OLTL Update Wednesday 2/11/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Deborah
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and John are in Bo's office where Bo is looking at the video tape. John tells him that these were murders in New Jersey called the White Rose Killer a couple years back. John asked forensics to check out the tape. Bo asks John if their killer is playing games with him about being caught. John counters with maybe this is the same killer he didn't catch then.

Marcie is on the phone trying to get the tape back from forensics and says she will walk it back herself.

Al is talking to Luna in the diner. He is telling her about his plans for Marcie on Valentine's Day. He intends to get her favorite band to play at one of the clubs. She was supposed to go see them the night she had Eve McBain over for dinner. Al is hoping this will get her to see that it is him inside Michael and make every thing okay. Luna says she is really going to miss him. This makes Al realize that after the merge he won't see her anymore. Al realizes he will be loosing his memories with the merge and tells Luna that he needs to go and say good-bye.

Dorian and David come down stairs, the phone is ringing and Dorian says not to get it. David asks who is she avoiding. Dorian says Aunt Betsey since they don't know where Adriana and River are. David reassures her that they have time to deal with that after the court hearing. Dorian is amused at his lack of interest in $30 million. He replies that it is gathering interest.

Blair walks around the empty court room. Nora enters and asks Blair how she is holding up. Blair seems to feel the jury is seeing her as the unfaithful wife and Todd the victim. Nora disagrees and feels the jury is seeing Todd's violence close hand like when he attacked Kevin in court yesterday.

Kevin enters the courtroom with Kelly and tells Kelly there could be some hard questions for him today from the defense attorney. Kelly says she doesn't mind, she is here to support her man. As they walk towards the front, they run into Asa. Kevin is curious as to why he is there. Asa reminds Kevin that he can't stop the papers from slinging mud but that the Buchcanans stand together.

As everyone takes their seats, Todd is brought into the courtroom in full shackles. The judge reminds Evangeline that there are to be no further incidents of violence from her Todd. The Judge also tells Todd that he can watch the proceedings from close circuit TV in his cell if he cannot control himself. Evangeline tells Todd that the Judge means it. Viki enters the courtroom and sits down behind Todd and reassures him that she is there.

Roxy is talking on her cell phone when Nigel comes in holding a legal looking document. Roxy hangs up only to find Nigel distressed over the order to get his tenants out within 30 days as his hotel is condemned. He knows Asa is behind it but cannot believe Asa would be so selfish after all those years Nigel worked for him. Roxy says she has a really good idea and the two leave Rodie's. They go back to Roxy's place to discuss the matter. Roxy suggests chaining themselves to the building. There is a knock on the door and Jessica comes in looking for Natalie. Roxy says she left early and then tells her about Asa. Nigel fills Jessica in on the entire mess and Jessica promises to talk to him and help in any way she can. When she leaves, Roxy wonders how Asa has time to do everything he does. Nigel replies that money buys time. Roxy then comes up with the idea of picketing his offices.

RJ is reading the newspaper at a table when a waiter brings over his lunch. He makes a comment about the trial and the slime lawyer who must be representing Todd. RJ gets up in his face and tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about and to shut his mouth.

Back in the courtroom, Nora is questioning Kevin who is on the stands. She establishes that Kevin has known Todd for a long time. He admits his concern for Blair is due to the constantly violent behavior of Todd over the years. Evangeline states an objection to stop Nora from bringing in any previous bad behavior. Nora asks Kevin about the private detective he hired to check out Todd when he returned to town under the name of Lawrence Walker. Kevin admits to doing so and finding out that Lawrence Walker and Todd were one in the same. Kevin said when he asked Todd about this and Todd told him that Blair wouldn't take him back as Todd since he had lied to her and attempted to kidnap the kids. Todd's lawyer calls for an objection. Nora questions Kevin about Serinac, where he was to give a speech. Kevin explains about the plane crash and he and Blair looking for it. They found a cabin to take shelter in and that he had hurt his leg causing it to be infected. It was cold and Blair was trying to keep him warm. Todd found them and went ballistic and Kevin thought he might kill them both had not the rescue team arrived.

Talking in Bo's office, John and Bo are discussing the details of the White Rose killer. This killer always went after brides a week before their wedding leaving a bouquet of white roses at the scene. John tells Bo he was pulled off the case shortly after that newscast for personal reasons, what happened to Caitlin and he was in the hospital for several weeks since he was shot. At this point Marcie brings in the surveillance tape to see who dropped off the package with the original tape. Marcie recognizes the guy by the tattoo of barbed wire around his neck. She tells them he hangs out at the community center and Angel Square. Hearing this John takes off saying he could be a lead to the killer.

