OLTL Update Monday 3/8/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/8/04

By Deborah
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Blair opens the door to Nora and asks her in. Nora asks her how she is doing and Blair answers fine making fun of the brain surgery. Nora agrees that she has been through a lot these past few months. Blair is content with the fact that at least Todd can’t touch her. Nora tells her she has bad news about Todd. Blair now holds her head and says that Todd could go free know because of a technicality. She says Starr couldn’t go through it again. Nora asks her if she is sure about the rape due to her tumor. Blair still defends her being raped. Blair says to Nora that Nora wanted Todd to go to jail as much as she did and now she is acting as if she wants Blair to back down.

Blair tells Nora that she is really tired and needs to rest. She stands and starts leading Nora to the door. She maintains her position but can’t deal with anymore now. Nora tells her to take care of herself and that she will let her know what the Judge says about a new trial.

Evangeline enters the infirmary stating she has great news for Todd. One of juror’s hearing aid was malfunctioning during the trial and he left it off for a four-hour period. The juror was too embarrassed to admit it so Evangeline got the Judge to vacate the verdict. Todd wants to know what that means in English. She tells him that he gets a new trial and this time they are going to win. Todd wants to know what will be different this time since Blain’s testimony buried him the last time. Evangeline reminds him that it was his behavior in the court that cost him the trial not Blair. She tells Todd that she has a box full of evidence on Blair's condition and once Nora sees that there may not be a trial. Todd asks if this means he would be out free and clear. Evangeline tells him he would be free and clear as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid.

As Evangeline leaves, Viki comes in the door and comments on her great mood. Evangeline tells her that Todd will give her the good news. Todd tells Viki that the Judge through the verdict out due to a deaf juror. Viki asks him why he isn’t in a better mood. Todd tells Viki that he knows why she wanted him to dump Blair. Viki responds so that you can get on with your life. Todd says no that is not why. He than tells Viki that she wanted her for herself so that Kevin could have her. Viki becoming angry asks him what. Todd tells her that she betrayed him by wanting Blair for Kevin and not him. Viki and Todd argue about Blair and Kevin, Todd’s developing obsession with Kevin tells him otherwise. Viki tells him that Kevin has not systematically tried to get Blair. Viki tells him to get his act together before he loses the only other person who loves him unconditionally. Todd screams whom; Viki tells him he is being absurd. Todd pulled out the legal papers about loosing his kids and tells Viki that Kevin delivered them and loved every minute of it. Viki says that was cruel. Todd goes on to say Kevin is the reason he is in prison. that he has lost everything, Kevin is the reason Blair hates me.

Viki is completely frustrated with Todd and wants to know when he is going to take responsibility for his behavior is all of this. She recalls he came to town with a new face, gets Blair to marry him under an assumed name. Viki tells him that he and Blair are so predictable; he lies to her and she blames him for everything. She tells him that Kevin has nothing to do with that. Todd wants to know when she is going to stop taking his side all the time. Viki informs him as if he doesn’t know that Kevin is her son. She tells him that she has stood by him during this nightmare, she believes he is innocent, and she does not know what else he can expect from her. Todd tells her he wants her to cut him off. Viki lets out a sigh of exacerbation. Todd says he has taken everything he holds dear. Viki says you have come so close to being killed so many times, why don’t you think about that. Viki wants him to take responsibility and change his life before he looses her as well.

Todd says he thinks the painkillers are beginning to kick in now. Viki says good. so rest. Todd says that she is right; Star and she are the only ones on his side. Viki adds Jack but Todd says he is too young to remember. Todd says everyone else in the world feels he is a menace. Viki gets frustrated with him again and tells him to stop feeling so sorry for himself. She tells him again to get on with his life that it is not over. She tells him he has another chance now, maybe he can get it right this time. Todd wants to know how this time would be any different. Viki tells him that she truly believes that deep deep deep down inside of him is a good person. She tells him to believe it so he can be honest with himself. Todd’s reply is “right.” Viki has had enough and stands to leave. She tells him to be grateful he is getting out of there. She turns out the lights, tells him to rest and then leaves. After Viki has left the room, Todd makes a pledge to take everything away from Kevin that Kevin had taken away from him.

Bo comes up to John’s desk and apologizes for being late. John informs him that Haver’s mother is in his office. Bo wants to know how they are going the handle this. Bo says that Haver must hate this woman to which John responds that the hate might draw him out. John lets Bo know before going into his office that he will just love this woman. A dark haired woman is standing in the center of the office smoking a cigarette. She informs Bo it is her constitutional right to smoke to which he tells her it is his to breath fresh air. Bo introduces himself and John to Mrs Haver. She states she called her lawyer, Bill Usler, and asks if they have heard of him. She finally puts her cigarette out in her coffee ant tells them that the lawyer is an old friend.

