OLTL Update Tuesday 3/2/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Deborah
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Todd is in Blair’s hospital room holding a scalpel to ward off a security a guard holding him at gunpoint. The guard is telling him to drop it. Blair is in bed looking very fearful, as are others in the room. The security guard tells Todd that there is no way out and shoots Todd as he turns sideways. He falls to the floor.

Viki and Antonio follow Bo into his office at the police station. John has taken Jessica and Natalie to the safe house. Viki is very concerned about not knowing where her girls are. Antonio explains that the fewer people that know the safer they will be. He also tells Viki that Jessica has not been the same since her return from the cabin where Haver held her hostage. Viki asks Antonio if he thinks that Haver has somehow hurt Jessica. Antonio denies this and describes her as being distant from him at the surface. Viki thinks her behavior has to do with her feelings for Chris and also how she idolized Professor Haver. Also, she is dealing with how Haver betrayed her trust. Antonio hopes she is correct and says he does not being away from her at a time like this. Viki is sure that Natalie will look out after Jessica. Viki tells Antonio the Memorial was lovely. He agrees and says that Chris would have liked it. Bo agrees that Chris was a great guy and is sorry to have lost him.

There is a loud knock on Bo’s door. An Officer enters to tell Bo that Todd Manning has broken out of Statesville prison several hours ago. He has been tracked to the Llanview Hospital. Viki looks startled. Bo is concerned as to how this could happen and picks up the phone to call the hospital. Viki says he must have heard about Blair’s surgery. She reminds Bo that if he thought she was in danger he would do anything to get to her. Bo asks for the head of hospital security and Viki tells Bo that Todd isn’t going to hurt her. Antonio reminds Viki that Todd is in prison for raping her. Viki tells him that he said he didn’t do it. She then announces she is going to the hospital. Bo tells her not to and to leave this to the police. He also says that Todd will be fine if he doesn’t do anything stupid. Viki leaves the office and when she closes the door behind her just shakes her head. Antonio tells Bo that knowing Manning he has already probably done that.

John, Jessica, and Nat arrive at the safe house. Nat makes the comment about the facility and John responds that it ain’t the Ritz, John tells them that at least now they have released Haver’s picture to the press and hopefully someone will recognize him so they can pick him up. Jessica has not said a word since they enter the safe house. She has a spacey look about her. John asks her if she is okay to which she says yes.

Jen and Riley are in the student union bemoaning the studying of History. Riley asks Jen if she knows what he wishes? She replies that you weren’t flunking out. He says well that too but he would rather be back at the garage listening to Flash sing. Jen inquires if he would want to go to London again. They entertain the idea briefly and let it go. He would like to see Flash but Jen feels that Joe would not want to see her. She tells Riley he is pushing for a divorce. Riley’s phone starts to ring and he tells Jen to wait while he walks away to answer it.

With there being an empty spot on the couch, Marcie sits down next to Jen and asks her how things are. Marcie asks her about all the time she is spending with Riley. Jen tells her that her soon to be ex-mother in law called her in and she has to hit the books if she is going to graduate. Marcie thinks that studying with Riley is better than hanging out with Rex. Jen tells Marcie that Riley is cool and Marcie teases her a bit about him. Marcie’s cell phone rings and it is Michael on the other end. He asks her if he can bring someone by to meet her. She wants to know if she will like this person to which Michael responds probably not.

Todd is being held on the floor with 2 security guards pointing guns at him when Dorian enters the room and nearly falls over one of the guards. Dorian immediately starts degrading Todd and telling him that 10 years isn’t good enough for him after what he did to Blair. David tells him that this will just add time to his sentence. He is handcuffed from behind and pulled to his feet by the guards. It is obvious that Todd is in pain while the guards are handling him. While the guards drag him from the room, Blair places her hands to her head looking extremely upset.

Jessica is unpacking groceries at the safe house. Nat tells John that this is a waste of time and that he should use them as bait. He tells her that isn’t going to happen. Nat wants to know if all he is going to do is wait for Haver to get in touch. He tells her no, however relates that Haver will find him instead of the girls. He also tells them that they have to stay put. Nat makes another derogatory remark about the surroundings. John asks Jessica for the second time if she is okay and she tells him she is. John tells them that since everything is fine he is going back to the station. Nat walks him to the door. John tells her that there are 2 more federal agents across the hall and next door. After he leaves, Jessica, whom has only answered John’s questions since arriving, just looks at Nat.

Haver is sitting in a room holding a photo in each hand. He is trying to decide which one will be victim number one or two. Either way, he says out loud, one mother will be planning two separate funerals.

