OLTL Update Monday 3/1/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/1/04

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Natalie is packing a picture of Christian while she makes small talk with the Officer assigned to her. Roxy comes in and tells Nat to get dressed. Nat tells her mom she is wearing what she has on. Roxy pulls out a black beaded dress and tells Natalie to put this on instead. She says the dress shows that she is grieving but she is not dead either. Viki comes in and tells Nat she looks beautiful. Natalie tells them that this was Christian’s favorite outfit and she wanted to have it on when saying good-bye.

John and Bo are at the Chapel setting up security. Bo asks John if he really thinks Haver will show up. John responds with it being difficult for him to resist. To which Bo responds, that’s if he stays in character. An Officer brings in a camera found at the cabin where Jessica had been held. John tells Bo that he was watching her the entire time she was there.

Jessica and Antonio are at their place. Jessica is looking at a picture of herself, Chris and Nat that Antonio had taken. Antonio wishes she could get more rest and goes to hug her. She slips out of his arms to put the picture down and then picks up Jamie’s pop up book when he tries to hold her again. Antonio wants to know what went on, if he did anything to her since she won’t let him touch her. She denies that anything happened and that she has told him everything. Jessica comes out of the back room and admits that maybe she isn’t as okay as she thought. She blames it on being locked up in that cabin. Antonio tells her how Haver manipulated her, played on her feelings. Again Jessica denies his touching her. Jessica asks Antonio if he knows where John is going to be taking her and Nat after the service. Antonio tells her no. She explains how bad she felt not knowing where she was in the cabin and if he could find out. Antonio calls John who plays along with him since they have no intention of telling her where they are going. Antonio tells Jessica that John does not know yet and does not want to talk about it on the phone.

Carlotta has brought Jamie to RJ for a while. She gives him all the things she brought with her including medicine for an infection. Then she worries that she forgot her blue sweater and RJ tells Carlotta not to fear he has a rainbow of sweaters for her. RJ assures her that everything is under control and Carlotta leaves. Evangeline says she feels better already. RJ is pleased Jamie has taken her mind off the case. Evangeline says she just can’t help it, she keeps seeing his face behind bars.

Evangeline is taking pictures of RJ and Jamie. RJ is getting restless with the process and Evangeline tells him he will be thanking her one-day. She tells RJ that she needs pictures too. RJ says she can see Jamie whenever she is with him. This makes her happy but not enough to stop her work on Todd’s case. She tells RJ that she won’t be happy until Todd is a free man. Evangeline gets a call from her doctor friend at the hospital. He is not forthcoming with any information about Blair. He tells her she will have to get that from the family.

After talking to Starr, Evangeline has found out what is wrong with Blair and she notes that the symptoms of the brain tumor could have been affecting Blair’s judgement for some time prior to the evening of the rape. She now believes even stronger that Todd is innocent and she is going to get him off.

Todd wakes up and asks the doctor where he is. The doctor tells him that he is in Statesville infirmary. His stomach was pumped after taking a handful of pills. He and the doctor get into a tussle where Todd manages to get hold of the doctor’s ID. The doctor wants to know where he got the pills. At first, Todd tells him he got them from some guy. Then after being told his entire cell was torn apart, Todd said they were in the mattress.

Todd hears the doctor talking to the laundry delivery and fakes being out of it so that the laundry person goes after the doctor. Todd gets up and strolls out of the room

Blair is lying in her hospital bed. Kevin is sitting next to her, speaking softly, telling her that everyone is waiting for her to wake up. He tells her that Starr, Jack, Dorian, and he are waiting for her to wake up. Kevin tells her how she has beautiful eyes and he would like to see them open. Blair opens her eyes slowly. Watching all this from the doorway, through a cracked door, is Kelly. Kelly looks worried that her husband might still have feelings for Blair. Kelly closes the door quietly. Kevin tells Blair it is good to see her and Blair says she does not want to die. Kevin assures her that she is not going to die.

Kelly is outside Blair’s room when Dorian and David reach the floor. Dorian wants to know if Blair is awake, and where is Dr Kingsly. David wonders out loud as to Kevin’s whereabouts. Dr Kingsly tells all of them that the tumor is benign and explains what she had was an intraventricular meningeoma. The doctor asks if there were any other symptoms like confusion, forgetful or behavior changes. Dorian denies all of these and excuses herself to go see Blair. David remains with Kelly where he tells her that having a baby is not gong to save her marriage if Kevin wants Blair.

Dorian enters the room and tells Blair the good news about her brain tumor. Dorian then tells Kevin that she is going to stay a while so that he and Kelly can take a break. Kevin replies that Kelly is fine and he is going to stay.

John has gone to get Natalie and to check the house. He gets to the door and Roxy tries to stop his entrance. Viki reminds her that John wants to catch the killer and not her. John thanks Viki and goes on to inspect the house. Roxy thinks this Memorial is going to be great for Nat and will give her a new life. Viki finds herself explaining to Roxy that it will not be that easy for Nat to start a new life as she meant to spend it with Chris. All of a sudden Roxy hugs Viki and talks about Ben and how hard that must be. Viki tells her that some day she will find someone to love. Roxy says she has found him a bunch of times and then morning rolls around.

