OLTL Update Friday 3/5/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/5/04

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The prison doctor checks on Todd and tells him he’ll be out of the infirmary and into solitary, on suicide watch. He wants to know if Todd was trying to kill himself or attack Blair with the scalpel; Todd says Blair will get hers, only in the courtroom. Kelly drops by to see Blair at the hospital, and Blair tells her that people are trying to talk her into thinking she wasn’t raped. Kelly asks if she wants her to take her home, but Blair called Dorian. Kelly’s surprised that Kevin isn’t taking her home, as he’s been spending a lot of time with her. Once Kelly leaves the room, she’s struck with abdominal pains.

David receives the wedding invitations and Dorian reiterates that there will be no wedding without him signing her pre-nup. Aunt Betsy’s lawyer meets Adriana and the girl says she’s going to give a large amount of the inheritance to her town in Puerto Rico. Dorian is flabbergasted.

Bo and the police set up the docks for Jessica’s meeting with Haver. Bo tells her she can back out, but Jess knows she has to go through with the meeting. Nora and Colson eat lunch at he tells her that a juror’s hearing aid went dead during one of the days of the trial, and Evangeline has filed a motion to dismiss the conviction. Colson wonders if Nora is beginning to question Todd’s guilt.

Todd yells at Evangeline on the phone and orders her to get him another trial. Meanwhile, Paul sees Kelly at the hospital and she says the doctor said the baby was fine, and she says she’s going to Statesville to see Todd. She asks Paul to accompany her, and he agrees. He tells her he was trying to get Aunt Betsy’s death certificate, and Kelly says David and Dorian wouldn’t murder anyone, but Paul says people would do anything for money.

Dorian tells Adriana that they’re going to have set aside a substantial amount for her education and the future, and Adriana asks Ms. Price to start creating a charitable trust as soon as possible. David freaks out and tells Dorian to get rid of the lawyer. Blair calls and asks where Dorian is to get her from the hospital; Dorian says there’s a lot going on and asks if she can wait. Blair tells her to forget it, and Kevin conveniently pops in.

Jessica and Antonio tell each other they love each other, and he reminds her that she doesn’t need to go through with the meeting. She says she wants to, and Bo tells her that Haver will probably keep her waiting while he checks out the area, but he will show up.

Ms. Price asks Dorian and David to sign the will and David expresses concern about Adriana. Dorian asks the girl if she’s all right, and she says she’s fine, just not interested in the legal stuff. Dorian says she’ll take care of it.

Riley and Jen eat at Rodi’s and Jen comments that his dad is staring at them; Riley says he’s just concerned that she’s leading him astray. Meanwhile, Nora says that he should go talk to them, but Daniel says he needs to stay cool. He’s worried that Jen is a party girl, but Nora says she’s got a good heart and may be good for Riley.

Kelly goes to see Todd and tells him she needs to hear him say that Blair doesn’t really care about Kevin, that she was just trying to get back at Todd. He says that Blair wants Kevin and she’ll get him, because she gets whatever she wants.

Kevin takes care of the paperwork for Blair’s release and she tells him he’s been great, but he has a pregnant wife and a new job. He tells her he’s there for selfish reasons, and he wants her to head a new magazine that Asa bought. Blair tells him to call it Craze and he thinks that’s terrific. She tells him she’ll give it a shot.

Jessica waits for Haver. John tells Bo to expect the unexpected. Meanwhile, Natalie paces. He phone rings and it’s John’s mother. She tells her she’s been trying to reach John, and decided to try Natalie. She tells her to sit down because she has some important information for her.

At Dorian’s, Kelly comes in and asks if Blair is upstairs. Dorian says she forgot and then Blair and Kevin come in.

Eve tells Natalie that she wound up with John’s cell phone and he’s been receiving phone calls from a hospital in a suburb of Las Vegas; Cristian is alive.

Haver arrives at the docks for his meeting with Jessica, wearing a hat. The police apprehend him.

Starr rushes downstairs to hug Blair. She tells her she doesn’t forgive her for what she’s doing to Todd, but she’s glad she’s all right. They go upstairs to see Jack. Ms. Price leaves and Kevin explains that he had just stopped by to see Blair and was able to take her home; Kelly leaves and mutters that Todd is not going to be right.

Nora goes to see Todd. He tells her that Blair charged him with rape because she’s not thinking straight, and that Nora bought it just because she wanted to get him. He asks if she’s happy and she notes that he’ll claim he’s innocent till his dying day. He says he is innocent and she knows it.

Eve tells Natalie that Cris was in a coma and just woke up today. Natalie demands to know if he’s okay and where he is; Eve says it’s Moore General Hospital outside of Las Vegas. Natalie thanks her profusely, and tells her security that she needs to speak with Agent McBain right away.

Nora says she’s never known a convicted prisoner to insist that he was guilty. Todd admits that he can’t stand her, but he knows she’s no dummy and that her intelligence is telling her something now. She leaves, mulling over Todd’s guilt.

David berates Kevin over his treatment of Kelly, and while he’s distracted, she gets him to sign the prenup. Dorian tells Kevin she sees no reason for him to stay and then she thanks David for protecting Kelly.

Colson says hello to Riley and Jen and they tell him they passed a big history test today. He asks Riley to have dinner with him and invites Jen also, which surprises both of them. Kelly meets Paul at Rodi’s and says she saw Kevin bring Blair home and they were practically arm in arm.

The cop tells Natalie he can’t help her and that he’s got orders for her to stay put. At the docks, the man in the hat is a Haver look-alike who was paid to give a box to a blonde. The box contains a jack in the box with a note saying the countdown continues, but who? What? Where?

David tells Dorian he mailed the wedding invitations, and shows her that she signed his prenuptial agreement while signing the other papers. Dorian says he did the same, and David says that’s a bit of a turn-on.

Kelly laments that there’s nothing they can do and Kevin is a jerk, but she loves him so much. She says maybe she’ll kill Blair instead, and Paul gets her out of there. Outside the bar, she has a bad abdominal attack and says it’s the baby.

Blair tells Dorian she can’t sleep and she may have misinterpreted what happened New Year’s Eve. Dorian says she saw what happened and if she recants her testimony, Todd will come roaring back into her life and ruin it all over again. Nora calls and tells Blair she needs to come by to see her.

Bo tells Jessica she did great, and she tells Antonio she just wants to go home. Bo says it’s okay and he’ll have guys watching their house. Bo gets called and says that Haver’s mother is in his office right now waiting to be questioned. Meanwhile, Natalie tells her guard that she needs him to go in the bathroom because she wants to go to sleep and she doesn’t wear anything to bed. He relents and she puts pillows in her bed to make it look as if she’s there. Eve is shown tied up and being held captive by Haver. He tells her she did a good job with her call to Natalie and that John and Natalie both care a lot about each other. If anything happens to Natalie, it will hurt John. He promises he’ll take care of her, because she reminds him of his own mother. Natalie leaves the safe house to go to Cris.

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