OLTL Update Tuesday 2/17/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Deborah
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Bo is in his office with Nora. Nora is worried about her trial and what Blair will do. Bo tells Nora the good news about Ben waking up for a little bit. He says it was a great wedding gift for Asa and Renee. Bo also smiles and says you should have seen the smile on Viki's face. Nora wants to know if it is permanent and Bo says no, it was just one of those things.

Blair and RJ are finishing up their conversation at Capricorn. Blair tells RJ that she is going to bury Todd and walks of swiftly. Lindsey sees her rush off and runs into RJ and he tells her that he is not here. Lindsey asks whom? RJ replies your boy toy to which Lindsey objects to him calling Rex that. RJ tells her he was here but left with Jen, to which she says good.

Natalie and Viki are discussing the Ben. Nat says it is nice to talk to your husband even if it is for a little bit. Nat is sad since her husband was recently killed. Jessica is concerned about not being able to get a hold of Antonio. She tells Nat that she would ask John but that John has been treating her with a hands off approach. Nat asks why and Jessica says he doesn't want her to know any more about the Music Box Killer and only he is allowed to know. They both stop talking when Starr enters the kitchen and sits down. They ask her if she wants to join them but Starr says no. Jessica walks over to Starr and looks at her face and asks her what happened. Starr replies she beat up a bunch of kids at a party and one of them got lucky. Nat asks her why did she beat them up? Starr replies they called her father a dirty rapist and that he is going to jail.

Blair stops by Viki's to see Starr. Starr turns on Nat and Jessica for calling her mother and goes upstairs. Jessica tells Blair which room she is in and Blair follow Starr. Starr points to her face and tells her mother this is all her fault because of what she is doing to dad. Blair says that no matter who is right or wrong that her face must really hurt a lot. Starr moves into her mother's arms for comfort. While sitting on the bed, holding a wash cloth to Starr's face, Blair tells Starr that she wishes could have been there more but the trial will be over soon and then she won't have to worry about this anymore. Starr says she read in the Banner that Blair was going to testify tomorrow. Blair says she is going to have to explain what her dad did to her and it is not going to be easy. Blair then goes on to tell Starr that as the mother of a little girl she has to explain when someone hurts another person they have to be punished. Starr tells her mother that she handled what happened to her without court and why can't Blair and Todd have a big argument without having the court involved. Starr wants to know why Blair is doing this. Blair explains that this time they need to let a jury decide who is right. She also tells Starr that she understands that right now she hates her but that someday she will be able to forgive her.

Nat and Jessica remain in the kitchen. Jessica tells Nat that John won't take her calls. This surprises Natalie. Jessica goes on to tell her that Prof. Haver told her she should stay away from John. Haver was trying to be diplomatic about it but he said he was losing it. Haver said that John was getting more and more obsessed and frustrated with this case. Nat replies that she knows that John is really concerned with this case since he hasn't had a break in it but the phone rings and Nat gets up to answer it. When she answers the phone she hears a mechanical voice and her face turns pale. Jessica gets up and comes closer to Nat and the phone. The voice says, "Natalie, hello, I hope I didn't hurt your lovely neck. Please understand all I was doing was making sure Agent McBain understood something very important. But don't worry, you and I will get together soon. I'm looking forward to spending time with you and that lovely sister of yours." Nat turns off the phone and turns to Jessica with a look of fear on her face.

Todd and Evangeline are discussing his case in a small room. Evangeline reminds Todd of her once planning to bring an expert in, a Marty Saybrook. Todd replies and he told her that was a bad idea. The door to the room opens and it is Marty, she looks at him and says "Hello Todd." Todd gets up from his chair stating that this is not going to help us. Evangeline points out that that Kevin's testimony really hurt them. Evangeline reminds him that he has a reputation in this town and she has to defend against that. She says a former victim will be helpful to them.

Marty asks if she can speak to Todd alone. Todd tells her to go home. Evangeline leaves them alone. Marty comments on his change in appearance. Todd tells her she looks the same. She tells him that she is not the same. She has come a long way from that girl at the fraternity house. She has made a name and career for herself, however from the way he is acting she can tell he has not changed much. Todd wants to know if she came to play all high and mighty with him. He reminds Marty that he took a bullet for her and carried her out of a burning care. Marty admits they had their issues back then. She wants to know if he has really changed, if he really deserves a second chance. Todd asks why she would want to help him. She says if he has changed, she may just be able to help him.

Marty tells Todd she knows what he has gone through. She has gone through a lot herself. She also tells him that his guilt is why he does not feel different even with a change of face. Todd laughs and explains about his broken bones, metal plates that set off alarms. He says he is not the same man inside. Todd tells Marty the Blair feels he tricked her emotionally since he used this new face to get her to love him again. Todd and Marty talk about the recent betrayal of Blair but that he really loves you her very much.

Bo and John are in the police station. John is waiting for some photographs that have been blown up of the press conference to see if he can get a lead. Bo suggests that he might do better to get some sleep. Nora walks over stating that Bo's advice is some he should take himself. John states he had always thought that Caitlin's death was due to a ruined robbery but not now. They had agreed prior to the press conference that he would not antagonize the murderer but instead that is exactly what he did. He further says that if he had listened maybe she would be alive today. This guy films it and then in the middle of this investigation he sends it to John. Nora asks if they are looking for the same person. John says all he knows is that he was at that press conference and he is going to find him.

