OLTL Update Tuesday 3/9/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Deborah
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David is walking down the stairs talking on the phone. He is consulting about the expected size of the wedding being to be around 200 people. After this statement he seems to get some odd remark from the person he has called, so he explains that he and Dorian are very much in love and want to tell the world about it. At the same time, Dorian is on the phone in another room taking an RSVP that cannot make it. She goes on to tell this person that it is perfectly all right if they cannot come, as there may not even be a wedding. She responds to the person that yes she loves David. She tells them that he may have been a bit premature in sending out the wedding invitations. Dorian goes on to say that the last thing she needs right now is a man in her life, especially David. By this time, David has made it down the stairs and is standing in the room where Dorian is speaking. He has heard her last remark.

Paul and Michael are sitting at the bar. Paul wants to know about his Aunt Betsy’s reports. Michael tells Paul that Paul seems a bit eager for a crime to exist. Michael tells him that there is a real killer in this town and that he doesn’t need to look for one where there isn’t any.

Antonio is pacing in the dark in his apartment with Jessica sleeping on the bed. He is watching her and sits down quietly on the bed. Jessica tells Antonio to call Bo and see what is going on. He tells her to go back to sleep. She turns over to face him and asks what went on after they left the docks last evening. He tells her that Haver never showed and that they don’t know where he is. She asks him about Natalie and he says that the last time he heard she was sleeping. Jessica begins to sit up and asks Antonio again what is going on. Again he tells her she needs to forget about all this and get some sleep. Jessica says she can’t, she tells him that every time she closes her eyes she sees things she does not what to see. Antonio assures her that they are going to get him. Jessica cuts him off and says she is not talking about Haver, she is talking about herself. Jessica asks Antonio what is wrong with her that she could let this happen again.

Jessica is out of bed. Antonio is telling her that she cannot blame herself for what she did or did not do. He says nothing she did could have stopped Haver from being a killer. Jessica wants to know why he knew she was the one he could fool. Antonio tells her it is because Haver is an expert in autosuggestion and he has done this before. Jessica asks what this says about her, everyone warned her. He shows up here and she let him in, what does that say about her instincts. Antonio tells her that it is not such a bad thing wanting to see the best in people. She goes on to say that she has to wonder why she cannot see a psychopath standing right in front of her, like Haver or even Mitch Lawrence. She questions if she has the ability to see it or if she just doesn’t want to see it.

Troy is escorted into the visitor room where Nora is waiting for him. He asks, what is up. Nora tells Troy that she came to apologize. Troy says she doesn’t owe him an apology after all he has put her through. She says the State is grateful he is willing to testify against Haver. Nora tells Troy she has made arrangements for him to be transferred to a minimum-security facility. She continues with the fact that the doctors think he is progressing real well and he is likely to be released real soon. Troy gets a soft look on his face and asks Nora about her doing all this for him. He wants to know how she feels about all the news and his possibly getting out.

The station house is a flutter of activity as they look for Natalie. John is on the phone and Bo is issuing some orders. Bo asks John if they have found her. John replies that the cop at the safe house says that she made up her bed to look like someone was in it. Bo wonders if this was deliberate or if she was drugged or hypnotized like Jessica was. John responds that he could have been. The cop said she had been bugging him to let her call John. This was going on while they were at the Haver stack out at the pier. She said it was about a call she got from his mother. He said that Natalie started acting very strange and that she just wanted to get a hold of John. Bo asks if he knows where his mother is to which John says no, he had left a few messages. John says he will try again now.

John hangs up the phone from checking on her mother. He tells Bo that his mother was supposed to sing in that club in Atlantic City last night but she never showed up. Bo asks if she does that often to which John replied, never. Bo asks him the last time he spoke with her to which he says a couple days. Bo then tells him to check with his brother and John says he is already on it. John starts dialing phone.

Haver has Natalie in his grip with a gun to her side. He tells her if she struggles or calls out it will be very painful for her. Natalie wants to know what he is doing. The phone in his pocket starts to ring. Haver says this is very good, John is just beginning to figure out something has gone wrong in his plan. Natalie tells Haver that she has to get on this plane now. Haver tells her that if she and John want to stay alive than she has to play along right now. He tells her that it is all up to her. Natalie is looking at him with fear and questions.

Haver maneuvers Natalie into a seat at the airport; she keeps telling him that she must get on that plane. She says she just found out her husband is alive and she has to get to him. Haver tells her that he doesn’t think so. She tells him that her husband didn’t do anything to him and she has to get to him. Haver replies to her not when John needs her; she says no he doesn’t. Haver repeats that he does need her, that he is pining away. He has already lost once and he doesn’t want to do so again. Haver pulls her towards him and injects her in the back with some drug. He tells her to relax that it will all be over soon.

