OLTL Update Tuesday 2/10/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Deborah
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Todd stands at his place in the courtroom. Evangeline enters to find Todd in an exceptionally negative mood about the outcome. Evangeline gives him a short pep talk about remaining positive. He admits to being nervous and she tells him they will win and it is a very important trial for both of them.

Blair tells Nora that she is not going to withdraw from the trial no matter how nasty it gets. Blair is still feeling revenge for Todd and wants to see him suffer. Nora and Blair leave for the courthouse just as Dorian and David come downstairs. Dorian tells Nora she will be right there to which Nora replies, she needs to since she is the first witness.

Kevin assures Kelly all will be well at the courthouse and to take care of the baby. She is under doctors orders to rest and reduce stress. He kisses her good-bye and she begins to read the newspaper. Kelly decides to listen to the news on the trial.

Jessica and Nat talk about the trial briefly. Nat is glad Jessica spent the night. Jessica asks if she has seen her keys anywhere. There is a knock at the door and Jessica opens the door to find Carlotta. Carotta is there to help Nat go through Christian's things and give them to charity. Natalie becomes upset, telling Carlotta that This was all Carlotta's idea not hers and she is not ready. Nat then goes upstairs.

Natalie sits on the floor going through a box with Christians things when the phone rings. It is John. She tells him she is fine and is taking care of things she needs to. On the radio she hears a plea from a church for clothes. She then calls Reverend Carpenter and tells him she has a donation to make.

Professor Haver catches Rae in his office and wants to know what she is doing there and what she is holding. Rae states she left him a note but knows she is in trouble when she has to explain the diploma she has taken from a drawer. Haver, while taking his gloves off, explains to Rae that he collects memorabilia from notorious cases. He tells her about several items he has collected. He tells her that he bought it over the Internet and will be using it for his next book. The item is the diploma of the late doctor in the Love Child Murders. Haver then wants to know what Rae was doing in his desk. Rae explains that she hadn't received her copy of the police report and was hoping it was with his and that is why she was looking around. She admits to becoming obsessed when she has something on her mind. Haver smiles sweetly. Rae goes on to apologize profusely and attempts to make her exit from his office. Haver then asks her to stay as he has something to talk to her about. He then shuts the door to his office.

Haver wants to know about her visit to Troy and what he said. Rae tells him he didn't really say much, but that he did say he liked Dr. Haver and how he was beloved in the hospital. She relates that Troy said the nurse that gave him the passes was especially fond of him and how her death hurt. Haver says that was a sad day for all at the hospital. Rae then confesses to reading a little bit of his manuscript and is curious about the Love Child murderer. She is curious as to why the doctor charged with the killings burned himself to death. Haver relates that they are back to the diploma again. Rae asks him about a strange comment he made in his book, about fire being both horrible and beautiful to some people. Haver says that to some people it is. Rae states that his grandparents died in a house fire. Haver wonders where she heard this and she tells him about meeting up with his brother at a convention. Haver says it was horrible but that he was at camp at the time. Rae disagrees, saying his brother said Haver was there at the time and barely got out of the house in time. In fact, Rae relates, she learned a great deal about him from his brother.

Haver wants to know what version of his past she has heard. He explains the inaccuracies in the stories written about the fire. He explains the camp story by saying he uses that as a cover. His brother also talked about his mother. Haver tells her his brother is a liar and has dropped out of site. Jessica knocks on the door and asks if he has found her keys. He says yes and gives her the keys. Jessica has to get off to class but says she is looking forward to seeing him. As Haver shuts the door and locks it, he is playing with a key. He makes a statement about looking forward to their next visit again too unless Rae has any objections.

In the courtroom the Judge denies both of the lawyers first petitions and tells them not to clutter her desk with these items. Nora begins her opening remarks for the trial. She firsts gives the definition of rape and then goes on to list the lies Todd has told to get Blair to marry him. She then proceeds with what the defense is going to try and convince them of. Prior to Evangeline starting her opening remarks, Todd reminds her to go easy on Blair. Evangeline addresses the jury, telling them that the prosecution must supply evidence and proof of these actions. She tells them that the burden of proof is not on the defense but on the State. She stresses to the jury that they not allow the State to destroy a man's reputation without proof.

With the conclusion of the opening remarks, Nora calls Dorian Krammer Lord to the stand. Nora asks when Dorian and David Vickers returned home, Dorian replies, 1:00 a.m.. Nora then asks what happened next. Dorian relates hearing some noises upstairs and then Blair coming running down the stairs trying to get away from Todd. As a doctor, Dorian goes on to give a physical description of Blair. David was able to get Todd out of the house however he did try to get in through the French doors by breaking a pane of glass. Eventually he gave up trying to get in. Under the direction of Nora's questions, Dorian tells about taking Blair to the hospital for an examination. Dorian reported that Blair had been raped. Nora rests.

Evangeline asks Todd if what Dorian said was the truth and he says yes. Evangeline asks Dorian why it took so long to go to the hospital, as several hours had elapsed prior to getting Blair there. Dorian was not in the room when Blair was examined. Dorian and the doctor talked about the case, however it was only Dorian that had used the term rape. In the doctors report the word rape was mentioned. Evangeline stresses that only Dorian is using the word rape. Also, it took 15 hours before Blair went to the police station to charge Todd with rape. Evangeline asks if it took Dorian this long to convince Blair that it was rape. Nora objects. When she asks Dorian why it took so long, Dorian replies, I had to convince her. Dorian is interrupted by Evangeline, who reinforces the issue of having to persuade Blair to charge rape. Nora continues to object. Evangeline then gets Dorian to admit that she despises Todd. Before stepping down, Dorian tries to argue with the Judge. Since Nora's next witness is late, court is recessed. During the recess, Evangeline tells Todd he must keep her up to date about what happens with Blair. She had just found out that Blair was in a fender bender the night before. Kevin steps over to see how Blair is and Nora tells him to stay away from Blair while all the press is around.

Nora begins her examination of the doctor who examined Blair in the hospital. The doctor describes the injuries to Blair. Nora asks if these injuries are consistent with rape. The Dr Perez replies yes. Evangeline asks what Blair had told her during the exam and the doctor tells the court that Blair said nothing. She did not even say she was raped. Under continued cross examination, Dr Perez admits that the injuries were only consistent with rape, not that it was rape. She admits that the injuries could have been sustained in another manner. Dr. Perez reports that the DNA shows she had sex with 2 different men that evening. Evangeline emphasizes this fact to the jury. Kelly has joined her husband in the courtroom. Evangeline asks if it is possible to tell which man caused the damage to Blair's vaginal wall. The doctor replies, no. The witness is excused.

Nora now calls Kevin to the stand. Kevin admits to having sex with Blair. He also tells the court about the changes in Todd via plastic surgery. Kevin became suspicious that he was not who he said he was and found evidence that he was indeed Todd Manning. Kevin explains that by New Year's Eve Blair knew he was Todd and Kevin became concerned for her safety. Nora attempts to get information about his past rape charge entered into this trial and the Judge gives her a warning that this was already decided prior to trial and to move away from that topic. Nora has him explain the relationship he had with Blair and his wife. He explains that his marriage was over and when Blair came to him she was very upset. They went up to his room and made love. He replied to Nora's question that he is gentle in making love and so is Blair, she is not about..... At this point, Todd jumps over the table heading for Kevin. Kevin says this is how he was then. Police step in to subdue Todd. The Judge tells Todd that he will be shackled in the courtroom from now on. The Judge then adjourns the court.

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