OLTL Update Wednesday 3/3/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian asks David why he is doing this. He replies, you mean lavishing you with the wedding of your desire. Dorian is still not convinced and David tells he that he loves her. He wants the entire world to know how he feels about her. Dorian then quotes poetry and refers to the 30 million dollars. David reminds her it is 29 million as Aunt Betsy left him a million. Dorian tells David that she does not want to remember why Dorian wants to know how he arranged this wedding so fast. She is sure he is not using his money and is expecting her to pay for it. David reminds her that she hasn’t gotten the money yet and she won‘t if anyone finds out that she really is not Adrainna ‘s mother.

River is at the doorway and hears Dorian and David discussing where the money should be placed. He comes into the room and tells them how disgusted he is with them. All they are doing is trying to figure out how to spend Adrianna’s money. Dorian denies this and tells River how much she loves Adrianna. River tells her that love is for the cut of the money she will get managing it. River tells Dorian that he used to think she was the best but not any more. David tells him to give Dorian some respect. River wants to know how much respect David would be paying her if she didn’t have all this money. David tells River he would marry Dorian whether she had 30 million or not. River tells them they both deserve each other.

Dorian tells River she thought he didn’t care about the money. He says the money belongs to Adrianna and he does not want her or her crabby boyfriend getting their hands on it either. Dorian thanks him for standing up for her to River. David replies that he wasn’t going to let him stand there and cast aspersions on her taste in husbands. At this point, Dorian lifts her finger up and says you are not my husband yet. David then expresses his feelings about what better way of showing a united front then getting married. He also says that we don’t want River turning Adrianna against them but Dorian counters with the fact that they won’t accomplish anything either by jumping into a premature marriage. David says he is ready and their first time wasn’t so bad.

Dorian asks David to see if he will still fill this way after he reads her pre-nup. David surprises Dorian with a pre-nup of his own, which makes he laugh. She tells him to read her pre-nup, especially that last paragraph. After reading the requirement that he get a job, he tells her that he is not going to get a job and if she wants to get married she will be art the church at the scheduled time.

Adrianna and Carlotta are together in her diner. Adrianna is looking sad. Carlotta is asking her how school is going and if she is making friends again. Adrianna ‘s answers are half-hearted promoting Carlotta to ask her if she has a problem. Adrianna says she misses Carlotta very much. Carlotta says she misses it too and loved it when she lived with her but now she lives in that large home with a swimming pool and all the luxuries. Adrianna says that the house is nice but she liked it better when she lived with Carlotta. Adrianna says she feels more comfortable being with her. Carlotta reminds her that she feels this way because they have known each other her entire life. Carlotta reminds her that she has that inheritance to help her feel more secure. Adrianna tells her that the only thing that makes her feel secure is River. She tells Carlotta that she loves her but she loves River too. Carlotta says that at least she is being honest. Adrianna says it is important to be honest. The phone rings and Carlotta excuses herself. River enters the diner and the two kiss. She does not want to sneak around anymore. River tells her how Dorian and David are planning to spend the money. Adriana tells River that they won’t be able to since she is going to give it away. River tells her she is amazing.

Haver gets the address from Jessica. He reminds her not to tell anyone about any of this and tells her he will see her soon. Nat asks if she wants something to eat and who she was on the phone with. Jessica does not tell Nat who she was talking too. John and Antonio are outside waiting for the city to show up. Antonio says it looks like his carpool is arriving now. Antonio says we will find out what happened to Jessica. John says it may not be so simple. Antonio says that it has to be done.

Kevin is telling Blair that her mind wasn’t confused about the rape. He tells her that Nora proved it in the courtroom and the jury convicted him. Blair says she knows this. A courier comes in and hands Blair some papers. She asks if Todd has his copies yet. She says that was her next stop. Kevin asks her to give the papers to him; he will do it for her. After the courier leaves Blair has second thoughts about Kevin taking the papers to him. He tells Blair that he wants to make sure that Todd understands the paperwork clearly so he does not pull another stunt like he did. She tells him that it is her responsibility. Kevin tells her she knows better than that. He than asks her if she is planning to go see Todd herself.

The doctor is examining Todd’s wound. He asks Todd if the OD that got him into the infirmary in the first place was deliberate. Todd tells him not to worry he is not going to kill himself and make it easy for some others.

The doctor tells Todd that the wound should heal in 7 – 10 days but there will be a scar. Todd expresses his anger in the infirmary, telling the doctor the scar will be just another reminder and what it is for. Kevin goes to Statesville to deliver the papers that takes his children from him. Kevin tells him he is out of the loop now. Todd says and you came by to rub in it in my face, to see if I would come after you with a knife or something. Todd reads Blair's note which tells him he has to accept the fact that she has sole custody and he will never see or speech with them again. Blair also writes that this applies to the annulment meaning they were never married. Todd tells Kevin to get out.

