OLTL Update Tuesday 2/24/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Kate
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Marcie is speaking with her father on her cell when a cop from the station beeps in, looking for a file she misplaced. When she clicks back over to her dad, he’s gone. Michael meets her; they’re going to have lunch with his mom. John may join them.

Nat and John look for Jessica, but he’s sure Haver has her – Caitlin’s ID was a sign. At some cabin, Haver erases all of Jess’ cell phone messages. As she walks in, he tells her he was trying to reach Rae. He thanks her for standing by him, and she says they need to get back to the station to deal with Bo.

David ribs Paul over losing the $30 million. Paul says he doesn’t believe that Adriana is Dorian’s daughter, but David says she is and she’ll get the money. Paul says that David is just after Dorian’s money, but David says he loves her no matter what. Aunt Betsy arrives and David says he’ll be representing Dorian and her daughter. Betsy tells Paul she’s decided to keep him in her will.

Daniel offers to help Nora, and she laments having to wait all night for the verdict. Dorian offers her condolences to Viki over Todd going to prison, but Viki says they don’t know that yet. Viki notices the engagement ring. Kelly and Kevin show up for support. Todd thanks Viki for sticking up for him, and she says she hopes he’s not found guilty. The judge enters the courtroom.

John tells Bo that Jess isn’t answering her cell. Bo tracked down the patient of Rae’s, but John says that it’s a waste; Haver has her.

Marcie and Michael invite Natalie to join them for lunch, but she says she needs to find Jessica. Meanwhile, Haver tells Jessica that John is obsessed with convicting him. He knows he needs an arrest and she offers to call Bo. He agrees. Bo answers and asks if she’s okay. She says she is, and that she’s with Haver. They run a trace.

David asks Betsy why Paul is still in the will; she starts to read the will as David grovels. Betsy leaves Paul one hundred dollars. David can barely contain his glee and suggests he buy some lottery tickets. Betsy then says she’s leaving her fortune to Adriana, and David commends her decision. Paul tells Betsy off and leaves. David sucks up to Betsy, and tells her really likes her. She says she’s got his number, but he thinks they should celebrate with some brandy. She acquiesces and he phones Dorian to tell her the good news.

The jury returns a verdict of guilty of rape; Todd is devastated.

Bo asks where Jess is, and she says Haver isn’t forcing her to do anything – he’s innocent. She asks him to control John, and says they’ll come down soon. As soon as he hears Haver’s side of the story, he’ll believe him too. She hangs up and they only get a spotty location.

Mrs. McBain meets her son and Marcie for lunch. Natalie decides to join them also, and Michael says that John is very wrapped up in the case. His mother says he was never the same after Caitlin’s death.

Betsy ties one on with David and he says he likes this side of her. She tells him she needs to drink for the request she’s about to make of him.

Viki and Evangeline tell Todd they’ll appeal; the judge asks Todd if he has anything to say. He shakes his head and the judge sentences him to ten years in prison. Nora and Kevin are thrilled, but Blair looks sad.

Betsy asks David if he’ll help her experience the joy provided by the art of love before she dies.

Todd goes to Blair and tells her he loves her and he’ll be back for her, no matter what it takes, as they take him away.

Haver arrives at the station with his lawyer. He tells them that Jessica is fine, but she’s back at the cabin, lying unconscious. She comes to and is groggy and disoriented. Haver tells Bo that Jessica dropped him off and must be headed home, but John says he can’t reach her. McBain wants to arrest Haver right away, and Bo says he wants to hear a confession. His attorney says Haver has confirmed alibis for the murders, and John starts calling the alibis right away. Bo asks where Rae is, and Haver says he can’t believe she’s still missing. McBain tells him he’s not going to get away with it.

David tells Betsy he’s flattered and tempted, but he can’t cheat on Dorian. She offers him a million dollars, and Betsy admits she’s a virgin. He is tempted, he says for the fifth time, but he can’t do it to Dorian. Betsy wonders how he can be sure that Dorian will share the money with him, but he says he’s too good and decent. She suggests they don’t go all the way; he could just passionately kiss her. Dorian calls and invites him to meet her and Blair for dinner at the Palace; she says she’ll pay, since she just came into 30 million. David is aghast that she’s using the singular, and says he has other things to do. As Todd is being booked, he tells Nora she’s batting a thousand with him. He swears he’s innocent and hopes she can sleep at night.

David can’t believe that Betsy’s a virgin, but she assures him she is. She’s never even been kissed, and she was left at the altar. She wants to know what makes normal people foolish with love and lies back on the sofa. David kisses her and she starts to get aggressive.

At the Palace, Kelly, Kevin, Blair and Dorian come across an intoxicated Paul. Blair doesn’t really feel like celebrating. Viki brings Starr to say goodbye to Todd and the girl says she’ll never forgive Blair for this. He says not to blame Blair and that he loves her.

McBain asks Haver’s lawyer how he got these alibis. Colson comes in and says he has to release Haver, and Bo goes ballistic. He wants them to charge him with something so they can keep him until he confesses.

Jessica finds the phone line at the cabin cut and is locked in.

Dorian walks in on David kissing Betsy and asks what’s going on. He says it’s not how it looks, and Dorian goes to Betsy – she’s dead.

Todd is locked away. Haver is released, and McBain asks Colson how he can let him go, but Colson says he simply cannot hold him. Bo says if Haver is jaywalking, they’ll bust him. McBain tells Haver he’s going to break him into so many pieces, his own mother won’t recognize him. Haver wishes him luck with finding the killer.

Jess frantically tries to escape but is unable. She finds a bag of Haver’s containing a music box.

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