OLTL Update Friday 2/20/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/20/04

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Roxy tells Natalie she thinks Rodi’s is the perfect site for Cris’ memorial, but Carlotta insists the service will be held at St. Jude’s. Roxy thinks Cris would want a party; Natalie says they’ll wait and let Cristian decide what they’re going to do. Rex brings Jen an orange juice and she asks what’s going on with him. He’s been acting so sweet. He says it isn’t about sex, and he’s changed.

At Capricorn, Colson assures Nora that she presented a strong case, but she’s worried because they jury’s been deliberating for over a day. RJ tells Vangie not to ruminate over Todd, but she can’t.

Jess drops by to see Viki at her office, and tells her about McBain’s suspicions towards Haver. She insists the allegations are untrue.

At the police station, John insists to Bo that Haver is their guy, for all the cases. They have to find him and they have to find Rae Cummings. At her holding cell, Haver wakes Rae and congratulates her on making it through another day. She knows her profile of him is correct, and he’s not going to kill her. He asks for another profile for John McBain. He wants her to tell him about his strengths and his weaknesses so he’ll know how to exploit them.

Vangie tells RJ she could have won the Manning case, and while she knows Todd is crazy, she believes he’s innocent. He made his bed, though, and now she wants to forget about him. RJ brings up their trip to the Bahamas. Nora thanks Daniel for his vote of confidence, and he tells her he’s glad to have her in the DA’s office. Lindsay arrives and tells Daniel she’s glad she could make their date.

Jen whines about her plight in life and Rex tells her he’ll do whatever she needs him to do. She tells him to go.

An officer brings Bo the report on the search on Haver’s house and grounds. John thinks there is a pattern of people insulting Haver, and that’s why he strikes out. Rae tells Haver that John has deep resentment towards his father, and is a loner. Haver derides her for being vague and she says she’s not going to give him ammunition. She cries that she knows she’s not going to get out alive. Then she says that John is not unlike the psychos he chases, and it’s only a matter of time before he catches him. Haver says by the time McBain can catch him, he will have been able to fulfill his plan. He takes out a music box and Rae frantically says she knows who his next victim is, and she’ll name that victim.

Viki agrees that McBain must have a reason for thinking Haver is the killer, but Jess is sure he isn’t. She admits that John told her to stay away from Haver, and Viki agrees. If the police are suspicious, there must be a reason. She makes her daughter swear to stay away from the professor and Jessica leaves. Riley has an appointment with Viki, followed by Jen. Viki says she wants to discuss her grades. She’s been failing classes, and doesn’t have enough credits to graduate. She needs to start applying herself, or she’s going to be tossed out of school. Viki tells her she may want to make some changes in her personal life.

Daniel tells Lindsay that Riley says he’s not using, but he knows the signs. He’s his only kid and his whole life is at stake. They commiserate over their children and Lindsay says that she tries to lead by example.

Natalie shows Roxy and Carlotta Cris’ sketch pads, and comes upon a sketch of her with a baby. She thinks his art represents her husband, and they can have an exhibit. That’s what he would want. John comes to pick up his takeout, and Jess enters. He asks if she’s seen Haver and she tells him to leave her alone. He tells her Haver’s missing and she’s partly responsible, and tells her to stay out of it. Roxy prods Nat to get closer to John, and she says she’s not ready to let go of Cris.

Rae says his next victim will be Marlena Haver, his mother. Steven says he’s been killing her over and over for years, and Rae says he won’t forgive her for abandoning him. The pain and the anger doesn’t go away though, it just grows. She says she’ll help him, but he has to let her go.

Natalie and Rex talk about Jen. Rex says he loves her, and she can’t believe it. He asks her to help him do something for Jen that will blow her away, and Natalie says she just can’t. Jess tries to get a hold of Antonio, but can’t. Natalie asks what the deal is between John and Jess, and Jess says she knows there’s something between John and Natalie, but she has a big problem with him.

John and Bo find footprints from Haver’s that match those at Flash’s crime scene. Also, there’s a prescription to correct uneven leg length for Haver, and John has a theory that the second shot he fired the night Caitlin died may have hit him in the leg.

Steven agrees to let Rae help him, and says they’ll role play; Rae will be his mother. She loved to sing, and he starts singing “We Shall Overcome”. He puts his head in her lap and then snaps up. He says he still hates the bitch. He turns out the lights and says “Goodnight, Mother.”

Lindsay tells Daniel she had a good time and they agree to get together again soon. After he leaves, Rex sidles in and Lindsay tells him that whatever was going on between them is over. Rex asks her to accompany him to a Pollock exhibit in Philly, which impresses her. He hopes she can teach him more.

Nora and Vangie commiserate over the trial. They congratulate each other over a good battle, but Vangie says someone on that jury doesn’t believe Todd’s guilty.

John decides to go and see Troy. He thinks he has something he can tell them about Haver, and that it’s possible Troy was hypnotized. They go to see Troy and he says that Rae already asked him about Haver. The doctor in charge of Troy’s care says that this morning Troy was calm and making progress, but now he’s agitated. Troy looks at the clock and goes over to a table, where a container holds some pills. He’s restrained as he yells he needs his medicine.

Jess tells Natalie she looks exhausted. Jen stops by Rodi’s and Nat says Rex is gone. Riley comes in and he and Jen decide it’s time to start a new life. Natalie has a fantasy of John kissing her on the pool table.

Troy has been taking hallucinogens, and his doctor injects him with sodium pentathol. John goes in to speak with him, and asks about Haver. At the holding cell, Haver circles around a motionless Rae. He surrounds her with sheets and gasoline and tosses a match.

Lindsay and Rex discuss wines and Rex says he doesn’t want to lose her friendship; she says he won’t. Roxy takes Viki to see Nat and Viki offers to help with the memorial. She says Cris would be happy to see Nat move on with her life, and Nat thinks she’s starting to believe that’s possible.

Troy says he was given passes after he told Haver he saw Gabrielle at the bar. Haver would tell him Colin was inside of him, and he told him to confess to Gabrielle’s murder. Haver doesn’t come to visit anymore. Bo realizes that Haver is their man and they have to find him.

Steven uses a copy he made of Jessica’s keys to enter her apartment. She walks up just as he exits.


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