OLTL Update Monday 2/16/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/16/04

By Deborah
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Marcie has run out of Capricorn and now is in Angel Square. Al is chasing after her. He pleads with her to look into his eyes and tell him what she sees. Marcie is very upset, she says she doesn't see anything. She asks what is she supposed to see. Al is frustrated and tells her that she is going to know anyway so he may as well tell her. Al begins to tell her what is going on when Luna jumps in and reminds him of the consequences. Luna says trust in Marcie's love.

Al walks to their bench and starts quoting poetry that Al and she did. Marcie wants to know how he knew that. Al tells her that they say the eyes are the window to the soul. Once again he asks her to look deep into his eyes. Again Al asks Marcie what she sees. She is confused. Al asks her what she feels. Marcie says she feels Al all around her. Al then pleads with Marcie to trust him and just kiss him. They kiss with Luna watching on to see if all is going as planned. When the kiss is over, Marcie is aware that he is possibly Al and asks if this is so. Marcie asks Al to pinch her and he does by pinching her nose. She is awe struck that he is really real. They kiss again. Marcie does not understand, she sees Al there but in Michael McBain's body and wants to know how. Al turns to Luna, whom Marcie cannot see, and asks if he can tell her know since she has passed the test. First Al must explain who he is talking to since she cannot see Luna. He tells her that Luna has been in charge of the entire operation. He relates the entire story of how he was placed in Michael's body and the deadline being Valentine's Day. Marcie laments that she almost didn't make it. They thank each other for not giving up on each other. Luna tells Al that it is time.

Al begs Luna for a few more minutes to which Luna replies that neither of them are going to remember any of this. This surprises Al a bit but Luna gives him a bit more time. Al tells Marcie that this is a good news,bad news kind of thing. He explains that in a few minutes he will become Michael McBain with only Michael's memories not Al. He goes on to reassure Marcie that it will always be his spirit and love inside Michael. Marcie says she still doesn't know what to think of this. Al tells her not to think, just feel. It is his spirit inside.

Al explains that neither of them are going to remember this moment and Marcie says that can't be true and asks if this is more rules. Marcie gets very upset about not being able to remember this moment. Al says she has to move on, that Michael needs her. Marcie still doesn't care. Al begs her to go with this and if she won't do it for any other reason then do it for him. He asks her to do it for him since his soul is going to be stuck there forever. He kisses her again and then hugs her with their backs to the statue. Luna says good-bye to Al and leaves. The special glow fades away and Al has become Michael. He lets go of Marcie and she looks at him and says Michael. Michael says that Valentine's Day is definitely his favorite holiday. They both laugh.

Jen has stormed to her home with Rex on her trail. She has problems getting the door open and then tells Rex to get out of there. She heads for the bar and takes a bottle and moves away from Rex. She tells Rex that he said he would leave if she asked him to. Rex says that he doesn't like seeing her like this. Jen starts throwing things at him and then asks him why he is bothering her. He said he married her at first for the money and he divorced her because he loves her. Jen accuses him of not loving her since he is sleeping with someone else, probably her mother. Rex denies this and says he will prove it to her. Jen calls her mom however when she hears her voice Jen just tells her that she loves her. Rex wants to know why she didn't ask her if they were sleeping together. Jen says that maybe she is the biggest fool but she is choosing to believe him. Jen starts to pur herself a drink and Rex tells her she doesn't need it. She agrees. Rex tells her he is going to leave. Jen wants to know about sex. Rex tells her that tonight wasn't about sex. He kisses her hand and leaves.

Blair drops by Nora's. Nora is in her robe. Blair tells Nora that she is not able to testify against Todd. Nora tells Blair she told her all these things were going to happen before she brought these charges against Todd. Blair wants to know if she has a case without her testifying. Nora tells her no. The case is very weak without her getting on the stand and saying Todd raped her. Blair says she can't do it because of Starr. Starr already blames her for taking her dad away from her. Nora asks if that is really what it is about or is it because Todd didn't rape her. Blair states that he did rape her but she can't do this. Nora reminds her of what Todd will do if set free. That he will prove her an unfit mother and get sole custody of the children. Blair finally relents and says she won't let Nora down, she will do it. As Blair gets up to leave she sits back down holding her head. Nora asks her if she went to the doctor like Nora told her to do. Blair tells her she did and he says it is stress. Blair then gets up and to leave Nora. Nora then tell Blair that she must do this for herself not Nora or it won't work.

