OLTL Update Thursday 3/11/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/11/04

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Michael and Marcie accompany Eve and Shannon in the Angel Square hotel lobby. Roxy comments that Eve doesn’t really fit the Music Box Killer’s profile, and Michael introduces the women. Roxy tells Eve she’s trying to make a hookup between her Natty and John McBain, but guesses there’s too much “luggage”. She hopes John throws the book at Haver.

At the station, John tries to cajole a confession out of a silent Haver. Colson enters and notes that the silent routine isn’t going to get him anywhere, and Rae says he’s trying to figure out his next move – and she knows what it is. Nora and Evangeline spar over the new trial for Todd, and the judge stops by for a meeting. She says she’s ordering that Todd be released from Statesville immediately.

Viki updates Todd on the Haver situation, and thinks that Blair really is confused over the rape. Todd wants to know why she’s really there, and Viki says he may be being released and she wants him to stay away from Kevin.

Kevin goes to see Blair and asks if she’s heard from Kelly; he’s called everyone they know in Texas and no one’s seen her. Meanwhile, Kelly lies in her hospital bed and imagines Kevin bringing a baby in to see her and telling her that he can love her and only her now that they have the baby. Paul interrupts and asks how she’s doing; she breaks down. Kevin can’t find out about her losing the baby. Paul says it’s not something she’s going to be able to keep secret, and that she won’t lose Kevin because she lost the baby. Kelly says he slept with her cousin, and he will go back to Blair if he finds out. Paul says there is no baby, and Kelly says there could be.

Kevin is worried that Kelly went to see the man she had an affair with, but Blair says she’s been under a lot of stress and pregnant women do crazy things. She notes that he’s worried about her and it’s obvious that he loves her. Kevin says she deserves it, just like Blair does. Blair tells him she went to see Todd and that he said it’s just the beginning.

Viki shows Todd a photo of Starr and Jack, and reiterates that she wants him to stay away from Kevin. She can’t understand why she blames Kevin for anything, but Todd says everyone blames him for everything. Viki says she loves him unconditionally, like her children, and she doesn’t want bad things to happen to anything. She begs him to stay out of Kevin’s life.

The judge tells Nora she can file new rape charges against Todd, but that it may be a difficult case to prove. Evangeline says she needs to tell her client the good news, and Nora says she has a proposition about Todd, and wants to cut a deal; Colson refuses.

Marcie tells Shannon that they have to get to the Student Union to hear Viki’s speech about Haver. Shannon complains, but Eve and Michael tell her to go. River stops by to see Roxy and makes eyes with Shannon. Michael wants to know if his mother is going to make a permanent move to Llanview.

Rae tells Steven it must feel strange to be on the other side, trapped and scared like his victims. She knows he’s not catatonic and no one’s going to buy an insanity defense. Haver suddenly looks to Rae and calls her mommy; he asks for his lawyer.

Viki tells the assembled students and faculty that she knows they are all concerned about Dr. Haver’s arrest, and that the counseling office is open 24 hours a day. Shannon stands up and asks if they’ll be hiring any more serial killers on the faculty, and Viki tells her she can make an appointment and discuss it in private.

Evangeline goes to tell Todd the news that he’ll be released and there won’t be a new trial. If he pleads no contest to new charges of rape, he’ll be sentenced with time already served. It’s not an admission of guilt, but it says they won’t fight. If he agrees, he’s out, and it won’t get any better than this. Todd balks but signs the papers.

Kelly tells Paul she could adopt a baby, but he argues that it could take months or years. She says David could help with a black market baby, but he refuses to involve Vickers. He could help her - he works in a hospital. Paul asks if she wants him to just take a baby, and she says she would never ask him to do that, but begs him to help her.

Nora calls Blair and informs her of Todd’s release, which she relays to Kevin. He freaks out and says he’ll make some calls, but Blair doesn’t even want to talk about it. He asks if there’s anything he can do to help, but she says he’s done more than enough and he has a pregnant wife to think about.

Paul tells Kelly he loves her and wants to help her but not this way. She says until she found out she was pregnant, Kevin was going to divorce her, but Paul doesn’t even know where they could find a baby. She says he sees babies all the time who are born to people who don’t want them, who can’t care for them, but she would be a good mother and begs for him to help her. He agrees.

Haver’s attorney tells Bo and John that his client will not spend one second in jail; he’s entering an insanity plea. Asa overhears and goes ballistic; he just got off the phone with Sarah’s doctors and she’s never going to sing again, all because of Haver, and he wants to string him up. Bo and Nora tell Asa to relax, but Asa says if he gets committed to an institution, he’ll kill him himself.

Eve and Roxy bond over Elvis stories and Roxy tells Eve she might want to move to a place with more women. She could live with her and Natalie. Eve isn’t sure if she’s moving to Llanview, but Michael says she’s been offered a place to live, and a place to sing, and he’d feel better if she was closer to him and his brother.

Viki assures the students they’ll be doing stricter background checks on everyone, and that Haver is in police custody and the threat from his is done. She’s going to increase security on campus, but there’s no way she can guarantee everyone’s safety.

Blair puts Jack down for a nap and Kevin says he’ll be going through the same thing soon. He felt terrible for not believing that Kelly was pregnant when she first told him, because she wouldn’t lie about something that important.

Kelly pushes aside her lunch. Paul says he has no idea how to get her a baby, and she needs to tell Kevin and be honest. She breaks down and says she feels so alone, and she can get him the $30 million back. She’ll get him proof that David and Dorian did something to cause Aunt Betsy to die, and Paul asks if she knows that she’s going to try and prove that Dorian is guilty of murder. If she did it, then Paul deserves to have the money, just like she deserves her husband and baby. He still can’t believe that she wants him to steal a baby, but she sees no other choice.

Evangeline stops by Dorian’s to see Blair, and tells her that Todd is being released. She also says that Todd had a strange reaction to being released, and she’s concerned he’s going to do something. She believes that he’s innocent, but the way he took the news just didn’t seem right. She’s not sure if he’s up to something, but Blair says that’s what Todd does when he’s about to strike.

Todd is released and says the game is on with Kevin.

Asa speaks privately with John. He shows him a gun and says he wants justice for everything Haver’s done, and the only way to do it is to kill the son of a bitch. He puts the gun in John’s hand.

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