Jen says to Riley, that she can’t believe she is doing this. Riley starts to talk about Flash, telling her that she needs more surgery and still cannot sing. He tells her there is a big empty hole inside and he knows that is where Sarah is supposed to be. Jen gets very upset and tells Riley she cannot deal with this right now and leaves. Riley is a bit confused as to what just happened between them.

Michael is still with Paul at the bar. Michael’s phone rings and he picks it up and says hello. John identifies himself and asks him when was the last time he heard from mom. Michael tells John that he had dinner with her a few nights ago but hasn’t heard from her since. Michael asks if everything is all right, that he sounds stressed and John replies that the case is getting to him. Before hanging up John tells Michael to take care of himself. Michael says you too and hangs up. Paul tells Michael that he really liked his Aunt Betsy and that she was tricked into dropping him from the will and replacing him with Dorian’s daughter. Michael tells him that she must have mentioned her heart condition, it was serious. Paul asked what could have made her go just then. Michael speculated on a possible scare or some excitement. Paul asks him about foul play. Michael tells him that there was no foul play, none that he could see.

Paul asks Michael if there is something wrong. Michael tells him about his brother. Paul says are you going to investigate that too. Michael tells Paul that he is going to need evidence to get them to dig her up out of the ground. He tells Paul that they won’t do it because he asks them. Michael reinforces the word Evidence to Paul. Paul says then that he will just have to get some and thanks Michael for the beer.

David asks Dorian if he just heard her right, that she doesn’t want to marry him. She tells him that she is just not sure it is what she needs right now. David points out that she is wearing his ring. She reminds him that the stone is actually hers and it is a lovely ring. David tells her that when he steals something he usually keeps it. He was merely repositioning your asset it to augment its emotional value. Dorian tells him that she wants to be taken seriously not only by him, or the people of Llanview, but the world and that his status is questionable at best. David tells her that he has a church reserved for 3 days from now, when was she planning to tell him. She tells him that she cannot talk now as she has a meeting with the Chief of Staff of the hospital about a position there. She tells David that if he helps her regain her medical position there is would help her regain her position in the world. Then she tells him she might even be able to afford marrying him. She asks him how many RSVP’s he has to which he replies none. She tells him that is because she has been calling people and telling them not to come. David asks her not to run from this, that they are in love. Dorian tells him that she cannot think of love when she could possibly be getting her medical career back.

Haver tells a somewhat out of it Natalie that she makes this too easy for him while he puts her in a wheel chair. Natalie talks about a miracle. The call from John mother Nat says and is interrupted by Haver telling her the call that came from this phone, for John. Natalie slowly starts to make the connection that Chris is not alive and she has been set up.

Dorian walks into the bar as Paul leaves. She greets Dr Long saying how surprised she was to hear from him. She tells him how pleased she was with her niece’s care when she was in there given how short staffed they are. She begins to talk about her return to medicine when Dr. Long tells her that is not what they had in mind. The position they have in mind for her goes along more with her talents now. Dorian asks what that position might be. Dr Long tells her that he would like her to be their new Director of Community Relations. Dorian seems a bit stunned.

Dorian says that this is just an administrative job and Dr Long says that administrate work can be quite rewarding. She asks in what way. He tells her that it takes knowledge of medicine, understanding Board work, and her people skills would due nicely for dealing with the public. He tells her she would be the glue that holds the staff, the Board and the community together. She tells him she will consider it however her life is so very full right now and turns and walks off. She is not pleased.

Rex takes a seat next to Michael at the bar. Rex asks if he is drinking alone and Michael asks him what it has to do with him. Rex asks if he is waiting for Marcie and again Michael asks why. Rex tells him that wherever Marcie is, that Jen is soon to follow.

Riley is asking Jen to slow up as they are carrying more boxes out. Riley finally gets her to stop and asks her what the matter is. Jen tells him she doesn‘t want to be the kind of person that dumps her problems all over her friends, especially her male friends. Riley tells her that is what friendship is all about and it is okay to talk to him. Jen tells him about her marriage to Joe and how it was her one chance to be good. She tells him that she has this crazy dream that Joe would come back from London and fix everything and then she would be worth something. Riley tells her she is already worth something. She tells him that instead of the dream she gets divorce papers. Riley tells her that she does not need a guy to tell her that she is worth something. Jen says thank you and that maybe someday she will believe it.

Nora tells Troy that she is not afraid of him anymore and has no problem with his getting out. She says she just came to apologize. Troy says he won’t be able to forgive himself for Clare Baxter and Gabriel and how he just set her up for him. Nora tells him that he had no idea of what he was doing back then. Troy says that even with all of that he would not get over those two deaths.