Michael and Eve are eating and his mother tells him she has to get back to AC tonight. Michael wants to know why Shannon has such an attitude. His mom tells him that her mother's death hit her very hard. She asks him to take care of his cousin, Shannon, and to look after John too. Michael tells her that John has it under control. She reminds him of what they saw when they got to the station today. Michael says it is okay that he lost it a little and she feels this case is tearing him apart. Michael asks her what she would have him do, drop it. Eve expresses that she hopes the case doesn’t drive him over the edge.

Eve is asking again for Michael to watch out for the Shannon and John. He tells her that she is the only one John ever listened to and suggests she stick around longer. She thinks that it is a good idea. Eve tells Michael that they would all be so happy with her in town. Michael says that we would. She tells Michael that he really has changed. RJ recognized her and offers her a gig at his place. Marcie hears this and thinks her moving there would be wonderful. They could get manicures and pedicures at the spa together. Eve says she will think about it.

Jessica is tossing salad when Nat asks about the phone call again. She tells Nat it was Antonio. John knocks on the door and Nat tells him about the phone call she just had supposedly from Antonio. John brings in a psychologist from the University; he introduces him as Dr Paulson, and expert in his field. Jessica recognizes him and tells them all she knows what is going on and she does not have a problem.

John asks Jessica what Haver wants. Nat gets upset. Antonio tells her she is safe, he keeps trying to get her to look at him, and he tells her he loves her. Jessica is getting more and more upset and runs to the door begging to get out. She keeps saying what is going on. Antonio tries to hug her. Nat reminds her that she is her sister and they don’t want any one else hurt. Jessica is in tears and asks what it is they want her to do. The doctor explains the use of sodium penitol and then they will just talk that is all. Dr Paulson assures her they should be able to talk, just talk and Jessica agrees.

Shannon is talking away while walking with Marcie. Marcie tells her to try thinking before she speaks. Shannon wants to know what that means and Marcie tells her to stop it with the negativity. She tells her no one is going to want to be her friend, think of it as a fresh start, positive energy. She tells her that this is a new start. Shannon excuses herself to the bathroom.

Evangeline is in the hospital talking to her friend about Blair's condition. Blair is in the wheel chair unseen on her way for tests. Blair and Evangeline talk with Blair hanging on to the rape story. Evangeline challenges her and her memory and if she put away an innocent man.

The doctor has Jessica under the truth serum and she admits to his asking her to help him and then she got dizzy. When she awoke everything was locked and boarded up. She looks all over for a key and even goes through Haver nap sack. With encouragement she reveals she found a music box. When asked why she didn’t tell them before she said she didn’t remember. Her cell phone rings, it is Haver, Antonio hands her the phone. Haver asks her if they can talk. He repeats himself and asks her if the police are there and she tells him yes. Haver tells her that the police are out to get her as well as him. She tells the police she can’t trust them. They are out to hurt her. Jessica remembers Haver telling her that his voice will always calm her. Nat tells her that Haver want s to hurt her and others in the room. Jessica gets upset and runs to her bed and curls up. The doc says he can help by re-hypnotizing her. He does and it appears successful. They ask her to call Haver and make him think she is still on his side. She tells Haver that the guard from outside was in the room and she could not talk but he is gone now. Haver says so you can talk and she relies that she can. Then she asks him if he is coming there. Haver tells her he cannot come there because of the cops but she should play along with them and then slip away. He tells her to come to Pier 57 at 7 PM. He asks her if she trusts him and she replies that he is the only one she trusts. After hanging up, Jessica rests in Antonio’s arms. Haver turns off the music and looks pensive.

. Michael tells his mother to think about moving here. Shannon and Marcie are talking about it. Shannon tells her about his past girl loving ways. Marcie says he has changed. She tells Marcie that she is different than his usual girlfriend.

The doctor is checking Blair’s pupil response. He tells her the test results will be back soon. She asks him about Evangeline and he tells her he has known her since medical school. Blair asks him if the brain tumor could have caused her misinterpreting the rape. He tells her in his opinion, absolutely.

Evangeline tells Todd that he has made her life so much harder by breaking out. She tells him she now has grounds to appeal the case. Dorian told her that she was raped. She heard it so much she began to believe it. Todd wants to know whom she talked to and she says several neurosurgeons and Blair herself.

Antonio reports that there is a team going over to check the pier out. John nods his head.

Jessica tells Antonio that she fells so stupid. He reassures her that she is not. Nat walks over to where John is and wonders if it all will be over soon. John says that he does not think so. That this is all too easy. He feels Haver is up to something but does not know what.

Haver is out and runs into Eve, John’s mother, he smiles and says hello.

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