Bo proceeds to inform her that if she had prior knowledge of the murders, even afterward, it means she would be vulnerable to charges of accessory after the fact. She refers to Bo as the good cop and then asks John what he thinks. John tells her that Bo did a good job of summing up the facts. She tells both cops that they are wasting their time, as she and her son are not close. John responds to her having watched him grow up and any insight into his behavior; any little thing could be helpful. She asks John what if she doesn’t want to be helpful and relates that she can’t stand the little creep.

Steve Haver is neatly ripping strips of paper above Eve. He tells her that it was very well done, we could take it on the road. Now Natalie is working very hard to fall into our little trap. He states that this is poetic irony don’t you think. She going to die the same way Caitlan did.

Natalie is on her cell phone leaving a message for Jessica and Antonio. She is at Rodie’s and wants to get her paycheck in cash. The bar tender first wants to verify this with the police. She tells him that her husband is alive and she doesn’t want to wait any longer to be with him.

Kelly is in Pine Valley Hospital with Paul who has brought her there since Kelly dos not want Kevin to know about this. Kelly is very distressed and begging the doctor not to let her loose the baby. She wants to know what is next. She says she was an idiot to go see Todd. Paul keeps asking about Kevin and calling him and letting him know where she is. She is put in a monitoring area and one of the monitor’s flat lines. Kelly becomes hysterical and Paul yells for a doctor to come to the room. The doctor says she is going to have to deliver the baby. She begs the doctor not to take her baby it is not time yet, it will not live, please, please, please don’t.

Kelly wakes up and asks Paul where is her baby. She wants to see her baby. Paul offers her ice chips, which she pushes away. The doctor comes in and Kelly demands to see her baby. The doctor explains that the baby died during delivery and was stillborn, and that there was nothing they could do. Kelly is hysterical yelling No no no.

Kevin and Renee go into Rodie’s to have lunch. Kevin needs her help to get Asa to let go of his control in Buchanan Enterprises so he has real authority. Renee asks about Kelly and Kevin says she is following the doctor’s instructions but feels better with something to do. Renee states that why Asa and Kelly get along so well. Renee goes on to explain to Kevin that he can’t expect Asa to pick up and play golf seven days a week. She tells him he has always been a maverick and now he is watching other men, younger men, doing this. Renee relates that she thought that by putting Kevin in charge of B.E. that she and Asa would have more time together. She says that he is pushing himself too hard and they just remarried. She is not ready to loose him yet. Kevin tells her not to worry and help him keep him away from B.E.

Asa shows up and sees Renee with Kevin. Kevin asks him what he is doing there, Asa reminds him that he still as many friends at the office, and they checked his calendar. Asa then asked how long have you two been in cahoots. Asa wants to know about the order written by Kevin for 1000 computers to upgrade the offices. Asa is in a tiff about this and ask Kevin how he thinks he made his money. Asa over rules him and rips up the order form, thus undermining him once again. Asa tells him he is not letting him spend money where it is not necessary. Kevin brings up this buy he wanted to make of the Sun and how Asa overruled that as well. Kevin asks Asa if he will have to get a restraining order to keep him out of the office. Kevin tells him he cannot be CEO if Asa keeps interfering. Asa becomes irate and says he is telling me I have no say in my company. Renee suggests to Asa that couldn’t he just step back and give Kevin the chance that he said he deserved and let him run the company. Kevin tells him that he is not helping himself or the company and asks him please to step back.

Bo hangs up the phone saying that there are no signs of Dr Haver at the docks or anywhere else. Bo is in his seat at his desk with John and Mrs Haver opposite him. John asks Mrs Haver for her help before anyone else gets hurt. She replies that she does not talk to Stephen. As far as watching him grow up is concerned, Mrs Haver reports, my mother did that. She tells them that her mother was a right wing puritanical old witch. Mr’s Haver goes on to say that when she died in the fire she figured that hell couldn’t wait so it came and got her. Bo replies; that’s harsh. Steve’s mother tells them she turned him into an uptight, compulsive little creepy, spooky kid. She went on to say she is not surprised he is a spooky kind of man. John nods at Bo and says “lovely.’ John than asks if there is anything else she can remember, like who was close to him. She says she had this husband once, Roger, that had this crime collection. She describes some of the things in the collection and says she didn’t want it around but Stephen could not get enough of the stuff. John asks where this Roger is today and Mrs Haver said she had no idea. She explained that Stephen caught them doing the deed and Roger ran off. Bo said; he spied on you. She responds that he didn’t get it from her side, the little pervert. Bo asks who his father was. Dennis Peterson replies Mrs Haver. Denny made cash selling acid but wasn’t a happy sort of person. Steve’s father had no compassion. Bo asks Mrs Haver if she has any compassion since they want to stop her son from hurting anyone else. Mrs Haver reflects on the time she left him, she had given him a music box that played Romeo and Juliet. She said she put a picture of herself inside the box and wrote on the picture for him not to forget he would always be her little man. John asked her if when this Music Box Killer information was all over the news, if it might be her freak show of a son. She replies yes several times, then she said he is evil.