John comes into Bo office and tells him about Natalie going to Rodie’s to get her paycheck in cash and that she was under the impression that Haver had been caught and Christian was alive. John’s phone rings and he thinks it is his mother. He answers by saying Mom and he hears that all to familiar voice taunt him by saying no, guess again. John wants to know where his mother is. Haver tells him that she had been with him, that is how he got the phone but that now she is in over her head. John asks once again where his mother is and where is Natalie. Haver tells him that Nat is right here with him at the airport. She is getting ready to meet her dead husband, Haver taunts, would you care to join us? The Haver hangs up. John relates the substance of the call to Bo. Bo tells him to take care of Natalie and he will find his mother. John tells him to find her and Bo issues orders for backup for John.

Haver handcuffs Natalie’s hands and hides them under a red blanket. Natalie seems as if she is sleeping as Haver tells her to get ready for a little trip.

David is on the phone canceling the plans he made for the wedding. He is talking to Renee who tells him that he cannot collect the deposit only Dorian can since it was her credit card. Paul comes into the house and David tells him he has 3 shopping days left for the wedding. Paul tells him that the doctors say that Aunt Betsy died of a massive coronary brought on by some excitement. David tells him he needs psychotherapy for his grief. Paul tells him that he is going to figure out how Dorian and he rigged this and then his walk down the isle will be a perp walk instead. David tells him to leave.

Antonio and Jessica are having tea and continue to discuss her weakness at seeing the bad in people. He tells her that she is open and that is one of the things he loves about her. She tells him that he is just trying to put a positive spin on things. Antonio is trying to be supportive but is trying of the conversation. Jessica just cannot seem to let go. Antonio tells her that she can be a little too trusting but that she won’t be after all of this. Jessica is not convinced.

Nora and Troy continue to talk about all the things that went wrong. Troy is concerned about the affect all this has had on her son. She tells him that her son was confused for a while but is basically okay now. Troy asks Nora if she is happy.

John is in the airport, showing Nat’s picture to the airline agent. She does recognize her. While she is getting information for John, he gets a call from Haver. Haver tells him that it is time to come home, that they are waiting for him, he and Nat just like 5 years ago. John tells him he is on his way.

Dorian comes home and tells David about the job. She tells him the job is mostly social. He tells her that she should take the job. David tells her she has been a missile with out a target and that she could do all kinds of things with that kind of job. He says she could even end up running the place. Dorian is now reconsidering the job.

Riley and Jen come into the bar and Rex jumps up and says he has been waiting for her. She tells Rex she has been helping Riley. Rex shows her the spec of the old theater but wants to buy it and turn it into a restaurant. Michael finally hears from Marcie and feels better that he knows where she is. Michael tells Riley that he had a weird call from his brother and he thinks that his mother may be missing now.

Bo and police are on the docks looking and calling for Eve. One of the officers’s asks if they should call in divers. Bo says no and then seems to see something off in the distance and heads towards it.

John has his gun pulled, as do the other police that follow him into the room. Haver is sitting there playing the piano listening to them approach. As John gets in close enough, Haver holds up an object and tells John that if he touches him, Nat will die.

Dorian and David are kissing on the couch when David tells Dorian that there may be a wedding yet. She tells him that she is not going to marry him unless he gets a steady job. David says she wasn’t serious about this and she tells David that she certainly is. He needs to get a job because it is the only way Dorian will believe that he loves her and not the money. Dorian heads off shopping.

Rex asks her what she thinks about his plan. Jen tells him that he has no idea about her and what she wants or feels. She tells him all they ever did was get wasted and have sexed. Rex says they can work on the other part. Jen tells him she doesn’t want a man in her life right now. Rex totally offends Jen by making the assumption that she is sleeping with Riley. Jen goes to Riley and asks if they can get out of there.

Jen is wondering what it is that turns a person into a Haver. She thinks that if she understood the sickness a little better it would help. Antonio tells her that he would not want her to change since he fell in love with her just the way she is. He then tells her to focus on something more positive for the evening and they start to make love.

Nora tells Troy that she is happy at work and with Mathew. He asks about Bo and she says they are just friends. Troy says that Gabrielle should not have been jealous of her and she agrees. She tells him that he is a good man that she fell in love with and kisses his hand. Troy thanks her. She tells him there are people out there routing for him and as she leaves the room she says, “here’s to starting over.”

Bo calls for an ambulance as they pull Eve from the water. She is covered with a blanket and Bo gives her mouth to mouth. She yells out where is John.

John asks Haver what the object is. Haver tells him that it could be the end for all of them. It is a simple devise that will set off the explosives attached to Natalie right now. Natalie is sitting on the bed, tied up securely with a vest of explosives around her.

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