Marcie, Jen and Riley are in the Onion; Jen is quizzing Riley on history. He gets the answer wrong and Marcie corrects them. The three of them begin talking about the radio show that Marcie does. Jen says she wasn’t aware how much drug pushers rip you off. Marcie throws out her idea for her topic for this week, the Music Box Killer and security on campus. Jen says whatever she can do just say the word and Riley agrees. Riley is concerned due to what happened to Flash and to Jen. Jen leaves and Marcie asks him if he and Jen are just friends. Riley confides that he is hanging close to Jen because he does not want the psycho-killer to do any thing to her like he did to Flash. Marcie tells him that it sounds like a good idea. She also tells him that the person that hurts Jen the most is Jen.

Kelly is reading when Paul walks into the room. Paul wants to know if Kevin is at the hospital. Kelly tells him that he is. Paul reminds her that this is a crisis and when it is over he will have more time to concentrate on her and the baby. Kelly apologizes to him for her reaction when he first came to town. Paul says he could have handled it better but all is well now. Paul tells Kelly that he still thinks that Dorian and David killed Aunt Betsy. Kelly objects to this idea saying they are not capable of it. Paul tells her that when it comes to 30 million dollars you would be surprised what people might do.

In Blair’s room, Dorian, Kevin and David are speculating on how Todd got there and what they should have done at other times. Blair still has her hands over her eyes and begs them to stop. Dorian wants to know if she is all right. Blair asks for some water. Dorian finally convinces Kevin to go home to his wife. Kevin leaves and Dorian resumes her ranting about Todd.

Viki runs into Todd in the hospital. He is being escorted out for transportation back. She sees that he is injured and is upset. Bo tells her what happened and that he has been treated at the hospital first before going back. Viki, who is very upset, blurts out; “doesn’t it ever stop.”

John meets up with Bo at the hospital. Bo wants to know if there is any news. John tells him the cameras were both bought at the same store. Bo says he will send someone to look into it. John relates he has linguistics expect working on the calls from Haver and the calls from the killer hoping they will get a syntax match. Bo feels it will take more than that to hold this guy.

Viki is talking to Todd in the prison infirmary. She wants to know if all of this was worth it. Todd tells her that Starr was terrified about her mother and no one was going to tell him about Blair. Viki tells him that she would have. She tells him that now he has added more years to his sentence. She tells him repeated that he is going to have to let go of Blair. Viki tells him that Blair does not love him. He is going to have to find something else in his life other than Blair. Todd does not like hearing anything that Viki is saying and becomes more depressed about his life. Todd says she still loves him. He is convinced she remembered the night wrong. Viki wants to know if he is saying she is lying. He says no. Viki says because if she was then she really wanted him to go to prison. Todd turns his head into his pillow while he still clings to hope of having Blair. Todd then tells Viki thanks for the support. Viki becomes angry and tells Todd is has been very supportive and asks if he sees any one else there. Todd says he has nothing to live for since he is locked in prison for a crime he didn’t do, he cannot see his children, and his wife does not love him. Viki does not go for the poor me posture and tells Todd to get over it and get himself a new life.

Blair has finally fallen asleep. David and Dorian leave her room. Paul is sitting off to the side with a newspaper. David tries once again to get Dorian to elope and marry him now. Dorian says he will have to prove his love for her. He wants to know how. Dorian tells him that if he truly loved her he would want her to have her hearts desire. He asks what that is. Dorian responds by telling him she wants the biggest wedding this town has ever seen.

Jen brings some coffee to Marcie who is writing her notes for her show about the Music Box Killer. She mentions that Jessica had said that Haver was once a suspect. Jen tells Marcie she does not like Haver and Marcie wants to know why. Jen says that she just didn’t like the way he looks at her. Marcie said that Jessica did not think he was the killer and Jen agreed with the statement. Jen then has a flash back of the time she was almost killed. Marcie sees the odd look on her face and asks if she is all right. Jen says yes but it is odd how fast things can go wrong sometimes.

Jessica and Nat are in their room at the safe house. Jessica asks Nat if there is anything she can help her with. Nat is trying to clean the room and suggests she help. They start talking about Haver and Jessica keeps referring to him as the killer. Nat asks her why she does this since she knows the killer is Haver. Jessica responds that she knows that but it is still strange to her to think of him that way. Nat asks her point blank if she knows that Haver is the killer and Jessica tells her that of course she does, John and Antonio say so. Jessica walks to the window and takes her cell phone out of her purse and holds it tightly.

