OLTL Update Friday 2/6/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/6/04

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Jen tells Marcie not to blame Michael for their make out session, because she came on to him. Marcie says he had a choice, and then tells Jen she doesn’t want to live with her anymore.

In bed, Lindsay tells Rex things are going to end badly between them, but he thinks they’re incredible together. She makes him swear that Jen can never find out about them, and he agrees it’s none of her business.

Kevin calls the doctor about Kelly; he wants to be sure that bed rest is enough precaution. He promises to wait on her hand and foot, and they’ll have a better time than they would in Bermuda.

Natalie and John look at the photo; it’s of John and Caitlin, his fiancée. Natalie tries to rip it off the wall, but he stops her; it’s evidence. She asks how he can stand to look at it, but he says he has to, to make sure it never happens to anyone else.

Viki finds Starr in tears. The girl tells her that her daddy is going to be going to jail and she’ll never see him again. Viki says Starr can help if she forgives Blair, and Starr asks if that will make Blair forgive Todd. Viki thinks that what goes on between Blair and Todd is not Starr’s problem. Dorian enters and asks Starr if she’s seen Blair. Starr leaves and Dorian says she’s worried about her niece, and asks Viki to call her if she happens to stop by Llanfair.

At a bar, Blair’s cell phone rings and it’s Dorian; she apologizes for saying the things she did and promises to back off. She asks her to come back to the family, but Blair hangs up on her. She orders a scotch and is stricken with another headache.

Kevin tells Kelly he doesn’t care if the baby is a boy or girl; he just wants them both to be okay. Kelly says she was worried she was going to lose him, but now she thinks he’s going to stick around. He promises to never leave her.

Blair pays for her drink with a hundred; she’s clearly confused and the bartender thinks she’s drunk and goes to call her a cab. Blair staggers out.

Todd visits Viki and says he’s innocent and he has to plead guilty to put his family back together. He doesn’t know how they’re going to get through a trial. Viki says she will testify on Todd’s behalf, but can’t say that he didn’t rape Blair; only the two of them know for sure. Todd says if she doesn’t believe him, who will?

John apologizes for dragging Natalie into the case. He tells her the shooting was a burglary gone bad, and berates himself for not saving Caitlin. The Music Box Killer is using it to rub it in his face. Natalie grabs his hand and tells him he’s a smart cop and a good guy.

Marcie tells Jen she’s so wrapped up in herself that she doesn’t care who she hurts in her quest for attention from guys. She doesn’t want to be around her anymore and warns that if she’s not careful, the only person left in her life will be her mother. Al asks Luna if he can help Marcie, and she lets him have 5 minutes. He walks up to Marcie and asks her to dance.

John says Natalie hated him for not protecting Cristian and he wants to know why the change. She says she realized she’s not the only person who’s lost someone, and he’s the only person who never pressured her into getting over Cristian. He tells her about the night he and Caitlin were shot: he came home, and Caitlin was in bed, and she said she thought she heard something. He was going to go check it out and the next thing he knew, they had been shot. The guy who did it is still walking the streets.

Marcie glows in Al’s arms as they dance. Luna signals they have two more minutes and he tells her to give Michael another chance, but he can’t explain why. Michael’s a jerk, but Al wants her to find someone who will give her a future. She says she doesn’t want it without him, but he assures her he will always be with her. Everything she ever dreamed of is right in front of her face. The little girl, Gabrielle, appears and tells Marcie he knows what’s best for her, and calls her “Mommy”. Luna tells him time is up and reminds him that he only has till Valentine’s Day to get Marcie to fall in love with Michael.

Jen goes to Rex and bitches about her day. He tells her she still has him and they start to kiss.

Dorian visits Kelly and is upset to see her on bed rest; Kelly gives her the doctor’s phone number and wants to know why Dorian is so upset. Dorian says Blair is thinking about dropping the charges against Todd, and they got into a huge fight. Blair calls Kevin and tells him she needs his help; she’s been in an accident.

Marcie tells Michael she’s always wanted to see the band Simply Red in concert, and tells him she wants to be alone. He wants to apologize for what happened with Jen and says it didn’t mean anything to either of them, and then he leaves.

Viki tells Natalie she’s getting an alarm system installed at Roxy’s, and Natalie says things will be fine. John says if the killer had wanted Natalie dead, he would have done it when he had the chance. He thinks he’s trying to send a message to him. Viki implores Viki to return to Llanfair, but Natalie doesn’t want to be run out of her house by some psycho.

Blair tells Kevin she’s at some dive bar and she hit a tree. If she calls the cops, they’ll take the kids away. She begs him not to tell Dorian and to come help her. He says he’ll be there as soon as he can. He hangs up and Kelly asks him what’s wrong.

The phone interrupts Rex and Jen’s interlude; it’s Al, asking Rex if he can get Simply Red to play on Valentine’s Day. Rex hangs up and Jen gets up to leave, but he gets her to stay.

Dorian asks Kevin if it was Blair on the phone, and he says no. Dorian leaves and Kelly asks if it was Blair; he says it was and that Blair needs his help. Kelly is upset but tells him to go and help her cousin.

Todd goes to Dorian’s and she threatens to call the cops. She tells him not to come there again.

Michael tells Marcie that what he did was rotten, but she doesn’t follow. He asks her to go out with him on Valentine’s Day, and she won’t be disappointed. She agrees.

Jen gets up to go to the bathroom and the phone rings. Rex lets the answering machine pick up, but it’s Lindsay saying she’s soaking in a hot tub. Rex rushes to pick the phone up but Jen comes out of the bathroom and asks if that was her mom.

John says he has to go to the station and leaves Roxy’s; the killer calls his cell phone as soon as he walks out the door. He asks him to leave Natalie out of their game, but the killer thinks Natalie likes John more than he’s willing to admit. He offers to take Natalie out of the picture, and John says he knows about Chicago and he’s going to find him.

Todd goes to Kelly’s and she tells him about Blair’s accident and that Kevin is with her. At the bar, Kevin walks in and Blair rushes into his arms.


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