OLTL Update Friday 3/12/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/12/04

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A handcuffed Haver calls his agent and says that the price of his book is shooting through the roof with all the publicity over his arrest. Bo tells him not to make any plans, and Haver’s attorney says that he still needs to be examined by his psychiatrist so they can go for an insanity defense. In Bo’s office, John takes Asa’s gun and tells him that he’s going to forget about this, but if he pushes it, he’s going to arrest the old guy.

Rex visits RJ at Capricorn and tells him he’s buying a restaurant and is thinking of buying Rodi’s from Renee. RJ asks how he’s planning on financing all of this; just then Lindsay walks in to meet Colson. Rex looks on jealously.

River stops by the Hair Haven and says he’s sad because he used to be close to Dorian, but she’s done some stupid things lately. She’s still he’s grandmother though, and he’d hate to see her make a mistake by marrying Vickers. Dorian discusses Adriana’s inheritance with a bank, which Adriana walks in on. She tells the bank that she and her daughter will be working very closely on any charitable contributions and she’ll be in touch. Adriana reminds her that she’s getting married tonight, and Dorian notices a box addressed to her from David. It contains a beautiful wedding gown. Adriana notes that Dorian seems happier when David is around.

David knocks on Blair’s door and she tells him off. He asks her to be Dorian’s matron of honor, but Blair says if he thinks that Dorian is actually going to marry him, he’s a bigger idiot that she thought he was. He tells her he went to see Todd and that he’ll be the patriarch of the family and needs to look after his girls. He told Todd to stay away from her or he’ll have to deal with him. Blair tells her to stay out of her life and that Cassie called and begged Dorian not to go through with the wedding, and that he’s going to be jilted at the altar.

Asa asks John why he doesn’t want to get Haver, and reminds him that he killed Caitlin. John says that Haver will pay for everything he did, and that he thinks about revenge, but that would make him no better than Haver. Bo walks in and asks what’s going on; Asa says he thought McBain would use the gun on Haver.

Colson asks Lindsay how her trip to New York was, and that he was thinking about her when she was gone. His office calls and he has to get back to the station, so he leaves. RJ notes that she’s been spending a lot of time with Colson, but he’s not her type – she likes her men unavailable and dangerous. Lindsay knows she’s made mistakes, but she likes Daniel. RJ asks if he’s really the man she wants, and Lindsay gazes wistfully at Rex.

David comments on Blair’s new magazine Craze. He has some ideas about the format and style and offers to work for her, which makes her laugh. She knows Dorian won’t marry him unless he has a job, which he admits, but he also is a dedicated, talented employee. She challenges him to do a 16 page mockup of his ideas, and agrees to hire him.

Dorian asks Adriana to be there when and if she marries David, and Adriana says she will be, but River is so angry with his grandmother. She feels uncomfortable, scared and angry that Dorian is her mother, and she doesn’t even know her. Adriana knows she forbad her to marry River because they’re too young, but wonders why she won’t marry David. David walks in and plants a big kiss on his fiancée.

Nora takes Rae to lunch and they discuss Haver’s defense strategy. Nora thanks her for helping in his apprehension, and Rae says she’s going on an extended trip around the world tomorrow. Sykes walks up behind her and announces he and Rae are leaving together.

RJ goes to make some calls and Rex says he’ll keep her company. He tells her of his business plans, and that he may need investors; she says she may be interested. He tells her he gets lonely and she says he could have any woman he wants; he says he wants her.

Adriana screams to David that he’s not supposed to see the bride on her wedding day, but David says they don’t believe in those old-fashioned legends. He tells her about his new job with Blair and that he asked her to be her matron of honor, but she refused. Adriana says she’ll be the maid of honor, and David says they don’t have much time, but pretty soon she’s going to be Mrs. David Vickers. Blair storms in and asks Dorian if she’s really going to marry that idiot.

Haver tells Colson he wants extra police protection, because Asa brought in a gun to kill him. Bo yells at Asa that he’s going to take care of Haver the way he should, through the legal system, but Asa says if he had gotten involved earlier maybe Gabrielle would still be alive. Colson goes into the office and asks if it’s true that Asa brought the gun in. Haver says it’s obvious that Buchanan is after him, but John stands up for Asa, and says it’s a gift for Bo. Bo orders Asa to stay out of the case.

Sykes said he heard about Rae’s plight on the news and he called Bo. Once Rae had reached safety, he showed up. They are together now, and John says Rae is the love of her life. They kiss, and Nora says it’s just wonderful. She wishes them bon voyage.

Lindsay tells Rex he doesn’t know what he wants, but he says he made a mistake telling her they shouldn’t be together. He misses her and wants to be with her. He kisses her and Nora sees them from her table. Lindsay takes off, and Rex follows.

David goes to the Hair Haven to get River; Roxy is agog over David suave appearance in his tux. River wants to know what he wants, and David asks if he’ll be his best man. River refuses, but David says that Adriana is going to be the maid of honor and pleads his case.

Adriana goes to get ready and Blair says she can’t believe that she’s going through with this. Dorian assures her that they both tricked each other into signing a prenup, but Blair thinks that they are destined for divorce and she doesn’t want Dorian to get hurt.

Rae and Sykes say goodbye to Bo, and thank him for reuniting them. He tells her she’s got a lot of friends in Llanview, and is always welcome there.

David and Roxy get to the church, which is empty. Andrew is there and asks if there’s some doubt about the wedding. Roxy tells David not to worry, but David thinks Dorian will stand him up.

Adriana goes to see Dorian and sees that she’s not dressed. Dorian says she needs more time, but Adriana says she doesn’t have much time left.

Nora asks RJ if she Lindsay there earlier flirting with Rex Balsom. RJ warns her not to even go there. Colson comes in and asks if they’ve seen Lindsay; RJ says she went to the ladies’ room. In the powder room, Rex walks in and starts kissing Lindsay passionately. Nora tells Daniel she’ll check on Lindsay, and walks in on the scene. Rex leaves and Nora asks what Lindsay is thinking about. Lindsay tells her to leave her alone, and notes that Nora is jealous because she has two sexy men after her and Nora has none, and it’s eating her alive.

Dorian stands in front of the mirror looking at her dress and remembers her past with David. Meanwhile, David waits at the church. Andrew asks where the wedding party and guests are, and David says he guesses it’s going to be a more intimate ceremony than he originally thought. Andrew says that if there’s not going to be a wedding, he’s appreciate being informed.

Haver taunts John and Bo on his way to the cell, and as he’s being led there, someone appears with a gun trained on him.


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