Back at the police station, John ‘s cell rings and it is Haver quoting poetry by Poe. John tells him he is bored with this. Haver compliments him on keeping the girls alive so far. Haver than begins to taunt John with more poetry made personal to John. Haver continues with listing all his failures. Haver can tell he is getting to John by his answers to him so he taunts him even more. He also tells John not to give up; he has to stay in the game. John finally loses it and tells him all he is going to here is the bullet and he slams his phone on the table and smashes it to bits. While John is attempting to put the phone back together, Bo tells him that he can’t let Haver get to him like this. Bo turns around and sees company for John and announces them to John.

Standing in the doorway is his mother, brother, and cousin. He has forgotten that they were arriving today. Shannon, his cousin, remarks about his destruction of the phone. John finds out that Shannon is transferring to LU to avoid being expelled from her previous school. Shannon is all set to tell John about it when Michael tells her it is nothing to be proud of. Michael tries to get John to join them at Rodie’s however he declines and asks to speak to his mother, Eve, privately. He tells his mother that this is not a good time for all this to be happening. Eve is sure that he can look out for Shannon’s safety. Michael calls out about going to eat and Eve tells them to go ahead and she will catch up with them. She apologizes for coming to his place of work and He tells her that she can visit him anytime, kisses her and heads towards a ringing phone. Eve says hello to the Commissioner and asks if that is a public water cooler.

John finds it is Natalie on the other end of the phone. Nat is very concerned about Jessica and tells him she is acting strange. John asks how. She tells him that she won’t admit that Haver is the killer and she is acting like she isn’t really there. John says he was afraid of that and asks Nat to keep and eye on her for him. He tells Nat he will talk with Antonio and get back to her. Antonio is standing by John by now and John tells him he is right, Haver has gotten to Jessica.

Dorian and David return to visit Blair. David tries once more to get Dorian to elope and fails. Blair agrees it will take a lot of time and money for the type of wedding Dorian wants. David says he loves spending money. Blair mentions Dorian’s last wedding and David says not to bring up the past.

Paul flirts with one of the nurses to try and get Aunt Betsy’s death certificate.

Kevin comes into Dorian’s home where Kelly is. He tells her of the drama that Todd created at the hospital today. He asks her if she is all right and she says she is just worried about Blair. He tells her the doctor said she would recover well. Kevin asks Kelly if she is ready to go home since he has a lot of work to do tonight. Kelly becomes very upset about all the work and no time for her. Kevin gets a call from the office and turns away to answer it. Kelly doubles over holding her stomach. She manages to get herself together by the time Kevin is off the phone. She tells him he should go on without her; she needs to stay with Starr. As soon as Kevin is gone, Kelly calls Paul for help. She tells him she does not want Kevin to know about this. Paul leaves the hospital immediately, telling the nurse he will get the death certificate later.

Marcie, Jen and Riley are still in the student union. Michael walks in with Shannon telling her that it is the student union but they call it the onion because the coffee tastes like onions. Michael introduces her to everyone. Marcie gives a you will love this school pep speech to Shannon. Shannon is not to sure about the school saying that first she hears there is a psycho killing students and then she had the greasiest hamburger she has ever had which probably accounts for all the overweight students she has seen. Marcie becomes upset and walks away from the group and Michael follows her. Shannon can see that she put her foot in her mouth so to speak and tells the others she is nervous. Shannon wants to know if she hurt Marcie’s feelings. Michael attempts to explain his cousin’s behavior and asks Marcie if she might be able to help her. Marcie tells him that at this moment that would be impossible because she likes Shannon about as much as she liked him when they met. Marcie then walks off.

Eve tells Bo she has never seen John loose it like that before. Bo says John says he is doing fine. Eve tells Bo that he always says that. Bo tells Eve he will talk to John.

John and Antonio are trying to figure out what Haver used on Jessica. Antonio says the tox screen was negative. John feels it is hypnosis, since he used that on Troy and it is his MO. John’s phone rings, it is a report from the linguistics guys. They tell him the voices are a match. John relays this to Antonio whose response is that they got him.

Jessica is lying on her bed when her cell phone rings. It is Haver and he tells her it is time for her to help him.

Paul arrives to find Kelly lying on the couch. She tells him about the pain. He says he will take her to the hospital and she says no that Kevin might find out. He talks her into going to see her OB.

Kevin stops by to see Blair one more time before going home from the office.

Todd is sleeping and Viki says to him that no matter what he will always have her and she will help him turn his life around. She then leaves the infirmary.

David comes in and tells Dorian that the wedding is set. She says that it is not possible. He proceeds to read off a checklist of done things. She asks him when he expects to pull this off. He tells her a week from Friday.

Antonio and John have tapped Jessica’s phone and are listening to his request for her to tell him where they are. John says, “got you.”

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