OLTL Update Monday 2/9/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/9/04

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Jen comes out of the bathroom and confronts Rex. Jen is certain she heard her mother on the answering machine and that her mother said she was naked. Rex tries to play it cool asking Jen if she really thinks he is sleeping with her mother. Jen's replies that she does think so. Jen continues to be upset with herself and tells Rex she should listen to Marcie. She refuses to believe Rex about his not sleeping with her mother. She starts to leave when Rex says he will tell her the truth. Rex tells Jen that he loves her but she keeps changing her mind. Rex states that one minute she wants him and then the next minute he is the worse thing that has happened to her. He admits to having dinner with her mom and buying some art but that is all. Jen reminds him about his kissing her mom at Ultra Violet. Rex counters with it all being a joke and they would have been laughing afterward. Jen isn't buying all that Rex is saying and wants to know why her mom was having phone sex but Rex claims it wasn't her. He offers Jen the phone to call her mother to check it out. Jen is fed up and tells Rex she might as well go to London to see Joe and try and work things out with him. Jen states at least he is honest with her and leaves the apartment.

Lindsey shows up at Rex's apartment. She wants him to know that he is free to see whomever he wants. Rex tells her that it was Roxy that was there and that neither of them would want her to find out about them. Roxy would certainly spread the news of their relationship all over town. He also tells her that he doesn't have a revolving door and that he was with her tonight and only her. They begin to kiss passionately.

John, Bo and Rae are in Bo's office talking about a similar case in Chicago years ago called the Love Child Killer. John is concerned that this Love Child Killer is all over the research that Jessica is doing for Professor Haver. Rae admits that there are similarities. Bo relates that Antonio is in Chicago now doing research on this killer. There is a knock on the door and Natalie enters with her police escort. She tells John that if he should want to take a break and shoot some pool, she will be working at Rodie's tonight. John brushes her off saying he is busy. Nat takes in this comment and says "okay, maybe later." Rae gives Bo a strange look. Rae tells John that she thinks all Natalie wanted was a friend and he came across as if he couldn't get her out of the room fast enough. John tells Rae that he is busy and he needs to put distance between them. Rae states she thinks Natalie got that message loud and clear. John tells Rae that he feels responsible for Christian's dead and he could not handle it if something happened to Natalie as well.

Bo wonders if they are making to much of the Love Child killer. John wonders about the doctor accused in the case, was he framed also. It becomes apparent to Raw that both Bo and John do think that Love Child killer and the Music Box killer are the same man. Rae wonders if Antonio can talk to this doctor, however he was killed in a prison fire making this impossible. Rae tells Bo that Antonio should try and get into the doctor's papers because serial killers like to boast and may have alluded to the killings in some fashion. John still thinks that Troy can be helpful to them. John has compiled a list of all those that had access to him and is hoping Troy can narrow the list. Both John and Bo agree that Rae is the best person to interview him. Rae agrees to go.

Professor Haver is in his office, playing the piano with one hand. Jessica appears at the door and asks him how it feels trying to get into the head of a killer. This is her assumption as to what he is doing. Prof. Haver starts talking about the music and what is it about this particular piece of music that connected to Troy so well. Yet, Troy is not the killer. Jessica says that she does not have the answer. The Professor admits it is the kind of question that only the killer would know the answer. Professor Haver asks Jessica what brings her to his office at this late hour. Jessica, with her enthusiasm, tells him she just can't wait to share what she has found in the research. Professor Haver compliments Jessica on her being a good research assistant. There is a knock on the door and Nora enters. She asks if she is interrupting anything. Professor Haver denies this and states they were just finishing up. At this points Jessica leaves after praising the Professor. Nora wants to pick his brains on a child abuse case she is working on. They agree to talk about it over a drink. Haver asks Nora how she feels about Troy being exonerated. Nora tells him that she never wants to see an innocent man punished for something they didn't do. Since Troy is not the killer, Nora frets that the killer is still out there somewhere.

Nora and the Professor enter Rodie's taking a table. Nora is planning on ordering something to eat while the two of them talk. She wishes out loud that Todd would just take the plea bargain. At that moment, Evangeline approaches the table and asks to speak with Nora. Nora excuses herself and t the two attorneys take another table. Evangeline tells Nora that Todd will take the plea bargain. With this, Nora asks Haver if they can have their conversation at a later date since business calls. Nora and Evangeline work out the paperwork for the plea bargain.

John drops into Rodie's to pick up some take out food and explains to Natalie that anyone close to him is a target and he doesn't want her hurt. He attempts to add a casualness to their relationship, "You know like I said, here today gone tomorrow. Nat tells him that she thought they were friends. John counters with he usually has no friends. Nat pushes further and John admits that they are friends. Natalie then tells him that when her friends leave, she misses them. Then tells him it is not his problem. Nora sees John leaving with his take out and asks him if he likes to eat on the run, he says he loves grease. John then asks Haver if he can consult with them on a similar case, Love Child killer case, and Haver says he has some notes on it. He tells John he will come by the station tomorrow. John tells Nora that Rae has gone to see Troy again, both Nora and Haver wonder why due to his condition the last time they saw him. John says he feels there is still some information to be gained there.

