OLTL Update Wednesday 2/18/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Deborah
Pictures by Juanita

Bo enters Nora's home; he is planning to help her with getting Matthew to school this morning. Matthew runs out of the room. Bo and Nora talk about the Music Box Killer case and Stephen Haver being the killer. Bo reports that John is sold on this being the case. Nora asks Bo how he feels about this, to which he replies he is beginning to think that John is correct. Nora responds that Rae has been working with him and its odd. Bo points out that Rae has been missing from sight for a few days and when she called she sounded forced. Matthew brings Bo to see his science fair project. Bo is impressed, as Matthew has set up the entire solar system as his project. Matthew wants to know if there are bad guys in space. Bo wants to know if he wants to be an astronaut. Matthew says that Bo can be the commissioner here and he can be the commissioner of the universe.

Kevin comes into the kitchen at Llanfair the pick up Viki. Natalie mentions Ben waking on Asa and Renee's wedding day. Kevin wants to know about Nat getting a call from the killer. Nat says to keep it in confidence she does not want her mother to know about it. Kevin says that she is in danger and Nat tells him that she is not, just as Viki came into the room. Viki asks about their conversation. Natalie says she is not ready yet to go to court and leaves the room.

Kevin tells Viki he has been called to testify again and Viki relates being called as a character witness for Todd. Kevin gets upset and wants to know what she is going to say. Viki replies that Todd is her brother and needs her help. She will tell the truth as she knows it.

In the courtroom, Todd once again tells Evangeline that she cannot pick on Blair to save him. Blair walks into the courtroom with Dorian. Todd looks up and says to Blair that she knows the truth and he loves her, he says this twice. Dorian succeeds at getting Blair out in the hallway to wait for the beginning of the case. Nora arrives at the courthouse and sees Blair. She asks her if she will be able to go through with it and she says yes.

Blair is on the witness stand. Nora has asked her to describe what happened. Blair tells the court that he broke down the door, he pushed her down on the bed and she tried to fight him but he is much stronger than she is. Nora asked Blair if she asked him to stop. She replied she did over and over again but he would not stop. She states he just kept raping me. When Evangeline got up to cross examine Blair, Todd reminds her not to go heavy on Blair.

Evangeline asked Blair when she knew that Walker Lawrence was Todd Manning. Blair responds that it all came together December 9th. Blair stated she was furious to find this out. Evangeline asked how Todd reacted when she confronted him with this. She said it was closer to New Year's Eve. She was afraid he would take her children. Evangeline then asks her about her attempt to get Todd to sign papers for her to have full custody without his knowing. When asked about Kevin she said she would taunt Todd with it.
Blair admits to having sex with Kevin because she thought she could love him.
Blair then admits that she went to Todd and threw it in his face about having sex with Kevin. Blair gets very upset and Todd stands up to tell his lawyer to back off. Viki enters the courtroom just as the Judge is telling Todd that one more outburst like this and he would be watching from the holding cell. At this point, Nora rests.

Evangeline then starts the defense and calls Viki to the stand first. Viki tells the courtroom that her brother has undergone a great deal of change, from a child like thoughtless person to a loving and caring person. Viki replies that his love for Blair and his children is nothing less than profound. After Viki, Kevin is on the stand. He had no idea that Blair made love to him to make Todd jealous. Kevin tells them if they want to know why he was worried they could ask Marty Saybrooke. Evangeline goes for a sidebar in an attempt for a mistrial but is unsuccessful. Her next witness is Marty Saybrooke.

Margaret Saybrook credentials are announced and she is asked to explain how she knows Todd. She explains that she was gang raped. She goes on to explain the complexities of their relationship. She feels he still has problems with impulse control but that he never would rape any women especially Blair. Nora's cross-examine brings Marty to tears and brings out some more information about her rape. On redirect Marty still holds to her opinion that Todd is innocent. The Judge calls for a short recess. Kevin offers to by Marty some coffee. Jessica goes to get some water. Todd tells the Judge that he has just fired his attorney and he will be taking the stand.