John catches up with the guy who delivered the package at Carlotta's Diner. He really wasn't able to give John a good description of the man. As John got up to leave, the kid remembered that there was something strange about the $20 he gave him. The kid says there was a strange symbol on it, kind of cool. John asks if he still has the 20 and the kid said no, however, he spent it in the diner. John then goes over to Carlotta and asks if she still has yesterday cash intake. Since she does, John asks to look at her 20's. and finds the bill. As soon as John returns to the office, he examines the bill with a magnifying glass and light. The symbol translates into "You go where lead you." John receives a call from the killer asking him if he enjoyed his present. By John's responses, the killer deduces that he has not seen the entire tape and suggests that he watch the tape all the way through this time

Marcie runs into Al at the police station. Marcie attempts to cancel for Valentine's Day but Al counters all her protests and the date remains on. Bo comes by and Al asks to speak with him. Al has brought Bo a book that belonged to Gabrielle and reminds him that he did her post op. Al also tells Bo that he saw Gabrielle on New Year's and that she was really happy. Al leaves. Wile staring at the book and bookmark, Bo tells Marcie he will be down in court. Marcie watches him leave understanding his grief.

Evangeline is cross examining Kevin about his affair with Blair while he was the Lt. Governor and how he resigned the very next day to which Nora objected as inflammatory. Through continued cross examining, Evangeline is able to establish that Kevin has lied to protect Blair in the past so why should the court believe he is not lying now. Kevin then steps down. After a short recess where Kevin and Asa tell Viki she is sitting on the wrong side, supporting the wrong person, Bo is called to the stand. Bo tells the courtroom that while Todd was at the police station about another case, Todd was extremely anxious to get to Blair because he believed she was with another man. Evangeline asked Bo if Todd was charged with the other matter or was charged with anything. Bo replied no. Todd told Bo that he wanted to be with Blair but didn't stand a chance as Todd. He said he loved her and Bo said he believed him. Nora tells the judge she is unable to call her next witness as Rae is not there and must be held up with an emergency. Court is then adjourned for the day. Evangeline thanks Viki for supporting Todd and the influence seeing her there might have on the jury.

Al is playing pool and talking to Luna. The manager of the band Al wants to play for Marcie comes over to speak with him. Al tells him how important it is to have the band play that night but the manager is not interested. The manager than runs into RJ who offers him and the band one Capricorn and paying the full fee if he will drop they will drop in and play some songs. The manager gives in and says he will ask the band. Al thanks RJ. The manager comes back as says the band will do it. Evangeline comes in and RJ asks her out for Valentine's Day. Jessica comes in asking Al if he has seen Natalie, he says no but she can talk to him. Jessica says for a moment, he reminded her of someone. Al asks who and she says a good friend Al Holden. She says good-bye and Al says "Good-bye Jessica." Jessica turns and says he said that like he wasn't going to see her anymore.

Jessica enters the police station and tells Marcie she just wants to see John for a moment. Marcie suggests she waits a minute as he is busy. Bo comes in the office and says they couldn't find the anyone at the phone. Bo suggests John fast forward through the tape but John declines. Near the end of the tape a bedroom scene starts to play. It is Caitlin in the bed worried about hearing some noise but John is there now. Then she is shot and John turns to shoot at whomever it was. When the tape is over, Bo looks startled at what he has just seen, John is emanating fury. Jessica had watched the entire scene through the blinds of the window to the office and leaves.

Collate and Dorian figure out that River and Adriana have lied to them. David calls Roxy to thank her for what she did for the love birds. Roxy continues to spill the beans that they are in South Carolina at Wedworld. David than tells Dorian to pack to go to South Carolina.

Kevin and Kelly return home and Kevin thanks Kelly for supporting him. They begin to make love and the phone rings. It is Blair, Kevin talks to her briefly. He returns to Kelly to pick up where they left off but she is no longer in the mood.

Viki asks the guard if she can talk to Todd for a minute and he thanks her for being there. She gives him a card from Starr. He reads it and is then taken away.

After the playing of the tape, Bo tells John he should take some time. John says he can't, the man that killed all these woman, killed Caitlin. John states he is going to find him and kill him. John leaves the office and paces around an open area, finally letting loose a scream, "I'm sorry Caitlin I'm sorry."

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