OLTL Update Wednesday 3/10/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Deborah
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is in his cell attempting to write a letter to Starr. He starts to put his plans for revenge in the letter but thinks better of it, feeling she doe not need to know this.

Blair is coming down the stairs holding a picture of herself, Starr, and Jack with a red X over Blair’s face. Starr is sitting at the bottom of the staircase with a book. Blair asks her if she did this and Starr denies it. Blair tells her that she won’t be mad, she just doesn’t want Starr to lie to her. Starr asks why and tells her mom she lies. Starr uses part of a conversation she heard between Nora and her mother has her example. Blair tries to tell her it was different and then Starr says she lied about her feelings and confusion to Nora the other day.

Kevin is in the Palace bar when he senses someone approaching and assumes it is a waitress tries to order a drink. Viki tells him that she is sorry but her shift is over of the day. They both laugh and Viki asks if she can join him. He says that is fine however he is expecting Blair for a business meeting. Viki says she will just keep him company until she comes along. Kevin asks his mother if she was looking for him and she reports that no she is meeting with Jessica. She explains that Antonio is actually watching over Jessica now and Natalie is still at the safe house. Viki continues by expressing her feelings that neither of them is really safe until Haver is caught.

Marcie finally catches up to Michael at the same bar. She apologizes for missing dinner and not being able to stay long. Michael gives her flowers.

Antonio arrives with Jessica at the station house and asks an Officer Morgan what is going on. The officer tells him that John is at the Angel Square Hotel with the SWAT team. Bo is bring in a civilian that had just been checked out at the ER but he told me to have a doctor there ASAP just in case. No other details to report and the Officer walked away Jessica grabs her head showing her distress. Antonio tells her that they will wait where they are and not jump to any conclusions. Bo enters with Eve still wrapped in the blanket. Bo tells Antonio and Jess that Haver tied Eve up in the river so that when the tide came in she would drown. He also said the doctor in the ER gave her a clean bill of health. Bo goes on to say that Haver used Eve to set a trap for Natalie. Eve follows with the fact that she led them right into it.

Haver is sitting at the piano while John and the SWAT team point guns at his head. He is holding some type of device in his hand. Haver tells John to get control of his people or if he pushes this bottom he will be picking up pieces of Natalie from all over Angel Square. John tells his men to stand down and asks Haver again where Natalie is. Haver tells John that he is disappointed with John. Natalie is in the same place Caitlin was 5 years ago when she died. Haver tells John that she is in his bed.

Blair tells Starr while sitting on the stairs that the tumor she had could have caused some confusion. Blair tells Starr that she is positive she is not confused about what Todd did to her; he hurt her. Blair only wishes she could make Starr understand. Starr tells her that it is okay and that she is glad that she feels better. When asked again by Blair, Starr still denies defacing the picture.

Blair goes into the living room and finds David reading the classified. Blair asks if he could possibly be looking for a job. He tells her that sarcasm will only get her crow’s feet. To which she responds like he really cares and he says he doesn’t. David then tells Blair that he knew that the Banner had bought out the Sun from under Todd, but when did it merge with the Banner. Blair teases him on his interest. David reminds her that he will be getting married soon and want to be able to take care of his family. He then asks about Todd getting a new trial. Blair becomes a bit upset stating that things are not fair. David reminds her that Dorian and he will be there to protect her. Blair tells him that he cannot protect her, no one can. She says she doesn’t feel safe with anyone, except…David interrupts her to say not Kevin. He tells her that Kevin has a family on the way and a wife to take care of. David suddenly asks her if she has feeling for him. She tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about and leaves.

Michael and Marcie are trying once again to find some time that they can actually have together but their individual schedules are making this difficult. At the other table, Viki asks about Kelly and Kevin says he thinks the trial really stressed her out. Viki offers to go by there but Kevin says he called and she is not home. He finds this odd as she is supposed to be resting.

Kelly wakes in the hospital to find Paul there and asks where she is. She tells him about a dream of hers where Kevin was taking her and the baby home from the hospital. Paul tells her that he talked the doctor and she needs to stay and rest a day or so. She says she can’t go home without the baby. He asks her what is she going to do but she does not know. She begs him to help her, just don’t tell anyone the truth about what happened.

Eve is telling Antonio and Jess how Haver made her call Natalie and tell her that her husband was alive in Nevada. Bo adds that naturally Nat took off to the airport and that is where Haver caught her. Jessica becomes upset. Bo tells her that there is every reason to think that she is alive. He goes on to tell them that Haver made contact with John and set up a meeting. Antonio asks if that is what is going on at Angel Square. Bo replies yes.

