OLTL Update Friday 2/27/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/27/04

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At the hospital, David and Dorian celebrate the fact that the medical examiner signed off on Aunt Betsy’s death certificate. Kevin finds them and says he’s been trying to get a hold of them for hours; Blair’s been admitted to the hospital and is unconscious. Kevin says she collapsed at the Palace, and blames Todd. In his cell, Todd reads up on his legal knowledge as his cellmate tells him his appeal will be unsuccessful.

Natalie makes John dinner and thanks him for staying over to protect her from the killer. Antonio calls and says he has Jessica and they’re on their way home, but there was no sign of Haver. Natalie says he can leave now, but John says he’s in danger. Antonio asks Jessica if Haver hurt her, but she says that he didn’t do anything wrong. Haver reviews photos of his victims and says that Rae just got in the way, even though she wasn’t part of his plan. There are eight down, two to go. Antonio asks Jess if she remembers calling him and asking for help; she does, but she denies ever saying that Dr. Haver had kidnapped her. Her memory is foggy and she tells Antonio she’s too tired to talk. John apologizes for putting Natalie through this, and it’s all his fault. The killer is trying to recreate Caitlin’s death from five years ago, but he’s not going to let anything happen to her.

Rex bumps into Lindsay at Rodi’s, and he tells her he’s hoping he can reconcile with Jen. Riley and Jen enter after a study date, and once Jen sees Lindsay and Rex, she wants to leave, but has second thoughts. She tells them they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Todd’s cellmate offers him drugs to escape from the reality of jail, but Todd refuses. He stares at the photo of his kids and says he has to win his appeal.

Jordan tells Blair that her MRI was negative but he wants to know how she feels now. She starts to move but gets woozy; she says she feels nauseous. Kelly and Starr arrive and ask what’s going on; the doctor emerges and says they don’t know what’s wrong and they’re going to do another MRI. Starr wants to go in to see Blair, and the doctor says that’s fine. Starr runs to Blair and begs her not to die.

Jen asks Lindsay if she and Rex are sleeping together, and Lindsay asks her not to do this; Jen feels she got her answer. Lindsay realizes her daughter still has feelings for Rex. Riley tells Rex Jen’s trying to pass history, and she wants to make something of herself.

Todd’s cellmate rattles him about possibly losing custody of his kids and Blair getting involved with another guy, and Todd attacks him. Todd envisions his future when he’s released in ten years; he walks into Rodi’s (now called Natalie’s) and sees Starr, Jack and Blair. Jack says he thought he was dead, and Starr says she isn’t happy to see him after what she did to her mom. Kevin comes in and Blair says that it’s their tenth anniversary, and Starr and Jack call Kevin “Dad”.

David tells Dorian he wants to marry her tonight. Meanwhile, Michael tells Starr that they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with Blair; she decides she needs to tell Todd that her mother is sick. Dorian is hesitant to marry David, because she wants a prenup. Jordan tells Blair that she has a brain tumor.

John tells Natalie that he provoked the killer into murdering Caitlin, and he made it personal. Natalie says it’s not his fault that she was killed, but he says he didn’t protect Caitlin the way he should have, and he’s not going to make the same mistake again.

Antonio tells Jess he’s going to meet up with John, and puts cops outside their apartment. As soon as he leaves, her cell phone rings; it’s Haver, playing the music. He tells her he needs her to do something for him.

Jen tells Rex to leave her alone, and storms out of the club. Colson meets Riley and they lament their boring lives.

Dorian signs the consent form for Blair to have surgery, because Blair is lapsing in and out of consciousness and is in no condition to sign. Dorian tells Starr that she’s going to have the operation and Starr goes to say goodnight to her mom.

Antonio tells John that Jessica won’t say that Haver did anything. Something is preventing her from linking the killer to Haver, and he’s baffled as to what it is. Meanwhile, Jessica sleeps fitfully, and dreams that Antonio is asking her about Haver. He tells her she can trust him, but he morphs into Haver telling her the same thing, and that Antonio and John are dangerous and will hurt her. Antonio has a red leotard and looks at Jessica with a murderous rage; she wakes up.

John tells Natalie that after Cristian’s memorial service, he wants to take her someplace safe where Haver can’t get to her. Meanwhile, Antonio asks Jessica if she’s okay with going away with Natalie, and she agrees. She is starting to get clearer and realizes that John was right about Haver. Antonio leaves to check on the church, and Jess says she’ll meet him later. She remembers Haver telling her to make Antonio think she’s suspicious of him, even though he’s the only one she can really trust.

Blair is prepped for surgery and asks for Kevin. Kelly agrees to help Starr contact Todd about Blair’s condition, and they call him at prison; Starr tells him the situation.

John and Antonio review the security setup for Cris’ memorial, and Natalie thanks them for what they’re doing, even though she wants to spend the day remembering Cris. At her apartment, Haver calls Jessica again and reiterates that John and Antonio can’t be trusted. He asks about their plan.

Blair thanks Kevin for being there when she collapsed, and confides that she’s afraid. The doctor’s take her to surgery and she tells everyone she loves them, and she assures Starr that she’ll be all right. Kelly and Kevin bring Starr home, and David takes Dorian to the chapel to pray.

Todd takes an overdose of his cellmate’s drugs in order to get to the hospital.


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