Kevin returns from helping Blair and finds Kelly asleep on the couch where he left her. Kelly tells him she was worried about him and asks about Blair. Kelly then allows Kevin to see that she still feels threatened and upset when he is with Blair. Kevin tries to reassure her telling her he loves her even if he forgot that for a while. They discuss the beginning of the Blair's trial tomorrow and how difficult it is going to be going over every little detail of the rape, especially with Todd in the courtroom.  At Llanfair, there is a knock of the French doors. Starr goes to greet Todd and tells him he just missed Viki. Todd tells Starr that he came by to see her since it might be a while before he sees her again. He explains that taking the plea bargain will mean jail time. Starr becomes extremely upset, covers her ears and screams No over and over again. Todd tries to calm Starr down by explaining the plea is a shorter amount in jail then if he goes to court and is convicted. He explains to Starr that she is going to have to be there for her mother. Starr refuses to accept this idea and says she hates her mother and that his going to jail is all her fault. She stubbornly refuses to accept the amount of stress this is putting on Blair and that it is making her sick. Todd tells Starr that she will need to be there for her mother because he won't be. Todd asks Starr to be there for her mom and Jack since can't. Starr summarizes that mom is the one who messed up here. Todd reminds her that he has messed up many more times the Blair and that they need to forgive her just like people have forgiven Todd. Starr asks Todd if he as told mom yet. Todd says that is where he is going next.

Kevin is rubbing Kelly's feet when the doorbell rings. Todd forces his way in and asks where Blair is. Kevin tells him that she is safe, somewhere where Todd cannot find her. Kevin gets up to give Todd the annulment papers Blair had given Kevin earlier so she didn't have to deal with Todd in court. Kevin goes on to tell Todd that he has gotten Blair the best lawyer in the state and she is going to get every thing she wants including full custody of the children. Todd accuses Kevin of setting the whole thing up and asks Kelly if she really thinks she has Kevin back. He also informs Kevin that he will kill him if he sleeps with Blair again. After leaving Kevin, Todd goes to Rodie's where he tells Evangeline the deal is off, he is going to court after all.

Rae is seated across from a very mistrustful Troy. She tries to apologize for the grave error that was made in their thinking he was the Music Box Killer. She tells him that someone worked very hard to make him look like he was the killer and asks if he knows who. Rae tells him how badly they want to get this person. She asks him if there was anyone he could really talk to. Troy admits that there was one person who really cared about him and how he ended up in this place. He listened to everything he told him. Troy says everyone loved him. Troy tells Rae that she knows who he is, she knows him. Rae asks who and Troy responds Steven Haver. Troy then wants to know why Haver was with Nora and became quite agitated over this. This required the prison guard to escort him out of the visitors room.

Rae returns to the police station and Bo asks if she got anything. She replies she's not sure. So John says he will go first then. John relates Antonio's findings in Chicago. John and Bo relate the doctor was in a psych prison ward and the fire that killed him was suspicious, he was also allowed out on passes. Rae states that this was just like Troy. They also have leads on 2 doctors that can be interviewed. Bo asks Raw about Troy again and she says that at first he was lucid but that changed. She seemed very hesitant to tell them the name Troy had given her. She tells them she needs to give it some thought and they will talk in the morning.

Jen shows up at Rodie's and orders a drink. She tries to find out about Rex and his feelings for her from Natalie. Natalie replies that if he does have feeling for her, she would try to talk him out of it. Jessica comes into Rodie's and tries to get Natalie to come home with her tonight and watch old movies. Nat says she doesn't need more baby-sitting after all she has her police escort. Jessica wants to know if they can just be together as two sisters having a fun night. They discuss the picture left on the wall for John. This according to Jessica is another reason to be together and agrees to hang with her sister.

The next morning, Todd stops by to tell Starr that he is not going to take the deal and is going to go to court. Starr hugs him, sure he will win because she feels he is innocent.

Rex brings the newspaper into Lindsey. She has spent the night and now wants to see who the Sun is trashing. There is a knock on the door. It is Jen. She can here he is not alone and when he takes to long to answer the door she leaves stating "never mind."

Bo and John have worked throughout the night and are still in the Commissioner's office. John give Natalie a call to see how things are and she tells him about spending the night with Jessica. She thanks him for calling. A police officer enters with a tape in an envelope. They put it in the VCR only to find it is a tape of a press conference by John some years back. At the time he was trying to draw another killer out New Jersey. Bo mentions that the killer is obsessed with John.

Rae knocks on Professor Haver's office and when no one answers she goes in. First she writes a note. Rae then proceeds to attempt to search his office. She finds his diploma which makes her more suspicious. While she is walking out with diploma in hand, Haver opens the door and looks at her.

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