OLTL Update Friday 1/30/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/30/04

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Todd silently prays for Blair’s health as he waits at the hospital, and remembers good times with Blair when he was Walker.

Marcie prepares for her dinner party and tells Jen she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She asks Jen to stay but Jen reminds her that Jess and Natalie hate her and it would be uncomfortable at best, and muses that Marcie has so many new friends. Marcie assures her that she will always be her friend and wonders if Rex is trying to turn them against each other.

Lindsay goes to Ultraviolet and tells Rex that she can’t continue their affair; Jen is asking too many questions and she can’t lie to her daughter. Rex says she should tell her the truth, but Lindsay says that she came there to cool things off and she’s leaving. Rex pulls her into a kiss. Midnight Logic pays tribute to Flash by playing her song on CD; a band member asks a distressed Riley if he’s going to be able to play live later. At his apartment, John has the phone lines tapped and Antonio says the killer will call back. John notes that it seems as if the killer knows him. At Jess and Antonio’s, Jess thinks she hears a noise in the hallway; she goes to investigate. Dr. Haver appears and asks if he should call the police; Jess says she’s just being jumpy. She asks how he knew where she lives.

Michael beseeches John to go to Marcie’s party, but John is consumed by the case. Michael swears that if his brother upsets Marcie, he won’t forgive him, but John insists on staying behind.

Jess and Haver go over his research project. He tells her that his last job at Capital University ended bitterly, but he’s glad to be at LU. He leaves and Antonio comes home; he asks how Haver knew where she lived. Jess assumes from the student directory, but Antonio reminds her that was made up while she was still at Llanfair. She figures faculty must get updates, but Antonio jokes that Haver has a crush on her. He says that Carlotta should be over to baby-sit any minute, but Jess says she told RJ he could have the baby tonight.

At the club, RJ interrupts Lindsay and Rex and asks what’s going on. Lindsay privately tells RJ that when she’s not with Rex, all she can think about is the age difference, but when they’re together, she can’t think of anything at all. She’s baffled.

Jen tells Marcie that Rex seems to have a new girlfriend; Marcie wonders if that bothers her. Jen is worried about Marcie’s transformation from a loner to a social butterfly, and Marcie credits Al. She goes into the kitchen to check on everything when the doorbell rings; it’s Michael, with flowers. Jen says she’s been thinking about him and wants to repay him for what he did for her at the hospital.

Haver meets Rae at the Palace bar and apologizes for being late; he was dropping things off at Jessica’s for the research project. He admits that after the latest killing he was glad to see that his protégé is all right; Rae blabs that Flash actually survived the attack and is alive. Haver wonders about the newspaper reports, but Rae says they were a ruse; Flash didn’t even see her attacker.

Jess and Antonio head out to Marcie’s and Carlotta says she will deal with RJ about the mix-up. At John’s, the killer calls and tells him how sad it is about his fiancée, butchered by a drunken surgeon. John asks how he knows all this, but the killer asks if he’s going to be late to his dinner party. John suggests they meet, and tells the killer they know what he looks like, and that Troy told them everything. The killer says they don’t know who he is, and they never will, and hangs up. The police trace the call to the university and John tells them to look everywhere for evidence.

Lindsay and RJ toast to their new partnership in Capricorn, and Rex asks if they’re done. RJ tells Rex Lindsay is his friend, and if he hurts her, he’ll have to answer to him. Rex says that goes both ways.

Jen continues to flirt with Michael, but he excuses himself and chats with Marcie. Natalie tells Jess she got herself all worked up about the dinner party; she hasn’t done anything fun since Cristian died. She also expresses surprise that she was happy when John told her he was staying in town. Ron drops by a dessert and Marcie invites him to stay; he declines and asks Jen to hang out with him.

The band starts playing their tribute; Rex asks Lindsay if she really wants to slow things down. She says she has to for Jen, and leaves.

Blair emerges from the examining room and Todd asks what they told her.

Jen and Ron get to Ultraviolet and Rex insults Marcie; Ron tells him to shut up. He says he really wanted to go to a movie, but Jen wants to stay for the tribute to Midnight Logic. Ron asks if that’s really why she’s there.

Jess tells Marcie she thinks Jen was flirting with Michael earlier; Marcie says she doesn’t care because she doesn’t like him that way, and she’s always thinking of Al. The McBain’s mother makes a surprise appearance and warmly hugs John; she asks Michael if he remembers what he always wanted her to say when he was little. Al, inside Michael, panics.

RJ comes over to Antonio’s and Carlotta says there was a mix-up; RJ says he’s supposed to have the baby all weekend. They argue and suddenly Jamie falls out of her crib; she’s bleeding. They take her to the hospital and she’s fine; however, the baby has a rare blood type, the same as RJ. He offers to bank some of his blood just in case. RJ and Carlotta both take blame for the baby’s fall, and come to a new understanding.

Roxy sees Lindsay at the Palace and tells her Rex already has a mommy. Lindsay says that’s not how it is, but Roxy says her son is crazy about her and warns her not to break his heart.

Rex wants to know what Jen is doing with Marcie’s brother; he thinks she wants to try and make it work with another do-gooder like Joe. Ron brings Jen a soda, but she says she wanted tequila; he wishes they could take it easy and reminds her he took her to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. She bristles but Ron says he’s going to the movie after all, and if she wants to come along, she’s welcome, but if not, he’ll see her around.

Marcie asks Michael what’s wrong; Al thinks to himself that Michael doesn’t remember being a kid. He hugs his mother and says he doesn’t remember much from his childhood. Natalie and Eve McBain bond over Atlantic City. Jess tells Michael he kind of reminds her of Al.

Todd presses Blair for the results, but she says she’s fine and marches off.

John tells Natalie he’s worried about the killer and wants her to think about police protection. He says she can call him whenever she needs him. Everyone leaves the party but Michael stays behind and offers to help clean up.

Rex asks Riley if they’re getting a new lead singer; Riley says they’re not replacing her. He tells his band mates it’s over. A kid approaches Riley and offers to sell him some cocaine; Riley agrees. Jen watches in shock as Lindsay tells Rex she changed her mind and passionately kisses him.

Natalie goes to John’s apartment to commiserate over something; as she stands in the hallway, the killer attacks her.

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