Eve asks Haver what he is going to do know. He tells her that his grandparents died in a terrible fire so did a college of his, Rae Cummings. Eve says to him that he burned them alive. He tells her not to worry; he has something much gentler planned for her. He tells her how history will repeat itself.

Natalie gets to the airport just in time to catch the next plane to Las Vegas, however is held up showing her ID. She runs to catch the plane but she is unable to make it. The ticket agent sets her up for the next plane.

After Nora’s departure the doorbell rings. Blair just begs to be left alone but goes to answer the door. Kevin has stoped by for Kelly and she tells him she hasn’t been there all night. It is quite obvious that Blair is upset and Kevin asks her what the matter is. She says she needs help as she walks into Kevin’s arms. Blair tells Kevin he is the only one she could stand to be in a room right now. He wants to know what has been going on and Blair tells him about Nora visits. He tells her not to let them put pressure on her like that she just got out of the hospital. Blair says now I don’t know what happened. Kevin reminds her about Todd’s betrayal. He tells her he will be there for her and she will not get in the way of his marriage or new family.

Bo is outside of his office and runs into Nora. He tells her that they are talking with Haver’s mother. Nora asks if she is giving up anything. Bo says that she is as weird as he is and that he is definitely the killer. Bo heads back to his office. He gives a nod to Evangeline who is headed towards Nora. Nora tells her she is going for a new trial. Evangeline tells Nora her case in detail with all the facts from the doctors and all the witnesses she has now concerning Blair’s irrational behavior before and after the trial. Nora argues back with witnesses of her own. Lastly, Evangeline lets Nora know that Todd is not longer going to tie her hands and she can go after Blair no holes barred. Nora asks what does she want. Evangeline wants the State to admit that they made a mistake. Nora says she will go to speak to Daniel. Evangeline is astonished at how easily Nora caved and tells Nora that she was right. Evangeline has felt Nora didn’t believe he was guilty either.

Mrs Haver tells John she has told them everything she knows so can she leave. Bo enters and tells her that they haven’t even gotten started yet. She asks them if they are going to torture her now. John replies; speaking of torture, did you know that when your son was in med school several girls went missing? He goes on to tell her that one of the girls was found bound and tortured. John asks if she heard from him during this period of time. She replies just once. Steve’s girlfriend dumped him for no reason claims Mrs Haver. She says he couldn’t take rejection. He gets that from her according to Mrs Haver. John said she must be very proud and goes on to tell her about releasing her name in the paper, that she is here and wants to see her son. She interrupts and says that you want to use me for bait. Bo reminds her he is a serial killer. John tells her she can help them stop him. She wants to know what happens next; she would blame herself for the death of all those women. How was she supposed to live with that?

Haver leaves Eve tied up and tells her that she should have several hours before high tide come in. She will have plenty of time to ask forgiveness for her sins. Eve tells Haver she has nothing to ask forgiveness for and he tells her she does. She gave birth to John. Eve tells him that was the proudest day of her life. This upsets Haver a bit and he wants to know if she had taught him manners like his grandmother taught him. He tells her if she had then Caitlan would never of had to die.

Natalie misses the first plane and signs up for the next one. She calls the hospital to check on Chris and is told that he isn’t there. Nat does not believe this and wants to speak to the supervisor.

Kelly is very upset and Paul tries to comfort her. She says that no matter what she had this wonderful thing inside of her and Kevin loved it too. Paul offers to call Kevin. She tells Paul to go away that she wants to be by herself. She tells him to go home. She feels as if she killed her baby. She lies in bed crying after Paul leaves. All she does is cry and watch herself play with Kevin’s baby spoon. It was supposed to be her lucky spoon.

Kevin is leaving Blair’s house. Kevin reminds her she can count on him even after the baby comes. He tells her that both he and Kelly are there for her. Blair tells him he had better let Kelly speak for herself. Blair tells Kevin he should go because she knows she is looking quite attractive and gestures to her head with the bandage on it. Kevin laughs and then leaves.

John and Mrs Haver are in Bo’s office. She is looking at the pictures and the names of victims and asks if he believes Stephen would kill someone just because they had the same name as his grandmother. John says yes. Mrs Haver decides she wants nothing more of this and tells John to contact her lawyer. Bo comes into the office, upset, he has just gotten a call from the safe house. Bo tells John that Natalie is missing.

Natalie thanks the ticket agent and heads to board the plane. Nat hands her ticket to the boarding agent for the plane. She looks up as she hears Haver say hello to her. He holds a gun to her side. Natalie looks terrified.


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