OLTL Update Thursday 2/12/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/12/04

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John watches the video of the attack on him and Caitlin again. Marcie enters and offers to get him something to eat, but he declines. When she gets back to her desk, she finds a card from Michael.

At Rodi’s, Michael invites Natalie to the concert tomorrow night. She’s not sure if she’s ready, but she says she’ll think about it. He asks her not to say anything to Marcie, and Natalie warns him not to get his hopes up about Marcie.

Nora tells Bo and Colson that she’s starting to worry about Rae, who’s been missing appointments. Meanwhile, Rae is passed out in a dark room.

River and Adriana begin their wedding ceremony as Paul watches. Suddenly, David and Dorian burst in and demand the wedding be stopped.

Bo tells Nora he’ll have people check around on Rae. Colson sees Riley drinking with a kid who’s a known dealer, and asks if he’s using again. Nora sees Steven and asks if he’s seen Rae; he says they had an early dinner date and she stood him up.

Marcie calls Michael and tells him she can’t make the party tomorrow night; he says there’s not going to be a party if she’s not there. He asks what the real problem is and she says she’s not ready to spend Valentine’s with anyone other than Al. Michael knows he has to get her to fall in love with her by Valentine’s Day or Al will be gone forever.

John tells Bo there’s something fishy about the murder case in Chicago. Rae starts to regain consciousness and realizes she’s being held captive. There’s a phone on the wall, but no dial tone. She hollers for help.

River tells Dorian that he and Adriana love each other and orders her to go home. Dorian tells the officiant that she’s the bride’s mother and the groom’s grandfather, but Paul says there are no blood ties. Dorian says Adriana is underage despite what her papers say. Adriana begs the man to marry them.

Steven gets some take out from Rodi’s, and bumps into Jessica. He asks her to limit her time with John McBain, because he’s starting to be too obsessed with the killer, and that he may become irrational about the case. Colson tells the dealer that he could put him away for a long, long time, and Riley says the kid is just a musician. Colson asks his son to go with him to an AA meeting, but Riley declines. Lindsay comes to the bar and tells Colson she’d like to help him, but he’s not interested; he tells her to look for her little boyfriend.

Bo, John and Nora think that Troy pointed Rae in some direction that may have gotten her into trouble. Meanwhile, Rae pounds on the door, and suddenly hears a disembodied, distorted voice. She demands that he come in and face her, but the man says in good time.

Michael tells Marcie that it’s really important for her to be with him on Valentine’s Day. She says she’s doing a special radio broadcast in honor of Al, but agrees to meet him afterwards.

Asa drops in to see Bo and asks him to be his best man; he and Renee are getting married again the next night.

The officiant tells the kids he can’t marry them if Adriana is underage; as they leave, David tells Paul it was a nice try.

Nora and John go to see Troy at the Statesville hospital. He’s groggy but they prod him a about what he said to Rae. Troy is clearly drugged.

The lights are turned on in Rae’s “prison”, and the man says he could just leave her there to rot. He tells her to ask him what she really wants to know. She asks if he’s going to kill her and he says that depends on her.

Lindsay tries to convince Colson that she’s not interested in Rex, but he says he probably likes her a little too much to share her with another guy. Jess tells Natalie about the video that she saw, and Natalie says that it was his fiancée Caitlin. Natalie says she has to go see John.

Asa tells Nora she’s not invited to the wedding, because every time he has a big wedding, the marriage goes in the dumper. It’s just going to be Asa, Renee, Bo and the preacher. Natalie goes to see John at his hotel and says she knows about the tape. She wants to make sure he’s okay, but he tells her he wishes she wouldn’t have come by.

Dorian tells River that he’s going to go live with Andrew at the rectory, but he won’t leave without saying a private goodbye to Adriana. He tells her he feels married to her, and sets up a meeting with her for tomorrow night. River blasts Dorian for choosing money over her grandson’s happiness. Babe goes to see Paul and arranges a deal with him so he won’t lose his inheritance from Aunt Betsy – he’ll fix her paternity test so her husband JR is the father.

John tells Natalie she needs to stay far away from him because the killer has made it personal. He would be worrying about her instead of investigating the killer. Jess brings over some slides from the Banner showing the crime scene of the White Rose killer and some photos of John at a conference in New Jersey.

The killer tells Rae she’s about to make her debut as an actress. She’s to call Bo. She says the phone doesn’t work, but he says it does now. He slips a script under the door and warns that if she deviates by one word, her life is over.

David and Dorian lament the fact that Paul almost had them over the barrel by orchestrating the marriage. They kiss.

Natalie tells Michael she thinks John is under a lot of pressure and needs his brother’s support. Meanwhile, John tells Jess that she’s just a kid and needs to butt out of the investigation.

Rae calls Bo and Nora and reads from the script. She says she had a call from a suicidal patient and couldn’t make court. She’ll be in touch when the crisis has passed, and she hangs up. The killer wants to talk about his next victim and how and when she’s going to die.

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