OLTL Update Monday 2/2/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/2/04

By Deborah
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Riley is in Ultra Violet, looking depressed. He leaves. Jen sees her mom  kissing Rex and rushes over to break things up. "What the hell do you think you're doing?", Jen demands to know. Lindsey tells her it was a bet as to which generation kisses better and Rex followed her lead. Jen tries to get her mom to go home but is only successful at getting her to a table with her. Jen argues with her mother, saying she's old enough to be his mother and she is embarrassed. Lindsey asks her daughter why everything has to be about her (Jen) and says that what she said upset her.

Rex tries to find out who won the bet as they walk off but gets only stares. Marcie and Michael/Al (M/AL) walk in to a sarcastic remark by Rex, returned in kind by M/AL. M/AL thanks Marcie for the dinner and bringing his mother to town. He had never gotten along with her but felt a bit different after the dinner. While having their drinks at the bar, Marcie accidentally spills hers and it ends up on Al. She goes to the ladies room as Jen walks over to M/AL and states that Marcie is a walking disaster area. M/AL takes exception to that remark and then makes mention of his personal life being out of control. Jen flirts with him, wondering how a cute guy like him could have problems. Marcie comes out of the ladies' room in time to hear Jen hitting on M/AL. She takes her aside to speak to her, which turns into a fight over who likes who and what. M/AL comes over to Marcie to see if all is okay. He tells her that Jen flirts, that's who she is and he is not interested in that or her. Marcie is upset because Jen is supposed to be her best friend. M/AL talks to Marcie about spending Valentine's Day with him instead of that trip she was going to take with Jen, since they had the fight. Riley returns to Ultra Violet, obviously high on something, and Jen gets him to go with her. A little time later, M/AL asks Marcie to look deep into his eyes and tell him that it is not him. Marcie remembers a time when Al, as a ghost, told her that someone would come along and ask her to do this. Marcie becomes upset, denying what she really knows. She agrees with M/AL about the trip with Jen and goes to tell Jen that she won't be going. Jen is surprised but decides to go with Riley to London so she can check in on Joe.

While Blair is lying on the couch with a washcloth over her eyes, Starr is standing by the couch asking what is the matter. Blair tells her that the hospital said she was having migraine headaches from all of the stress she is undergoing. Starr then says her stress is a result of not telling the truth about her father. Starr continue to press her father's innocence, so Blair reminds her that her stress is from things like Starr causing trouble and her community service.

Starr answers the door; Nora gives her something from Matthew and suggests Starr cool her relationship off with her son for now. Starr responds that she said she was sorry. Nora then asks for Blair and is directed into the other room. Starr opens the video box to find a pair of hand cuffs that Matthew has sent her. Starr is seen sneaking out of the house while Nora and Blair talk. Starr slips into Todd's penthouse and takes out the cufflinks and locks herself onto the staircase railing.

Meanwhile, Nora talks with Blair about all the stress that the trial is going to bring and if she is suffering this badly now, she may want to rethink things. Blair still wants the trial to go forward. Nora suggests another plea bargain that may accomplish the same thing with less stress. Later, while Blaire is sitting on her couch, she imagines Todd coming to see her, to say he is going to prison rather than put her and the kids thru any more stress. He kisses her and leaves. Blair shakes her head at the sound of the phone ringing, it is Todd, telling her that Starr has done it again and wants her mother to come get her. When Blair gets there, she tells Starr she will just call the authorities and have them cut off the handcuffs and take her away with them. At this point, Starr appears to relent by unlocking herself, but locks her mother in the handcuffs instead. She then tosses the keys to Todd. He comes over as if to
uncuff them, but cuffs himself instead, stating that Starr is right, they need to talk. Todd tries to tell her that they love each other and won't ever love anyone else. Blair remains argumentative. There is a knock on the door; it is Nora.
Todd begs Blair not to say anything, but she calls Nora in anyway. Nora wants to know what is going on as she unlocks Todd and Blair. Starr acts out at Nora, saying she wrecked it. Nora reminds Todd to take the deal offered.

