OLTL Update Friday 2/13/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/13/04

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Marcie goes on air for her special radio show honoring Al. She’s frazzled because she missed her bus, but she starts playing tapes that Al had created. At Capricorn, Luna tells Al to have faith that Marcie will fall in love with Michael by the deadline, but she privately rants that she’s screwed everything up by letting Marcie see Al that last time. As she asks God for help, Megan appears. She assures Luna that sometimes love is stronger than death.

Viki prepares for her Valentine’s Day, which she will spend with Ben. Meanwhile, a heavy rainstorm pelts Llanview, and Blair and the kids are unable to visit Addie because the bridge is out. Starr says Blair also had another one of her headaches, probably because it’s Valentine’s Day and she misses Todd. In his jail cell, Todd reads a card from Starr which morphs into a plea from Blair asking his forgiveness.

Marcie recalls that last year she had no idea that Al was the Voice of the Night, or that they would meet and fall in love. She wishes Al a happy Valentine’s Day and says she knows he’ll be with her forever.

At Capricorn, RJ welcomes the patrons and says Simply Red will be taking the stage soon. He says it’s going to be a very special night. Natalie and Jess fondly remember Cristian. Natalie says she’s glad she came out instead of staying home and thinking about her late husband. At the hospital, Viki sits with Ben. She tells him she wishes he and Megan had known each other, because they would have loved each other. She recalls Megan’s death on Valentine’s Day, and then has a lovely memory of good times with Ben.

Megan tells Luna to just do nothing. They’ve done all they can, and it’s up to Al and Marcie to finish the task. They watch as River and Adriana meet in Angel Square. River promises her that they will get married. Later, they stage a mock ceremony on the rooftop.

Kevin lights candles for Kelly and they cuddle in bed. He asks if she wishes they had a big wedding, but she says she didn’t want one. He gives her a gorgeous diamond ring and asks if she would marry him all over again, knowing what she does about him, and she says yes.

Michael asks if RJ can hold the band off for a little while, because Marcie isn’t there yet and this whole thing is a surprise for her. RJ tells him to get over to the station and bring her over there. By the time he gets to the station, she’s at Angel Square, having memories of Al.

David presents Dorian with an engagement ring he had made from a diamond in her necklace. He gets on one knee and says that hurts his back; he slips the ring on her finger and asks her to wear it around for a little while to see how it feels.

Blair sleeps fitfully on the couch and dreams of the trial, with the jury finding the defendant guilty. The defendant is Starr, however, and she screams for help as she’s taken to jail. Todd tells the prison guard he’ll pay whatever to see Blair tonight.

Viki tells Ben that he’s the one who taught her to enjoy her life and to live it day by day. Suddenly he squeezes her hand; Viki asks if he can hear her.

Todd goes to Dorian’s and kisses Blair as she sleeps on the sofa. He tells her he knows she loves him and she kisses him back; she says she does love him and whispers “Todd, I love you” as she awakens; it was another dream. At the prison, Todd tells the guard he’ll put his kids through college, but the guard says he heard about his wife and Kevin Buchanan; it’s looks like she’s moving up in the world.

Natalie and Jess go to the rooftop and Nat says she has many good memories of Cristian. At Capricorn, Simply Red takes the stage. Rex gives Jen a photo he found of her with her father. She rushes out. Marcie is thrilled to see her favorite band playing, and Riley tells her that Michael is the one who got them to play for her. In Angel Square, Al begs Luna to tell him where Marcie is, and she tells him to pray for a miracle, which he does. From the rooftop, Natalie says it’s time to let the love she and Cristian shared out into the world, and she tosses a swatch from her wedding veil down to Angel Square. As it lands, Al sees a matchbook for Capricorn and realizes that’s where Marcie is, and he runs off. Luna thanks Megan and asks if that’s the only reason she’s there, and Megan says she needs to help someone else. Viki tells Ben she will always love him, and gets up to leave; he awakens and says “Hello, Blondie.”

Marcie thanks Al for bringing the band there and he asks her to dance with him before midnight. There’s no music, she says, but suddenly the band starts playing her and Al’s song. As they dance, he tells her to look in his eyes and she will find exactly what she’s looking for. She is overtaken by emotion.

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