Bo and Nora go into his office and talk some more about Ben. The D.A. comes in and wants to know where McBain is. Bo reminds him that he is FBI and doesn't work for him. John is down in the criminal darkroom. He is asking for certain pictures to be enlarged further. The photo processor says he can do this but they will be grainy. John says that is okay. In the darkroom, John asks for the man in the last row to be mad clearer. The processor says he will try and shakes his head. The phone rings and John answers, it is Bo on the other end. Bo instructs John that he needs to call Natalie right away. John says he is really busy. Bo says he had better call now as the killer has just called her. John hangs up the phone looking upset. In Bo's office Nora tells Bo she is taking the D.A. out for chicken fingers to get him out of Bo's hair. He thanks her and tells her he is going to Llanfair.

John calls Natalie to find out what happened. Nat tells him he just called with his voice all distorted. John assures her that they are on their way over.

Rae wakes up in the room the murderer placed her in. He wipes the lipstick off he face roughly and turns to leave. Rae is stammering as she speaks and says don't go. When the door closes and he is out of the room, Rae first hears than sees the music box and cloth left on the floor in front of her.

Rae hears the mechanical voice over the intercom and wants to know why doesn't he just kill her. Then she tells him that people will begin missing her. The killer replies like whom. He then proceeds to tell her of her lack of communication with her friends, that her daughter hates her and her family couldn't care less.

John and Bo arrive at Llanfair. John wants to know what happened. Nat tells John that the killer called from a cell phone and it was like he was watching them. John tells her to write down everything he might have said. John tells Jessica this is why he doesn't want her anywhere near this case and not to write about it in her column. While John turns back to Nat, Jessica leaves the room as if going somewhere in particular.

Jessica shows up at the police station just as the photographs John had asked for are brought upstairs. The police messenger is told that McBain is not available so he says he will put them on the commissioner's desk. Jessica tells Nathan she will leave a note on the commissioner's office. While in the office, she takes a quick look at the photos.

Rae is pacing around the room she is trapped in and talking out loud to the killer. She tells him that he really is a coward. Then she hears the killer's voice asking her why she is deliberately goading him?

Bo and John get back to his office where John picks up the photos. He looks at them closely and appears to recognize someone. Bo asks if they are helpful and he hands Bo the pictures. Bo has difficulty seeing what John saw. John tells him that it is Stephen Haver.

Rae is kicking things around in her room when the door opens flooding the room with light and Haver says to her not to pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. He slams the door. Haver tells her that she can help him figure out why he keeps doing this and she gets to figure out a way to live. Haver is speaking very rapidly. Rae tells him to be realistic, that she knows too much, he cannot allow her to live. His response is that at least they have to try.

Nora and the D.A. are sitting at a table. Daniel wants to know why everyone hates him. Nora replies that if he would stop treating everyone like dogs that did something wrong on his carpet. Nora also tells him that he has made progress, he has stopped drinking and that is a positive. She feels he can change.

Lindsey and RJ are sitting at another table where Lindsey makes the comment of the two of them together. RJ asks that he thought Lindsey and Coleson were history. Lindsey agrees however wonders if Nora has to have every man Lindsey has ever wanted. Lindsey approaches Daniel and asks about the case. He tells her that Nora and he were not discussing the case. He also tells her that he would prefer to date her if given the chance.

Bo tells John that he thinks he is really stretching. Bo defends him and all the things that have done to be helpful. Bo does give John a limited warrant to pick him up.

Back in the room with Rae and Haver, she likens the way she is dressed to his mother, which he finds interesting. Haver states that she did say the killer was killing the same person over and over again. He gives Rae a folder to examine. She recognizes it is the case of the present murders. She tells him there is a mistake, Sarah lived. Haven then begins to act funny saying there are no mistakes. If he wants someone to live, they live, otherwise they die. He pulls out a red leotard and stretches it and approaches her with it.

John rings the doorbell to Haver's place. Bo states that the lights are on but no one appears to be home. John instructs the others to look around the yard for footprints and to get the garbage. Bo and John draw their weapons and begin to go into the house. They made casts of seven prints of footsteps. Bo tells John he is concerned about Rae. That her behavior when she got back from seeing Troy was more like one of someone being concerned of a colleague than a stranger.

Antonio reports in to Bo. John tells Bo that he got a call from his supervisor saying not to pursue a case against such a distinguished person such as Haver. Bo says he doesn't want that to happen there either. John tells Bo he is certain that Haver is their man.

John stops by to see Jessica and Natalie. Nat is in bed. John tells her who the killer is and not to go near him. Jessica has a very hard time believing him. She tries to call Haver after John leaves.

Haver is running the leotard back and forth under Rae's chin. Rae figures out that he is never out of control. Haver tells her she just won herself a few more days. They discuss the remaining killing to happen. Haver tells her there is nothing that she or anyone can do to stop it now.

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