OLTL Update Thursday 2/19/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/19/04

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Michael and Marcie head to Capricorn for a date. Michael comments that things feel different; they kiss.

Kevin and Kelly share drinks with Asa and Renee. Asa tells them that he’s resigning as CEO of Buchanan Enterprises and he knows just the Buchanan to take over.

John and Bo worry that Haver hasn’t shown up at their office yet; John thinks he know they suspect him. Meanwhile, Jess spills all to Haver that McBain found a blurry photo of a press conference from the White Rose killings and thinks he saw Haver in the background, and therefore he’s starting to suspect him. Jess can’t believe that John would even consider such a thing, and Haver assures her that he’ll take care of everything. Inside the courtroom, the judge asks if Todd means that he wants to continue the trial without his lawyers, and he affirms. Nora wants to let him do it, but the judge reminds her that this will probably set up endless retrials. She tells Todd the adage “a person who represents himself has a fool for a client” and says it’s true; he does have rights but she needs to verify that he’s aware of what he’s doing. She calls for a recess and Viki asks her brother if he’s lost his mind.

Bo thinks that Haver knows they’re onto him, and John says that Haver has Rae locked up someplace – or worse. In her cell, Rae uncovers a vent.

Jess tells Haver she’s sorry about everything; he says he’ll go see John and clear everything up. The courtroom empties and David and Dorian laugh at what a mistake Todd is making, but Nora says it’s not over yet. Evangeline and Viki plead with Todd to reconsider, but he says Nora’s been botching trials for years. He’s going to go up there and tell the truth, and he tells Vangie to get lost. The court reconvenes and Todd tells the judge he won’t be changing his mind. He calls himself to the stand.

Asa tells Kevin he’s sure he wants to retire, and that watching Ben fighting for his life made him think there was no point in him working himself to death. He wants to spend more time with Renee and show her the world. He’ll remain chairman of the board. Kevin asks if Clint and Cord will feel slighted, but Asa said he already talked with them and they aren’t interested, and Bo won’t give up the badge. Kevin agrees to do it.

RJ thanks Michael for thinking up the Simply Red concert, and tells him if the doctor thing doesn’t work out, he should work for him. Michael says he talked to John and that John feels responsible for the Music Box Murders. The only way he’ll feel better is if they catch the guy. Meanwhile, Rae continues to work on getting the vent on the wall; she removes it as Haver approaches the door.

Todd says he’s ready to tell the truth and recounts the New Year’s incident with Blair. He says they always had lots of fights and that he was trying to apologize to her and she wouldn’t listen. He admits that he was angry and kicked down the door. He did force her to look into his eyes, because he knew she still loved him and that they’re soul mates. Nora objects but the judge says she’ll give him some latitude. He remembers them rolling around on the bed and that they were both rough; he admits it was extreme but he knows and Blair knows that it wasn’t rape. Blair shakes her head in disbelief. He tells her he knows she’s hurt and angry and he doesn’t blame her for that; he emotionally raped her because he lied to her often throughout the years. He begs Blair to believe whatever she wants about him, but not that he could be that man anymore. He tells the jury he’s innocent and he would never do anything to hurt Blair, which causes her to jump up and yell that all he’s ever done is hurt her. Nora begins her cross and Blair leaves the courtroom, so Nora asks for a recess. Blair has another bad headache and tells Dorian she has to get away from Todd. She needs a few minutes alone. Kevin walks up and sits with Blair; he asks how it’s going. She tells him that Todd gave his version and she doesn’t know what to think or feel anymore. He embraces her, which Todd sees from the courtroom.

Jess barges into Bo’s office and demands to know how John’s interrogation of Dr. Haver went. He tells her he never showed, and she said he had said he was on his way. She told him the truth that he was the prime suspect. Bo gets on the phone and orders a search for Haver; John yells that Jessica cannot be this stupid. He can’t believe she did that and if he’s innocent, why did he run. At Rae’s cell, Haver runs in to the empty room and sees the vent.

Marcie tells Michael that John’s going to need him, but he says he gets so wrapped up in his cases. She wants him to extend another olive branch and that if he offers support, John will probably take it.

Bo asks Jess what she said to Haver, but John says it’s a waste of time and it could mean Rae Cummings’ life. Rae reaches a pay phone but Haver is right on her; he recaptures her.

Viki begs Todd to stay away from Kevin and Blair, and to keep it together for the children’s sake. Starr sneaks into the courtroom just as Nora begins her cross examination. Todd tells her he’s not the old Todd, when everything out of his mouth was a lie. He admits they had a fight, and says it was over Blair’s relationship with Kevin. He goes off on a tirade over their relationship. Viki sees Starr in the background and ushers her out of the courtroom. Nora sneers that Todd seems like the same old Todd to her, but he says he’s been paying for the Marty Saybrooke thing every day of his life. But when someone as beautiful as Blair loves you, you can’t be a monster anymore. Nora pushes Todd and he has an ugly outburst. She ceases questioning and the judge tells Todd to step down; he insists he didn’t do anything wrong.

Starr asks Viki why Nora is saying those mean things about her dad, and Viki tells her she’s just doing her job. Starr wants to stay, but Viki says she’s taking her home. Todd rests his case, and Nora says she’s prepared for closing arguments. Nora says they have a clear-cut case of he said, she said. She argues that Todd raped Blair and hasn’t changed since Marty Saybrooke. She asks the jury to find him guilty. Todd closes by saying that he’s guilty of a great many things, and he’s given Blair many reasons to hate him, but rape is not one of them. He swears that he’s innocent.

Haver calls McBain and apologizes for not showing up. He laughs that Jessica told him about their suspicions towards him; McBain says Jess is overeager, looking for a headline, but they are looking at all options. Haver says he should keep his eyes open, as he holds a lighter in the air. Rae, bound and gagged, watches in fear.

Dorian congratulates Nora on a job well done. Todd locks eyes with Blair as he leaves the courtroom, and she’s obviously conflicted. Vangie goes to Capricorn and tells RJ how badly it went. Viki brings Starr some macaroni and cheese. Dorian and David take Blair home and Todd is returned to his cell.


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