OLTL Update Wednesday 2/4/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Deborah
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie is at the airport on her cell-phone. The person she is to pick up is delayed due to snow. She is asked to wait a bit longer and agrees. While walking around the airport, Marcie spots Al talking to a little boy and his mother. He is giving comfort to the child because of  the surgery the child will receive in Miami. He assures his mother that the child is able to travel. Marcie stands and watches this exchange. When Al says good-bye to the family, he catches sight of Marcie. She compliments his plane-side manner. They agree to meet for dinner.

Marcie walks off and Al is very happy. Luna appears and tells him he is really doing good and all is on schedule. She also tells him that when the time comes, he will merge with Michael and loose all of his memories of Al. He becomes upset and wants to speak with someone higher up than Luna. He comes out of Michael's body and finds himself in a room with a child. The child is upset. She is worried if she will ever come to be. If Al doesn't merge with Michael, she won't be born. Al realizes this child is to be born to Marcie and him, and he must get back into Michael's body. Al senses that it might already be to late.

Jen is sitting at the bar when the D.A. approaches. Jen immediately starts an apology for the things she said about her mother the last time they were all together. The D.A. tells her she is not to spend anymore time with his son, Riley, because of her party ways. He blames her for his son almost going to jail for drugs. Marcie walks into the bar just as the D.A. finishes with Jen. Jen explains that she was going to London with Riley and they would part at the airport. Jen was going to see Joe. Marcie tells Jen she needs to cool down and stop throwing herself at other people's boyfriends. Jen becomes very upset. Marcie tells Jen that unlike her, she cannot change boyfriends like Jen changes underwear. Marcie then excuses herself to the bathroom. Michael shows up; Jen says hello and asks why is he here. Minus Al, Michael responds that he thinks he is on a date with Marcie. Jen does not tell him where Marcie is and puts the moves on Michael. When Marcie comes out of the bathroom, she sees Michael and Jen making out in the corner.

In another part of the bar, Rex approaches Lindsey and puts his arms around her. Rex says he got her message that she wanted to see him. Lindsey removes his arms and tells him to cool it. They walk off to a corner to talk. Lindsey tells Rex that she is seeing someone else more appropriate for her. Rex asks her how the sex is and tells her she is not going to get rid of him. Rex and Lindsey walk off holding hands just as the D.A. comes around the corner to see them.

Also sitting in a booth is Kelly, who is finishing up some water. Paul walks over and sits down next to her. Paul begins to complain about David Vickers when they are both interrupted by Todd. Todd wants confirmation about Blair working for Kevin at the Banner. Kelly tells him that Blair is going to be an editor there and that she is okay with it. Todd wants to know about their agreement to keep Kevin and Blair apart and asks what has changed. Kelly tells Todd she has decided to trust her husband and that she is pregnant. Todd berates her for her decision. He tells her to remember that whatever happens from this point on between Blair and Kevin is her fault. Todd then leaves the table.

Blair brings baby Jack over to visit with Starr at Llanfair. Starr is still angry with her mother over how she is treating Todd. Starr tells Blair that Jack can stay, but she can leave. Blair talks with Viki and Jessica. Viki tells her she is doing much better since she is able to be a kid again. Viki tells her that Todd was there and asked to leave. Jessica is concerned about Todd's guilt or innocence. Blair asks both of them into the foyer. Once there Blair asks either of them if they were there in the bedroom when Todd raped her. Kevin comes through the front door. Blair announces that she will accept the job as editor. Kevin is concerned if she is ready for this given all that is going on. Blair goes back in to see Starr and asks her if she would like to bring Jamie to their home to play. Starr refuses as she is afraid Jamie might be accused of something. Blair's cell phone rings with bad news about Addie. Blair immediately leaves to see her mother. Starr calls her dad to check out what is going on. Blair finds her mother, Addie, in her bed totally covered up and very upset. Addie could not believe that Todd would have raped Blair as Addie had been raped and knew Todd would never do that to Blair. Addie started to become agitated screaming "Never, never, never," over and over again. Blair cannot calm her and goes to get a nurse. Todd arrives in Adie's' room at this time and talks her down and quiets her. He even gets her to laugh. He denies the rape and speaks of his love for Blair. Blair is at the door and hears this happening. She closes the door softly.

At Dorian's home, a more serious conversation is going on between Dorian and Adriana. David is there to support Dorian and River is there for Adriana. Dorian tells Adriana that she is her mother. Adriana is very upset over this. River does not believe it. Adriana deduces that this means River and she are related. Since River is also adopted, they are technically related. River makes this clear. Adriana wants to know why she has been lied to and how all of this came about. Dorian tells her she was made Ambassador to Madera and while she was there she became involved with a dangerous and powerful man. When she gave birth to Adriana, she entrusted her to one of her staff, Carlotta. Carlotta had relatives in Port a Rico and found a family for her there. Adriana remains unconvinced, Carlotta arrives to reassure Adriana that this is the truth. In the foyer, Dorian assures Carlotta this lie is really best for Adriana and she will be well cared for. This entire plot hinges on a female Kramer relative who is not married to inherit Aunt Betsy's money. Dorian goes on to tell Andriana about the fortune she is about to inherit. River than tells Dorian that they are getting married so forget it and not to try stopping it. Dorian tells River to go to his dad and stay there for 3 days to cool down. River makes a quick turn around and tells Adriana that this is a good idea and he leaves.

River runs off to find Paul to tell him what is going on. Then River figures that Paul is only helping them because of the money. Paul does not deny this but asks if he wants Adriana. Paul, being a pilot, has River and Adriana meet him at the airport. Paul spots Kevin and hurries them along.

Kevin and Kelly are in the airport to leave for their trip to Bermuda. The press catches up with them. The press throw questions at Kevin about Blair and the trial. Finally, Kelly steps in and answers all the questions. She supports her husband and speaks about her pregnancy.

Vickie ask Starr to help her with a summer project for kids her age at the college.

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