did and have a double ceremony with Andrew and a Catholic priest for their wedding. Adrianna says that their wedding must have been beautiful and she was told it was. River brings up the point that Nat and Chris thought they had forever and it turned out to only be one day. Andrew suggests that they take some time to know each other first. Adrianna thinks that is right, she wants to know everything about River since she already knows she loves him. Adrianna assures Andrew that they will wait until they finish school/

Bo is at the police station filling in Nora on what went down today with Mr. Collins. He asks Nora what kind of spin can they put on this. She says she like to go for the minimum but unfortunately he took a shot at Haver in a room full of cops. Haver’s lawyer, Mr Nelson, comes in with a list of motions he wants to put before the Judge and of which is dismissal of charges due to Haver’s civil rights being violated. Nora tells him that none of these are going to fly, however Mr Nelson says the Judge has to hear them anyway. After he leaves Nora reminds Bo that this is only the beginning and there will be a lot of things to go through. They both agree that Haver is stalling for time.

There is a very loud pounding on Bo’s door. Bo says come in and the man immediately introduces himself as Bureau Chief Christopher Scallard FBI and he wants to know the whereabouts of Agent McBain. Nora asks the Chief if John is now being reassigned now that the Music Box killer case has been rapped up thanks to him. He tells her he is not a liberty to discuss that with her. Nora realizes he isn’t going to talk to her and excuses herself for her interest.

John is sitting in a church talking to Caitlin. He is telling her that he got him. He knows things will never be right but he won’t blow it this time. He promises her he will do it right. Natalie comes into the back of the church to hear John talking. As much as John wanted to kill him for what he did to Caitlin he will let Haver hang himself. John tells her that he still misses her, that she left too soon, and there wasn’t enough time He hopes that she can find some peace now and maybe he can too. Nat listens quietly in the back of the church and leaves before he sees her.

David and Dorian are back at her home and he is still talking about getting married. She tells him he is like a broken record. He says everything is perfect and she is wearing the ring he got her. She turns to him and says she can’t marry him because she is falling in love with him and she can’t be this vulnerable to anyone ever again. David tells her she is the strongest woman he knows. She counters with not liking the way she feels; she feels needy, girlie, and she is scared. She has been hurt to many times in the past and is never going to go through that again. David tells her that he is never going to leave her. He says why does she think he is chasing her so hard. Dorian replies that it is because she is playing hard to get. David tells her that begging doesn’t really suit him but if getting on his knees (which he does) will help then he will. She asks David if he can promise her he will never leave her and he does. She tells him no one can promise that. He tells her that is why he wants to get married and he asks her if she wants to hit the pause button for a little while. She agrees to that and they argue about what a little while means. They come to several weeks as the answer. David then asks if she thinks they could still take their honeymoon even though they didn’t get married and Dorian agrees. She tells David that since he has a job now he can pay for his half of the expenses.

Blair and Kevin go out for dinner. He says he didn’t see her eat all evening. She tells him that she ate with the kids and Starr didn’t say a word to her throughout dinner. Kevin says she’ll get over it and Blair says she is not sure about that. Blair tells him that she takes after Todd. Evangeline walks over to the table and tells Blair that Todd has been released from prison. Blair is surprised it was so fast. Kevin wanted to know if he was dangerous. Evangeline tells her she saw him here earlier and he seemed calm and relaxed. Blair tells her thanks for the warning. Kevin tells her he won’t let Todd get near her. Kevin tells Blair that Todd hasn’t tried to contact Viki yet. The doorman at the penthouse hasn’t seen him. Blair tells Kevin that Todd is up to something that she can feel it.

Evangeline goes back over to RJ who wants to know how she took it. She tells him not very well. RJ says Todd should be locked up and Evangeline says if not for a bad hearing aid and Blair’s condition, he would be. RJ thinks she should be happier, after all her winning streak hasn’t been broken. She tells him that if it had not been for Todd’s courtroom theatric, Nora would have won. RJ tells her she is an amazing woman. Evangeline wants to no why she is alone, she has the idea to match Nora up so she can be as happy as they are.

Bo goes out of his office looking for John. He has just returned. Bo tells John that the Bureau Chief is here to see him. The Chief comes out of Bo’s office to address John and tells him he received a report about from OPR. John asks what the problem is and the Chief suggests they speak privately. Bo offers up his office. Nora steps in front of John on the way into the office and asks what OPR is. John tells her it is the Office of Professional Responsibility, something like Internal Affairs. He says he is being investigated for wrongdoing.

Roxy asks Nat where she went off to and suggested she was following John. Nat says she went for a walk and was not following John. Roxy tells her maybe she should have because the two of them are like kindred spirits. Andrew steps in and calls the group to pray about the women that were murdered. He speaks of all the women and how they touched their lives. He suggests that they try to make it a better place than the one who they left.

Haver is in his cell playing solitaire. The guard comments on the fact that is the third game he has won and wanted to know if he cheats. Haver says no he doesn’t cheat, he just happens to be very good at games. In fact, he claims he never looses.

In Bo’s office the Chief and John discuss a folder. John wants to know what the new complaint is because he did it by the book this time. The Chief tells him that according to Haver he had violated his civil rights. He tells John that give John’s history he is obligated to take the charges seriously. John says this has to be a joke. He tells John that he was personally involved in this case. John tells him that he only found out three weeks go who he was. He couldn’t turn it over to some rookie who would start over while some more women got killed. The Chief says he let himself be emotionally involved and his judgement was off. Some students saw him slamming Haver around outside Rodie’s. John tells him this is crap. The Chief says that he is on suspension and wants his badge.

Starr is bounding down the stairs when her phone rings. Todd is on the other end and tells her he is out. She tells him to come get her right away because she doesn’t like it. She tells him that Blair is with Kevin all the time now. Todd tells her not to worry that Kevin will be out of the picture real soon. Starr asks him to promise, which he does. He tells her he will talk to her soon. After hanging up, Todd calls the airport asking to be on the next flight to Houston.

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