Haver tells John that he wants to thank him for leaving the SWAT team downstairs. John tells him to open it and Haver to go first. Natalie is tied to the bed with a vest of TNT wrapped around her. Haver reminds John to be very careful; it was all very sensitive. Then Haver does a joggling act with the trigger device just to mess with them.

Bo and a number of officers are headed out the door. Jess wants to know where they are going. When Antonio stops to tell Jess, Bo yells back that there is no time now. Jess can’t believe that Stephen has Natalie and Eve is blaming herself for making the call. Jessica tells Eve that it is not her fault, as she knew he was going to kill her.

John aks Haver to share with them his bigger plan, as he knows it wasn’t going to be this easy. Haver reflects on the ‘share’ a therapy term. Haver asks if he is ready to share with him, quid pro quo, psychiatry of the psychiatrist. John says he can’t beat him with his own game. Is this the same John McBain who stood before the press vowing to get the White Rose Killer says Haver? John asks if he is confessing after all he could have kept this going for another 5 years. Haver says no, he is tired so move on. John tells him that even if he could by him he would have to get by the SWAT team downstairs. John tells him if he makes just one mistake; Haver tells him he doesn’t make mistakes. John tells him that he is wrong, so wrong, he has already made a mistake.

Kelly thinks she sees Kevin coming into the room and asks him how he found her. Kevin tells her he would not forget her and the baby. He asks her to let him see the baby. She tells him the baby is gone, he didn’t make it. Kevin says that is to bad, he was willing to make a go of it with a baby but since there is none then he is leaving and wants a divorce so he can be with Blair.

Kevin gets back from trying to get a hold of Kelly. Blair shows for her meeting with Kevin. Viki hopes the letter she sent to Blair about the buy out explained things to her satisfaction. Blair said yes however she had always thought of the Sun as a legacy for Starr. The thing that bothered her most Blair said was that it was BE that bought it. Viki tells Kevin she will stop by and see Kelly soon and Blair sits down for business. They make small talk then he pulls out all the possible front pages for the magazine. They are deeply engrossed in conversation about this when Paul walks up to the table. Paul tells Kevin that he needs to talk to him, about his wife.

David goes to visit Todd. David tells him he looks tramatized has he lost weight. Todd just laughs it up. David keeps up the taunting until Todd asks if there is a point to all of this. David tells him that since he is about to marry one of the Kramar women, Todd's presence is no longer welcome at their house. Todd reminds him of what happened the last time he tried to get in the middle between him and Blair. David tells him that he is going to make sure a psychopath like him can’t hurt them.

Paul tells Kevin that Kelly is on her way to visit some friends in Houston and get a break. Kevin wanted to know why she told Paul and not him. Paul tells him that she really didn’t want to admit how much it hurt her when he spent so much time at Blairs’s bedside. Kevin gets annoyed and tells Paul to stay out of his business. Blair has excused herself at the beginning of this conversation by telling Kevin she was indeed tired.

Marcie and Michael finally agree on a time to get together and are now discussing what to do when Viki comes up to the table and tells her that Gladismier Bonoff is giving a lecture on campus. Marcie had not heard this but thinks it is great, as he is a controversial poet and would be great for her show. Viki agrees and tells her that an appointment for them to meet is set up 12:30 PM the next day. That was the time that she and Michael had found to get together however he tells her to do this. So after Viki leaves they start looking for another date to get together.

While Paul is sitting at the bar after talking to Kevin, Babe comes in with the final payment concerning the correct paternity test. Paul want to know when he is going to get the rest of the reward she promised him before or after the baby is born Babe tells him that little part of the deal will not be happening ever. He tries to use blackmail which she returns with her own checkmate, telling him he would have to introduce her to Dorian and all his family as his wife.

Bo is informed that everyone is in place. John tells him that one of his victims is still alive. Haver says yes, Sarah Roberts, but she can’t identify her assailant, not without a voice to talk with. Natalie says that others can. John tells him that it is not Flash and Haver says he is bluffing. Rae Cummings walks into the room and says, except one. This causes Haver to stand up from the sitting position that he was in.