Later, at Capricorn, R.J. receives the partnership papers from Evangeline and explains that he learned that Jamie has the same rare blood type that he has. He tells her that he gave blood at the hospital to make sure they have plenty on hand just in case anything happens. Evangeline is there to meet with Todd concerning his case; RJ reminds Evangeline she can do much better than him. Nora comes in to Capricorn, asking R.J. about Evangeline, and he allows her to see how upset he is with her working with Todd. Nora reminds him not to lose her over the
degenerate and moves on to speak with Evangeline. When Evangeline starts to leave Capricorn, R.J. asks her stay and have dinner with him after he signs his new partnership papers with Lindsey, so she agrees. Lindsey and R.J. sign the papers, and RJ questions her about Rex, to which Lindsey replies she is entitled to a life, too. After Lindsey leaves, R.J. and Evangeline have dinner and he offers her tickets to the Bahamas after a verdict comes in. Evangeline is overwhelmed with R.J.'s thoughtfulness.

At a table at Capricorn, Todd asks Evangeline who the new consultant is and is told that it is Marty Saybrooke, to which Todd completely disagrees. Todd wants to know why Marty would want to help the defense or him. Evangeline explains that she is a successful psychiatrist on the West coast, dealing with/writing about sex and
rape cases. She believes that he was truly remorseful and takes full responsibility for his actions and that Todd truly does love Blair. Evangeline also states that Marty is ready to meet with him and is just a consultant on the case, leaving the next move to Todd. Evangeline tells Todd that she doesn't usually tell clients about consultants. Todd still objects; however, he is told that when he ties her hands about attacking Blair, she needs something as powerful as Marty on her side. Nora walks over and sits down at the table with Todd and Evangeline to offer a plea agreement, which Todd doesn't want to hear. His lawyer does. Nora offers that he pleads to aggravated indecent assault and gets 3-5 years and may be out in 19 months. Nora reminds Todd of Blair's stressful headaches and if Starr pulls one more stunt, she will be in the detention center. Evangeline counters with another offer that does not include jail time, to which Nora objects and leaves. Evangeline tells Todd he seems pretty sure of himself. He tells her to do what she wants about the consultant; he is sure Blair won't lie and so there won't be a trial.

Asa, while sitting at the bar, is approached by Roxy. She offers him sincere wishes on the recovery of Flash and wants to know what the police are doing about it, to which Asa answers "Their best." Roxy wonders if that is good enough. Asa moves on to a booth, but Roxy remains at the bar. She intercepts Nigel as he goes to talk to Asa and warns him of his mood. Roxy goes with Nigel over to Asa. Nigel tells him how sorry he is and Roxy says, trying to help, that there are other things Sarah could do besides sing. At this point, Asa erupts with anger at both of them and calls Nigel a traitor. Asa tells Nigel he called in some favors and his new flea bag hotel will be gone in a week. At this point, Roxy gets into Asa's face and tells him, "Not so fast. Over Nigel's dead body."

John McBain enters his room, finding Natalie lying on the bed, having been attacked by the MBK. He calls for backup and an ambulance while he positions Natalie and tries to get her to respond. She takes a deep breath and tries to speak but cannot make anything but squeaky sounds. John holds her and rocks her. While he does this, he sees a drawing of a music box under her., When she is able to speak, Natalie tells him she was in the hall. She had come because she remembered the ball of twine. She goes on to say she was attacked from behind and didn't see anything and passed out. John picks up the note left with tissue paper and reads it out loud. The note says that if he had wanted her dead, she would be dead. He controls the case, and he controls John's life. The CSI unit shows up to dust down John's room. Meanwhile, Natalie doesn't understand why he didn't kill her and why he is making this so personal. John says he wants him to know he's in charge and that he doesn't know why it is personal. He suggests he have an officer drive her home, but Nat states she does not want to be alone,  so Llanfair is suggested as an alternative. She accepts and kisses him on the cheek on the way out. After he closes the door, his phone rings. He answers and the killer asks, "Did you get my note, Johnny?". The killer reminds Johnny, as he appears to like calling him, how does he like being the one who is controlled? He reminds John that he can get to his new girlfriend. He refers to his past fiancÚ, and then tells John that he is the "unseen" here. The police are finished outside in the hall way and ask John if he thinks the killer will be back tonight. John says no and lies down on his bed, wondering how the killer knows so much about him. John gives Natalie a call to see how she is doing, and she tells him the answer to the trivia question. Then John tells her that things should cool between them as he is not in such a reliable position. She doesn't really understand but accepts him at his word.

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