Jessica, who has come to idolize Stephen Haver as his research assistant, is in Bo's office with John. She is telling John that she just does not know how he could come to the conclusion from a couple of photo's that Haver is the killer. John tells her rather pointedly to believe it. She begins to rattle off all the evidence she thinks is available when it becomes apparent to John that she has been going through evidence off base to her. John gets in her face and lets her know that just because she is Bo's niece and Antonio's girlfriend, she is not officially involved in this case. She tells him that him that he doesn't know anything about her. She also defends Haver being at the press conference since he studies these types of cases. Jessica further states that if he were to ask Rae she is sure Rae would vouch for him. John asks Jessica if she has seen
Rae lately. She replies no. Jessica says so it is all right for her to find Rae but she is not apart of the investigation. John tells her she aside from finding Rae she is not apart of anything. John then tells her he has an important phone call to make and Jessica leaves the office somewhat steamed. John gets a call with an update on Rae who is still missing. He tells them to keep looking.

Rae is agitated and throws the music box at the door of the locked room. Haver opens the door, letting light in. "Good morning Rae Cummings," he says loudly. He asks her if she has picked out who his next victim is going to be and if she has not her time is up. Haver kicks the music box away and picks up the red leotard and starts playing with it. He asks Rae to tell him who his next victim is and win another day of staying alive. Rae says she knows exactly who his next victim is. Rae asks him wouldn't he like to how she figured it out? She goes on to praise his brilliance and that he is a scientist. Rae wants to know how he came through his childhood to become this great scientist.

Bo gets into his office and asks John if there has been any word from Rae. John says no however he has spent most of the night doing a background search on their friend, Haver.

Rae tells Haver that he never knew his father. Haver is quiet. Rae asks if she is right. Haver says she is right. He knew who his father was but didn't know him like most of his mother's men.

John tells Bo that they lived in San Francisco, his mother was a hippie, free love and all that. She was a part time dancer part time street singer.

Rae summarizes due to it being the 70's that his mother experimented with drugs. Haver tells her that was a good guess while he plays with a red leotard.

John says his mother took him to live with her parents so she could run off with her current boyfriend. Bo says how old was he when he went to live with his grandparents. John replies about eight.

Rae asks when you went to live with your grandparents, how bad was it. Haver states they taught me what bad really was. Haver talks about his grandparents going up like a torch the night they died. His grandmother was just the opposite of his mother, a discipline addict. She loved it.

Bo says his grandmother loved to beat him especially outside. John replies that there was no proof. Bo reads that his grand father was in a wheel chair and couldn't do much good.

John tells Rae that his grandfather just drank cheap scotch and watched home movies. A spectator in his own life and mine until he died.

John states that both grandparents burned to death in a locked bedroom. Bo notes that the wheelchair was found out side the room in the hall. John says that Haver made it outside an upstairs window.

Haver tells Rae that everyone said he was lucky to jump out that window. He said he hurt his leg and it took forever to heal and then a special someone put a bullet in the same leg and now one leg is shorter than the other. Haver says the secret is not minding the pain.

John says that when she came to bury her parents and pick him up she had come from Oregon where her latest boyfriend was. She married him. He was a doctor. A police officer comes in to announce the arrival of someone.

Rae says he must have been happy to go back with his mother. He tells Rae she is not listening and is intellectually lazy or why would she have left him there and taken his brother Kenny with her.

Dr Kenneth Haver is escorted into Bo's office. After introductions, he becomes fixated on the music box. The doctor says that his brother had one just like it and that it had belonged to his mother. John and Bo exchange knowing looks.

Haver's brother tells Bo and John that it is hard to believe his brother could be this killer but it does explain some things.

Haver demands that Rae gives him the name of his next victim. Rae doesn't want to tell him because she doesn't want to influence him. She tells him that he won't kill her with the red leotard because it would connect him to her. When he kills her it will be so she isn't found.

Bo asks John what he thinks after the doctor leaves, it all fits arson, cruelty to animals. If they are going to find Rae alive, they better do it soon.

John calls Stephen Haver and tells him he thinks they caught the guy. John tells Bo that he is on his way in.

Haver runs into Jessica in the court hallway. She tells him she is there for the trial. He tells her that John asked him to come in. Jessica gets upset and informs Haver that she cannot believe that they think he is a suspect and are questioning him as such.

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