Rae tells him he is not hallucinating. Rae tells him she crawled out from the door and someone rescued her. John tells him that he is not so perfect after all. Rae tells him she got out before he blew the explosion. John tells him he can’t even walk a straight line without the heel device in his shoe. Haver seems momentarily stunned repeating the word what, what. John asks him if that’s why the girls didn’t like him because he was a gimp or was it something else. John is right Stephen, Rae says, Penny MacEntire. Haver is becoming less rational, he says he broke that relationship off because she was a slut. John tells him that is not what she said when they spoke to her. Haver is now making unintelligible sounds and Rae tells him she spoke to his mother, that she left him. Haver says to Rae that this is not about his mother, he doesn’t care about his mother. Rae tells him that he must have felt horrible when he was abandoned, he must have been terrified. She goes on to tell him that he could not handle being left, especially by a woman, so he made sure no one would leave him again. Rae tells him that he didn’t kill her While Rae continues to talk John checks on Natalie. Haver begins to beg Rae to stop talking.

David offers Starr some candy before bedtime and Dorian get home. Starr continues past him. Paul is in the living room and David comes in asking him if he is here to accuse him some more about Aunt Betsy’s death. Paul tells him he is here to deliver a message to Dorian from Kelly. David is a bit suspicious as to why Kelly did not do it herself. Paul gives David the message that Kelly has gone out of town to visit some friends in Houston. He tells David to give it to her and leaves.

Viki comes back over to the table to talk to Kevin. She asks him if he is sure he is over Blair. He tells her they were working on the magazine. Viki said that from where she was sitting that was not all it looked like. Kevin tells Viki he made a commitment to Kelly and he plans to honor it. Viki tells him that marriage is a lot more than honoring a commitment and that he has a baby on the way. She tells him that children can sense if there is love in the home. She suggests that he consider very carefully what he is doing and if he has his reasons for doing it straight. He promises her to think about it and she leaves the table.

Blair has gone to see Todd and he asks her if she is finally admitting that he didn’t do it and she has come to apologize. Blair says she has nothing to be sorry for. He tells her she put him away for 10 years and took is children away from him. Blair says that was the Judge not her. He asks her if she got on the stand and told everyone that he raped her. He reminds her she had a tumor, and she tells him she had headaches that did not blur her judgement. He asks her if she remembers the argument and she says no. He says he kicked the door down and put her on the bed face up. He says then we made love and afterwards you hated yourself for it and that was why she fell and hit her head because she couldn’t face the fact that she loved him. She says she is not going to go through it and she tells him that is not the way she remembers it and if they go to trial again she will give the same testimony.

Michael and Marcie are still working on finding some time together when Marcie says we are way into next week already. He says then that we are just going to have to take what we can when we can, a half-hour here, there, whatever.

Jessica finally makes it to the Palace bar to meet with her mother. Viki asks where Antonio is and Jess tells her that Nat took off from the safe house. Viki wants to know if she is all right. Jess tells her what she knows about Angel Square Hotel. Jessica is unable to answer the question.

John tells Haver to face it, he’s done. Rae tells him that John is right he won’t be getting out of there alive. John says you don’t think I am going to give myself up to you. John say that he is right, that this is personal and he will put his gun away. John tells Haver that for once in his life he needs to be a man and deal with John only and let the others go. Rae starts calling him her little man, and saying things about his mother calling him that. Then she acts like his mother calling him her little man and asking for a kiss like all her other men. She is calling him Stevie and he is losing it. Finally, he yells out whore. John sees his move and goes for the control device. John has him down on the floor, Rae is still in the room, Haver is begging John to shot him and Bo gets him to back off. Bo and Antonio handcuff him and start to take Haver out of the room when Haver says to him; Johnny I am still here it is not over yet. Everyone has left the room when John and Natalie hear the sound of the bomb ticking. John rips off the tape to see the counter. He tells Nat to stay with him; he will disarm the bomb. John successfully disarms the bomb just in time.

At the station, Viki and Jessica are waiting for Natalie. Bo tells them she is all right and coming with John. Bo says he needs to check on Haver as Haver is being escorted to lock up. Nat and John come in right afterwards and Viki hugs her tightly. Natalie says you won’t believe what happened, John saved me.

Paul went back to see Kelly and told her the story he had told the others. He tells Kelly that he was alone, doing paperwork and very worried about her.

Kevin shows up at Dorian's looking for Blair. David tells him to go away.

Blair tells Todd that all of the years of lies, disrespect, attempts to take her children. She tells him that it just isn’t New Years, it is all their years together. Todd looks at her and tells her that it is just beginning.

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