OLTL Update Thursday 2/5/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/5/04

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Roxy goes to see Viki about Natalie. Roxy thinks she wants to talk about Natalie snubbing John McBain, but Viki informs her that Nat was attacked by the killer. Roxy wants to know how McBain could have hung Nat out to dry like that.

Jess asks Natalie if she got any sleep last night, but Natalie says she’s fine. She doesn’t really want to talk about the attack. They hear a noise out on the terrace, and Jess goes to investigate: it’s Starr, who says she’s trying to protect her cousins.

Todd swears to Addie that he didn’t rape Blair; Blair enters. Addie says she knew Todd didn’t rape her, and she’s glad Blair didn’t have to go through such an ordeal. Todd says he’ll leave, but Blair tells him to stay.

Viki tells Roxy John isn’t responsible for the attack, and that she should back off a little. Roxy thinks everyone needs a warm body next to them – even Viki.

David brings Dorian grapes, but Dorian apologizes for their interlude. She says it can’t happen again, and David laughs it off. Dorian says she’s just using him to forget about the mess her family is in.

Addie tells Blair that someone is saying terrible things about her and Todd, and she’s not going to listen to them anymore. Blair says she’s going to speak with Todd out in the hall. There she tells him that he has tried to decimate their family. He insists that he’s innocent and that he loves her; she wants him to accept the plea bargain and make it go away.

John and Antonio review the case; it seems like the killer has done a good job

Starr tells Jess and Natalie she’s going to catch the killer, since he should be in jail, not Todd. She needs a miracle so her family can be back together. Meanwhile Todd tells Blair that copping a plea isn’t going to help. She doesn’t think she can go through a trial. Jack is having nightmares, and Starr is a mess. Todd says she can put an end to all this by dropping the charges but she refuses to let him use the children to manipulate her. Blair gets another headache and Todd leaves.

Al makes an out-of-body visit to a sobbing Marcie. Luna appears and tells Al he shouldn’t have messed with things, but Al watches Michael kissing Jen and says he doesn’t know if he can merge souls with the guy.

Natalie tells Starr she knows what it’s like to hope for a miracle. Natalie wants to know what her problem is with her; Starr says she hates her dad. Nat has a good reason, as Todd tried to sell her to Mitch Laurence. Natalie commiserates with Starr and tells her that Blair really wants to be with her, unlike Roxy. The cousins bond.

Dorian reviews the crises her family is in, and David says he knows she’s distancing herself so she won’t get hurt. He wants her to admit they’re good together, but she says she doesn’t trust him. David walks out to leave and finds Blair passed out on the floor.

Todd meets with Evangeline and tells her he’s accepting the deal. She can’t believe it, but he says it’s not a bad deal. He can’t put his family through the trial.

John says there’s a case in Chicago where the killer would leave a folk singer’s album at the crime scene and had the same M.O. as their guy. Antonio says he’ll go to Chicago, and he’ll be back.

Natalie gets smothered by Roxy’s embrace; she says she’ll take care of her, but Viki says she’s staying at Llanfair – there’s a security team in place. The women argue over where Natalie will stay, but Nat says it’s up to her.

Marcie gets ready to leave and Jen runs up to her. Jen says it’s not like they even slept together yet; Marcie says she has problems with both of them. Luna returns and says Al’s in trouble with the higher-ups for his lack of faith. He begs her to help Marcie find someone who will love her the same way he does.

Blair comes to and tells Dorian she has a terrible headache, but she already went to the hospital and they didn’t find anything. Blair says she’s scared – she doesn’t know if she can go through with the trial.

Roxy returns home with a gun to protect Natalie, but Natalie still doesn’t know where she’s going to stay. Jess returns and the girls go to Rodi’s.

Starr burns a CD for Natalie, and Viki says she didn’t know they were close. Starr says they found out they have a lot in common. Viki says she needs to go to work, and implores the girl not to get into trouble; Starr says if her family can’t be together, Llanfair is the best place for her to be.

Vangie reminds Todd that if she accepts Nora’s deal, there’s no turning back. He’s afraid they might lose in court, but she wants him to sleep on his decision.

Dorian tells Blair that Todd will keep coming back, harassing her and hurting her. Blair thinks Todd is being nice and trying hard, but Dorian can’t believe they could ever reconcile after what he did to her. Blair thinks maybe she should forgive him.

Michael and Jen continue kissing, but Al’s insistence on caring only about Marcie and not himself causes him to reenter Michael’s body. He tells Jen that he didn’t mean to give her the wrong impression, but he wants to be with Marcie. He catches up to her and she begs him to leave her alone and calls him a jackass after slapping him. He doesn’t know how he can make her fall in love with him by Valentine’s Day.

John takes Natalie back to Roxy’s; she says she wants him to help her get rid of the gun. They enter and see a macabre blowup of a photo of John and a woman, seemingly dead.

Blair runs out on Dorian, and won’t tell her where she’s going. At Llanfair, Todd goes to see Starr, but he tells her to be quiet and not let anyone know he’s there. She is doing well with Viki, and wants to stay there until they can all be back together. He tells her he’s thinking of going to jail for a little while; the girl begs him not to leave her.

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