OLTL Update Thursday 2/26/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/26/04

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Mrs. McBain stops by the police station to visit John, but Marcie tells her he’s not there. Bo asks after John and Jessica, but Marcie says they haven’t heard from either of them. Marcie introduces Bo to Eve and they go into Bo’s office for a private chat. Eve is concerned about John, and tells Bo that all the pain from Caitlin’s death is being resurrected, and it’s ruining his life all over again.

At his suite, John sits and drinks while mulling over evidence. Antonio knocks and demands to know how the killer got a hold of Jessica. At the cabin, Jessica frantically searches for a way out, and says that John was right and she’s stupid. She vows that she won’t die there, though, and manages to find a phone.

Viki calls Natalie and asks if she’s seen Jessica; Natalie lies that she must have gone to Philly to follow a lead. She leaves to go to Rodi’s; Haver is in her house and starts going through her things.

John tells Antonio he knows how he’s feeling, and that he did everything he could to keep Jessica out of the grips of the killer. Antonio says he wants to bring Haver in now, but John says Haver has high-powered attorneys behind him, and they need to make the arrest airtight. Antonio tells John that the killer has him messed up and he’s not thinking straight. They need him to pull himself away from the case; he’s too personally involved.

Eve says that John respects Bo and would listen if he told him to back away from the case. Meanwhile, John assures Antonio that they’re going to nail Haver for all the murders, and they need to figure out what he’s going to do next.

Haver listens as Carlotta leaves a message on the machine. saying she’s made the arrangements for Cris’ memorial and that she’s worried about Jessica. At the cabin, Jessica finds that the phone line is cut, but she manages to fix it.

Antonio goes to the diner and picks up Jamie. He knew there was something about Haver he didn’t like, but Carlotta tells him that it’s not his fault. Jessica calls Antonio on his cell and says she doesn’t know where she is. Haver’s not there, but she’s locked in. The call drops off.

Bo says he’ll talk with John, but he’s one of the best law enforcement officers he’s ever seen, and he’s sure things will work out. Eve leaves with Marcie to grab something to eat.

At Rodi’s, Natalie screws up a customer’s order. Haver shows up and says she’s probably having a bad day, and offers to buy the guy another drink. She asks where Jessica is, and he says he has no idea; Natalie threatens to get the cop in the bar and Haver suggests she call John instead. She tells him she’s not afraid of him, and John comes in and tells Haver to step away from the bar and put his hands in the air.

Nora asks Bo to join her for a burger so she can pick her brain about something. Jessica calls Antonio again and he asks him to find something to tell them where she is. She goes to look for a fuse box to see if there’s a phone number on it, and she gets one. She tells Antonio that she’s scared, and he says he’s on his way.

John roughs Haver up and says it looks like he’s had too much to drink. He tells him to stay away from Natalie and starts to attack Haver, until Bo calls him off. Bo tells Haver to get out and not to bother filing a complaint – he didn’t see anything. Nora walks by and Steven asks if they can pick things up once all this blows over – she looks at him like she’s crazy. Inside, Bo tells John he needs to talk to her.

Antonio calls Jessica and says they’ve found where she is and the locals are on their way. Haver calls up his camera on his computer and sees that Jessica has found the phone; he knew she would.

Natalie tells Nora that she’s not going to break down for Haver and Nora says they’re going to get him. He’ll make a mistake and they’ll be there. From his control room, Haver sees Jessica and recalls giving her something to make her relax in her tea. He turned on a tape machine with music and told her he was the only one she could trust, and that his voice and that music will always calm her. He put her into a hypnotic trance and made her believe that John and Antonio were dangerous and would hurt her. He puts on the music and calls Jessica; she says he’s the only one she can trust.

Bo tells John he can’t keep putting himself through this, and he doesn’t need to take all of it on himself. However, John says it’s not up to him anymore, and Antonio comes and says he’s found Jessica. At the cabin, Jessica tidies up as she hums the music. Haver calls John on his cell as they are en route. He tells him he needs to follow his instructions unless he wants history to repeat itself; John tells Antonio to go ahead and he’ll meet up with him later. Haver says he feels John’s pain, and that he’s losing focus. He wants him to find him, but he needs to build the case without any holes, which isn’t easy to do with all his emotional baggage. It’s a chance for him to make a clean break from his past, and tells him to go back to his room.

Nora tells Bo to take a couple of days off, but he says he can’t. She reminds him they always have Matthew.

Antonio calls Carlotta and tells her they’ve found Jessica. Eve and Marcie leave and head back to the hotel, where John returns to his room. He finds his evidentiary photos of Caitlin’s death taped over with Natalie’s photo; Haver calls again and asks if he has time for him now. Maybe he can save Natalie the way he couldn’t save Caitlin. John tells him to leave Natalie out of it, because she’s innocent. Haver says he’ll provide the clues, but John’s going to have to figure out his scheme before it’s too late.

Bo and Nora walk Natalie home and tell her to lock everything up tight. He’s hopeful that Antonio will have Jess home soon. They leave, and Haver calls up the camera he placed in her house. John knocks on the door and tells her that he’s going to be staying the night.

Antonio knocks on the cabin door; she goes to get it, but it’s locked. They break the door down and Jessica asks why Dr. Haver would be there; she doesn’t know who locked her in. Haver watches all and is thrilled that he can play god in all of their lives.


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