OLTL Update Wednesday 2/25/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Vangie visits Todd in prison and tells him she’s working on his appeal. He doesn’t care about that, but he does want to see the kids. Unfortunately Blair has petitioned for custody during his imprisonment, if she wins, he can’t see them. He goes ballistic.

Kevin proudly shows Asa and Kelly his first acquisition as CEO of Buchanan Enterprises; he bought the Sun. Asa is furious, because he wouldn’t have bought it just to give it to Blair.

Blair and Paul discuss the case and his lost inheritance; Viki brings Starr to see Blair. Starr is scared because she doesn’t think she’ll ever see her dad again.

Roxy admonishes Rex that he’s headed for trouble messing around with Lindsay when he’s in love with her daughter. Meanwhile, Lindsay goes to see Jen and asks why she hasn’t been in touch with her. Jen admits that she’s flunking out of school, and her mother is part of the problem. She wants to figure it out herself.

Marcie worries about John not being able to move on after his fiancée’s death; she knows how he feels. Michael asks if she still feels that way.

Dorian says there’s nothing they can do for Aunt Betsy. He admits that he gave her a little brandy, and Dorian yells that she was on medication and wasn’t supposed to drink; David killed the woman. He implores her to do something, and she calls the coroner to report the death. He tells Dorian that they were drinking to celebrate the will, and she fainted. He tried to breathe life into her, and it seemed to work; she was moving her mouth back. When Dorian walked in, Betsy was moving her body against his so it must have been working. Dorian tells the authorities that she’s not sure what happened but an autopsy is probably in order. David swears he didn’t do anything wrong, but Dorian says he’d better get his story straight before the police get there.

Starr tells Blair that Todd was devastated at having to go to prison, and excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room. Viki tells Blair that Starr is just very angry right now, but she’ll come around. Roxy brings Starr back to the table and says she stole her lipstick and was writing “Free Todd Manning” in the bathroom. Starr begs her mother to call the police so they’ll take her where her dad is.

Vangie pleads with Todd to keep it together, and there’s always the chance of solitary confinement. There are still people in his life that want to see him. Marty Saybrooke arrives for a visit.

Michael apologizes for making Marcie feel uncomfortable. She was so in love with Al, and he just keeps screwing things up. Marcie says Al was far from perfect, and assures him she’s over his make out session with Jen. He leaves for the hospital and kisses her goodbye.

Lindsay asks Jen not to shut her out, but Jen isn’t talking. Riley shows up and says he’ll help her with their upcoming quiz. He thinks Jen should try and work things out with Marcie, since he learned with Flash there may not be a second chance. Jen approaches Marcie and says she’s sorry for what happened with Michael and she would love a truce. Marcie forgives her and says she’s starting to feel close to Michael, and agrees to the truce.

Kevin tells Asa the only reason Blair should be at the Sun is because she’s the best person for the job. Asa says that’s bull, but Kevin says he’ll quit if Asa doesn’t give him free reign.

Viki tells Starr she’ll talk it out with Renee, but Blair makes Starr apologize to Roxy. Blair thanks Viki for helping with her daughter and says she’ll wait to tell Starr about the custody decision. She asks about Todd and Viki says he’s going to fall apart when he hears about the custody agreement; Blair gives her a photo of the kids to give to Todd.

Todd tells Marty she did more than enough for him already. She says she treats offenders now, because it makes her feel like she’s making a difference. Every now and then someone comes along and wants help and wants to change, and that makes her job worthwhile. She can see that he’s changed and that he loves Blair, and she doesn’t think he raped her.

Roxy asks Rex if he finally has his head screwed on straight. He admits that Lindsay tried to dump him last night, but he convinced her to remain friends. He likes her and she can show him interesting things. He’s decided to end it with Lindsay for good, though, and he thinks she’ll be relieved. Lindsay comes by and asks if Rex has been talking to Jen, and he says she seems fine. He says he spent Valentine’s with Jen, and Lindsay asks if he spent the night with her.

Jen thanks Riley for pushing her to reconcile with Marcie, and says she’s too bummed to study. He wonders if she ever thinks that she’s not the only one with problems, and that she’s got to get over herself.

The ME’s office removes Aunt Betsy’s body and the police say it’s routine to question the family in the event of a sudden death. Dorian says Betsy was there with David and her, and that she had had a heart problem for many years and this must have been the day her heart gave out. The police leave and David yells at Dorian for making him sweat it out. She wants to know what he was really up to with Betsy.

Asa tells Kevin he can do what he wants, but he doesn’t have to like it. Kevin leaves to tell Blair, and Kelly decides to stay behind. Asa warns her that Blair is interested in her husband, but Kelly says if they don’t have trust, they have nothing. She’s decided that she trusts Kevin and has made it clear that she won’t tolerate any interference from Blair. Asa is still worried, but Kelly says she’ll do anything to keep Kevin.

At the Palace, Paul tells Blair that Betsy is dead, and he’s going to Dorian’s to see how she’s doing. Blair says she’ll be right there, but before she leaves Marty shows up and asks if they can talk about Todd.

Viki brings Todd the photo of the children and says Blair asked her to give it to him; Todd says this proves that she loves him.

Jen tells Marcie that she’s been really hard on her mom and she feels guilty. She thinks her mom is “with” Rex; Marcie hates to believe it but wouldn’t put anything past Rex. Jen says Rex can be thoughtful, and she must be wrong. She decides to go and apologize to Lindsay. Meanwhile, Rex wants to know why Lindsay is asking about him sleeping with Jen, it’s none of her business, but he didn’t. He doesn’t think they should see each other anymore, though.

Blair tells Marty she doesn’t give a damn what she thinks, but Marty says that she still thinks Todd is innocent. Todd stopped Evangeline from attacking Blair on the stand and gave up his chance of being acquitted to protect her. He loves her. At Statesville, Viki urges Todd not to read too much into the photo, but he knows she loves him and that he’ll get her back someday.

David admits that Aunt Betsy got to him, and he couldn’t deny her one kiss. Dorian is sure that he got eternal gratitude and wants to know how much he swindled her for. He confesses that she gave him a million. Paul walks in on them sharing a kiss and tells them he’ll be calling the ME to make sure Aunt Betsy gets an autopsy.

Blair tells Marty that Todd had to come back as a completely different person and let her fall in love with a man who didn’t even exist. Marty says she didn’t realize that, but she still thinks Todd didn’t rape her. Blair leaves in a fury.

Lindsay tells Rex she’ll miss him, and he leans in for a goodbye kiss. Jen walks in at that moment and sees it all; she ducks out before they see her. They say goodbye and agree that not seeing each other is for the best.

Kevin asks Blair if she can talk, but she says she’s really not in the mood. He says he’ll call her later, but she collapses before she can leave the Palace.


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