OLTL Update Monday 2/23/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/23/04

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Dorian is giving instruction to the help about when to serve the marriage and when she is 18, Dorian would be happy to give her blessings. She also tells her that she need not mention River, as it will have the gravest of consequence for all of us. Adrian wants to know if this will get in the way of the 30 million from Aunt Betsey. Dorian say that with that kind of money she will be able to afford very good lawyers.

Todd is talking with Viki whom has come to see him while they wait for jury to return. Todd does not feel things went very well and things Having Marty on the stand was a bad idea. Viki feels just the opposite and that the jury might just see it as a positive. Viki says she is concerned with Blair now. Viki says her testimony was very powerful and convincing. Viki thinks Blair may not know what the truth is anymore. Viki tells Todd that if he is convicted he will need a lawyer and urges him to re-hire Evangeline. Todd is resistant to this, however hears Viki out

Michael walks into the police station and hand Marcie her favorite flower. Marcie says it is just like, and Michael finishes, Al used to give you. The both attempt to find a time in schedules to have a date.

Nora stumbles upon the part where the case files explaining Troy had been hypnotized. John said Haver turned him into the perfect suspect. He got him to take hallucinogenic medicine on schedule. Nora replies that he was really sick, how could he do this to him. Bo looks up and says he believes he has found something.

Jessica says to Haver that she has never seen him so quiet before. Haver says that this is so inappropriate since she is a student. He asks when her husband will be home soon. He says that a smear like this could cost him his career. He says there is no evidence. Jessica says without evidence than how can they prove him guilty. Haver bends over and drops something. Jessica picks it up and recognizes it as Rae's College ID. She asks him what he is doing with it. Haver explains that Rae is in Boston taking care of a suicidal patient and when she realized she didn’t have it asked him to look for it. He says he will air mail it to her tomorrow. She gives the card back to him. Jessica tells him that she is glad he came by so they could work this out for her Uncle Bo.

In Bo’s office, Bo tells Nora and John that one of the suspects was interviewed by a psychiatrist at Wyndom Clinic about the White Rose killings. Nora wonders if it was Haver. John says Troy mentioned the name but was too spacey to make anything of it.

Nora asks about an address. John says that he will check on it.

Michael and Marcie try to coordinate schedules for a date, which seems impossible. He says with him working in the hospital and her classes they will never get to see each other. Marcie looks at him and says they will see each other in our dreams. He asks her if she is kidding

Adrianna calls River just to talk to him. They discuss options about what to do. Adrianna here’s the doorbell and says she has to go. Starr is asked to go to her mother and replies that she hates her mother since she is putting her dad in jail. Blair sends her upstairs.

Aunt Betsy says she approves of this action of Blain’s. Dorian and David take her into the living room to meet Adriana. Adriana is introduced to her Aunt and they all sit down for tea. Dorian rings for tea to be served.

Paul is meeting with Babe from Pine Valley. She is updating him on the pregnancy test timing and what he will need to do. Paul gets a phone call; he is informed that Aunt Betsey has arrived at the house. The call came from staff at Dorian’s. Paul leaves abruptly after the phone call.

Aunt Betsey tells the others she wants to be alone with Adriana and they are to leave while they talk. It appears that Adriana takes Aunt Betsey. She tells Adrian that she was once innocent and beautiful as she is. Adriana tells her that she is still beautiful. Aunt Betsey laughs loudly saying but not innocent anymore. Dorian, whom is listening at the door, tells David it must be going good because Aunt Betsey is laughing.

At this moment, Paul rushes in and accuses Dorian and David that they are pulling a fast one.

RJ and Evangeline are in Capricorn having drinks. She teasingly as if he is plying her with liquor. He says if it is working we can go. Her phone rings and RJ tries to convince her not to answer it. Evangeline hears Todd’s voice. He asks her to come see him.

Bo tells Nora that she won’t believe this. He tells her that the clinic had a fire last night and burned to the ground. Nora said she heard that on the news, the storage tanks blew up. Bo says that the fire started in the clinic and that the place had been closed for a number of year’s prior. Nora asks, arson? The police up there figure it was vagrants or

John doesn’t see any connection between Haver or Rae. Bo says it was just something Troy mentioned so we had to check it out. Nora says she is so frightened for Rae. They decide to take a break. As they leave, Bo tells Marcie to let John know they will be back soon.

Michael asks Marcie why they look so up tight. She lets him know that they are stressed from the hard time finding the killer.

Natalie comes to visit Jessica. She bangs on her door for a while before Jessica comes to the door. At first Nat thinks Antonio is home early but Jessica tells her she is doing an interview and it is on a heavy topic and the person is there now. Nat gets that it is not a good time to visit, so says goodbye. Jessica goes back into the room where Haver is waiting. Jessica says she was sorry about the interruption to Haver, he is trying to figure out how to tell everyone about being a suspect.

John returns from the burnt clinic and gets Bo’s message. He says thank you goes into the officer and lies down on the couch with a file in his hands. He rubs his head a bit and closes his eyes.

Michael asks what’s up with his brother. Marcie tells him he’s just stressed over this case. Michael’s beeper goes off and he has to go to the hospital. After he leaves, Marcie sniffs the flower he gave her.

Paul starts an argument in the foyer that becomes so loud that Aunt Betsey comes out to see what is going on. Paul tells Aunt Betsey that Adrianna tried to elope last wee k.

Evangeline goes to talk to Todd. She gives him a really annoyed look.

Haver tells Jessica that her faith means everything. He tells her that his car is in shop and can they take her car. She replies that they can and he can drive.

John has fallen asleep on the couch in the office. He is dreaming of himself and his old fiance loving each other on a bed. She tells John that she loves him. They go on kissing. The door opens and there is a male figure back lighted in the doorway. He is holding a gun and he fires. The bullet hits his fiancé. John looks at the man, it is Haver. He looks back at his fiancé and it is Natalie. Haver has closed the door, the sounds of shots ring out.

John wakes suddenly from the dream to find Natalie coming into the office. She tells him that she is very worry about Jessica.

Starr opens the door to Viki and they can hear all the arguing going on in the other room.

In the living room Paul is trying to get Aunt Betsey to hear how unsuited Adriana is due to her eloping. Dorian reaches out for Aunt Betsey and her Aunt sees her engagement ring, Dorian says that yes she will wed but Adrianna is way to young. David steps into the conversation to let Aunt Betsey know that Paul was the one who aided and abetted these to young people to elope so he could keep the money. Aunt Betsey asks Adrianna if she plans to marry. Her answer is that right now she has no plans to marry. Aunt Betsey announces that she is changing her will for Adrianna.

Blair tells Viki that she promised Blair she could have her all night. Blair escorts Viki out the door over Starr’s protest. Starr goes up stairs quickly. Blair gets dizzy and sits on the staircase.

Todd and Evangeline talk about whether she will return to the case. Todd first is arrogant and Evangeline starts to walk out. Todd then admits he needs her. Evangeline tells Todd that she wants carte blanche in representing him. Her phone rang, she gets the news and relates it to Todd, and the jury is back. They will resume at 10 PM in the morning.

Bo and Nora return from their lunch. Marcie tells Bo that John and Natalie left together in a rush. Bo says that can’t be good.

John and Natalie arrive at Jessica’s apartment, the door is unlocked and Nat rushes in. John tells her to take it slow. There is no one in the apartment. John finds Haver’s driver’s license in the baby bed. Nat says the killer was here. John agrees and says he wants me to know it, holding up the license.

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