Matthew comes running down the stairs and Nora wants to know why he is not in bed. He runs to the door and lets Bo in. Bo explains that he got a call from Matthew stating it was an emergency and he had to come over. Nora fidgets with her robe and takes off her glasses. She tells Matthew that the can't just call people out in the middle of the night like this. Matthew replies that he forgot to give both of them their Valentine's Day presents and runs off to go get them. Bo and Nora make small talk about her case. Nora then tells Bo that she is glad he came over. Matthew gives them their gifts, music he has burned for them onto CD's. They put the music on and all begin to dance.

Blair is in Capricorn and RJ comes up to her talking about Todd really needing to go to prison. Blair does not want to talk about the case. RJ looks at Blair and is amazed. RJ tells Nora that he can't believe she is still in love with that thing. Blair tells RJ that she had the marriage annulled and that she is not still in love with him. RJ says he is glad to hear it but does not believe it. He then goes off to remind her about all the awful things he has done. He tells Blair how he Todd operates and that Nora needs her to put him away.

Viki is about to leave Ben's room when he speaks to her. She calls for a nurse and the person who responds stuns her a bit as she looks like Megan. Megan is her daughter she lost several years ago. The nurse goes for the doctor and runs into Asa and Renee in the hall. The nurse tells them the news. Asa wants to go in to see Ben however is delayed by the nurse since Viki is already in the room.

The doctor is examining Ben and asks him to calm down. Viki tells the doctor that he keeps trying to tell her something. The doctor tells Viki to excuse him and she walks to the nurse. The nurse reassures Viki that all is well, to trust her. Viki says she does trust her, she doesn't know why but she does. Viki tells the nurse she reminds her of... but cannot finish the sentence, shakes her head as if to clear it and remains silent. Viki tells the nurse how she got dressed up hoping this would be a special night and it has turned out that way. The nurse tells her love can make miracles and reminds her to treasure the little things of their time together. Viki says she reminds her so much of her daughter, Megan, whom she lost. Megan then tells her that her daughter is always with her and knows how much Viki loved her. The doctor tells her that this time with Ben may only be temporary and he may go back into a coma.

Renee tells Asa that it was strange but while they were getting married tonight she could feel Ben all around them. Asa says he is the best thing they ever did together. They are happy to have Ben back. When they are in the room, the doctor says he is tiring. Renee and Asa talk to Ben about getting married and they both exchange their feeling's of love for each other.

Ben tells Megan to take care of Viki and that he wants her to find someone else.

Viki, Asa, and Renee are outside Ben's room, Viki tells them that she is going to go back inside his room. Megan is with him and she tells him what Ben said about finding someone else. Ben wakes and calls to Viki.

Michael and Marcie are sitting by the angel statue, holding each other tight. Luna is pacing back and forth rapidly. Megan arrives and asks Luna if she got her happy ending. Luna says it is more like a happy beginning. Michael asks Marcie if she is feeling better. Marcie replies she is feeling better and she feels like something big happened. Michael agrees with her. Marcie asks but what happened. Michael replies, that maybe we happened. Marcie relies that maybe we did, there is something about him that makes her really happy. They kiss again while the two angels look on. Luna asks if Megan was successful with her task. Megan replies that she was, her mother needed her help and she will be just find and so will Ben.

Viki is sitting next to Ben's bed when he opens his eyes. She tells him that she will be there. He says he doesn't know if he will be able to wake up tomorrow. Viki tells him she will be there anyway. Ben then closes his eyes, after telling Viki it was the best Valentine's Day ever.

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