Nat sees John take something down from the mantle and asks what it is. John says it is a camera like the one they found at the cabin where Jessica was. John says to her that he has been watching her. Viki responds with alarm.

Nora enters the Chapel to find Bo there and tells him that he has this place locked up tighter than the White House. Bo responds with that being the idea. Nora tells him they searched the trunk if her car. Bo asks Nora about Haver showing up there and she feels that would be bold even for him. Bo goes on to confide that he is also worried about John. He feels John is carrying so much guilt over the murders; his fiancée, Chris, and making things safe for Nat. Bo says John is stretched pretty thin and he doesn’t know what John would do if he showed up there tonight.

John gets back to the Chapel with the others. He hooks up with Bo and tells him that he went over every inch of this place and found nothing, however, he still has the feeling he is being watched.

While waiting for the people attending the Memorial to arrive, those there are milling around making conversation. Rex tells Natalie to stay close to him he will protect her. Jen comes into the Chapel and Nat’s first inclination is to throw her out but thinks better of it. Nora asks Viki the likelihood of his coming out of the coma again since he came out of it once. Viki tells her they really have no idea if it will ever happen again. Nora says that Ben was one of the good ones.

Natalie tells John that she feels bad having all this security here to keep them safe when they could be doing good for others elsewhere. John lets Nat know that this is the one thing he can do to honor Chris by keeping her safe. He hopes that when this is all over she will be able to find some happiness again. John’s phone rings and he walks off leaving Nat to think about what he said. Adrianna wishes Chris was there to tell her what to do. Nat tells River how Carlotta hated her in the beginning and she had to really prove herself. Rex tells Roxy that Jen hates both him and her mother for their recent behavior.

Kelly is at Dorian’s home. Starr asks when she will be able to see her mom. Kelly tells her that her mom is too sleepy right now and needs her rest. Kelly tells Starr that she needs to talk to Paul and then go to the hospital. Starr says to her with all the nasty attitude she could muster, “like you really care about my mother.” Kelly tells Starr to go upstairs and tell Heddy what is going on. Paul then comments on the ruthlessness of Starr’s remark. Kelly tells him it is a trait of all the Kramer women. Paul disagrees that she has this streak but she tells him that she does.

Paul asks her why she doesn’t go home and get some rest. She tells him that if she wants to see her husband, she must go to the hospital. Kelly says for some reason Kevin is glued to her side. Kelly tells Paul about her fears due to Kevin’s current behavior with Blair. Kelly felt as if they were getting back what they had lost over the past few months. She show Paul the ring he got her. She says she hates feeling so jealous all the time. Paul tells her she needs to talk to Kevin about all this.

Kelly apologizes to Paul for not asking why he was there. Paul explains that Aunt Betsy changed her will making Adrianna the beneficiary. What he wants to know if there was any possibility that David or Dorian killed her. He thinks this because she died on the same day as the new will was signed. Kelly says no way.

In the hospital, Dorian has suggested Kevin go home. Blair says he was nice enough to bring her in, she would like him to stay. Dorian suggests that someone let Kelly know what is going on and when she can expect him. Kevin tells Dorian that Kelly understands. Dorian says she is leaving the room but will be back shortly. Kevin asks her how she is feeling, if she needs a nurse. Blair says no. Kevin asks her the last thing she remembers? Blair responds being with him at the Plaza.

Outside of Blair’s room, Dorian is ranting to David that Kelly is risking her life to have Kevin’s child and Kevin is staying right by Blair's bedside. David suggests they get her some more caffeine somewhat sarcastically.

Todd is at the nurse’s station, dressed in full scrubs and mask. He is listening at Blair’s door for any information he can get. Todd listens as Blair asks Kevin if she was acting strangely during that time. He tells her no. Kevin tells Blair that the Jury put Todd in prison because they believed her story. He tells her to stop doubting herself and that she needs to rest. Kevin then leaves the room. Todd takes this opportunity to enter her room. Blair is very startled to see Todd. He tells her he needed to see her. Todd asks Blair to just tell him if they are over, just let him know. Blair just asks him to get out. At this point Kevin, David, Dorian come into the room and find him there. Dorian goes running and yelling for security. Todd still tries for an answer from Blair. Security comes bursting into the room causing Todd to grab a scalpel to hold everyone at bay.

The Pastor calls everyone to their seats and starts the service with a prayer. Starting with Natalie, different individuals shared their memories of Chris. Nat says she learned from Chris that the best way to honor him was by living herself. She thanks him for this lesson. Antonio tells everyone not to look so sad because Chris would not like that. While Antonio is talking, John tells Bo that they have found Haver’s mother and are flying her in now. Bo asks if they have any details on her. John replies, just the standard report. Bo says he is going to walk around the grounds.

Johns cell phone rings and it is the mechanical voice telling him he needs to take better care of the widow since she is crying. Haver reminds John that he is Poe. He asks him to prove if he was here and had he really checked every inch of the place. John says to the voice to show himself or there was nothing left to talk about. Poe just starts laughing. John continues his talk with Haver while everyone is leaving the Chapel. Haver taunts John with his whereabouts. He asks if he looked in the confessionals? He says He sees all. He knows all. He is hanging with the omnipotent. John looks towards the wooden image of Christ on the altar.

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