OLTL Update Thursday 1/29/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/29/04

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Blair brings Starr to her community service assignment at the hospital. As Starr complains, Blair is stricken with another searing headache.

Troy mutters under his breath “Nora” and “I’m not the killer.”

David goes to see Nora and tells her he’ll testify against Todd, saying under oath that Todd confessed to raping Blair. Meanwhile, at the Sun, Todd shows Evangeline his latest headline castigating Kevin. She tells him he can’t run it and that his attitude will get him convicted.

John reads an article that Kevin wrote to try and lure the Music Box Killer into a mistake. John thinks he’ll call back and they have to keep him on the line long enough to get a trace on the call. The killer looks over a collection of newspaper clippings that all have to do with John, including one that says that McBain’s fiancée was killed in a burglary attempt.

Kevin returns to the Banner offices and Jess asks if he wants to take a little time off before starting work again, but Kevin doesn’t want to keep his life on hold. She tells him one of the top reporters resigned last night; Kevin assumes it’s because he came back and the reporter wouldn’t have the same responsibilities with Kevin there. Kelly drops by and says there must be someone better – Kevin gingerly suggests Blair.

Starr tells Blair she’s not fooling anyone with her headaches, and that she doesn’t feel sorry for her at all. The nurse in charge of Starr’s comes and tells her she’s going to be on a tight leash with her; she brings her to an office to alphabetize books. Starr sees a marker.

Nora tells David to tell Dorian to stop messing with her cases, but David insists Dorian didn’t send him. Nora’s not interested in David committing perjury, but David swears that Todd told him plenty of stuff, and admits he’s the one who sold Jack. Nora says Evangeline will rip him apart on the stand and sends David on his way.

Evangeline and Todd discuss the case; he doesn’t want her to impugn Blair on the stand, but Vangie says she can’t defend him under those circumstances. He insists that Blair will come to her senses and remember that he didn’t rape her, but Vangie says he may need to think about taking the plea agreement.

Starr graffiti’s the wall with “Todd Manning is innocent!” The nurse picks up the phone and starts to dial, and Starr says she shouldn’t call her mom, but rather her dad, but the nurse says she’s calling the authorities.

Nora confesses to Rae that she’s afraid Blair is going to drop the charges because Todd is going to get to her, and she doesn’t want Todd to walk. Rae tells her she needs to leave it up to a jury to decide. Haver comes to the station and tells Nora that Troy is awake and asking for her; he offers to accompany her to the prison. She goes to see John and Antonio and Rae asks Steven why he didn’t tell Jessica the whole story about his mother.

Jessica says there may be bad publicity over Blair’s hire, but he says if Kelly is okay with it, everyone else should be. Kelly balks but eventually says that if he thinks Blair is the best person for the job, he should hire her. Kevin calls Blair and sets up a meeting.

Natalie visits Jess at the Banner and asks if she can tag along with Jess and Antonio to a dinner party at Marcie’s. Jess tells her John is still in town and Natalie expresses happiness.

John tells Nora that they planted the story in the newspaper about Troy. Nora says Dr. Haver is going with her. Haver tells Rae that he did omit some stuff with Jessica because he really doesn’t like to talk about his mother. Rae understands but is surprised; she thinks he should be so proud of himself. Haver gets a weird look on his face that disarms Rae; Nora interrupts and says she ready to go see Troy.

Blair is shocked that Kevin wants her to work at the Banner, but he thinks it would be good for both of them, and she’d be helping him out. Kelly says after the trial, the rumors will die down and there should be no reason for them to start up again. Renee pulls Kelly aside to look at a menu for a charity lunch she’s having; Blair asks Kevin what the real story is with the job offer. Kevin swears it’s just a job. Colson approaches and snarks that they should be a little more discreet, and Kevin tells him off. Blair gets up from the table and Kelly asks her if something’s wrong; Kelly says she doesn’t mind her working with her husband, but she does mind her sleeping with her husband. She says she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Blair away from Kevin romantically. Blair complains that her headache is still there and nothing seems to help it.

A security guard brings Starr to Todd’s office and Todd tells her she needs to stop getting in trouble to try and force her parents back together. He calls Blair and tells her Starr is with him; she says she’ll be right over.

At the prison hospital, Nora tells Troy she’s sorry that she thought he killed the women. She asks if he knows who the killer is.

Jess and Nat go to visit Antonio and John at the station. Natalie tells John she’s glad he’s staying in Llanview.

Troy drifts off and Haver says it will probably be a couple of days before the drugs are completely out of his system. Troy keeps repeating that he doesn’t want to die.

At the Palace, Kelly tells David that she’s really pregnant. He reminds her of the risks and expresses concern, as Kevin comes back to the table and tells David to beat it. David says he cares about Kelly, and that Kevin doesn’t even know what’s going on with his own wife.

Jordan asks Vangie on a date, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She’s worried about RJ and doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with Jordan.

Blair comes to the Sun and tells Starr she’s in a lot of trouble. Todd notices that Blair is in distress and asks if she’s all right; Starr says her mother is faking it so she’ll feel sorry for her, but Blair collapses at the door.

Troy continues to mutter and Nora says she’ll go to get help; Haver leans over Troy and tells him there was another murder. He tells him to relax and that he’s thinking of Colin; Troy says Colin made him kill Claire but he’s not the Music Box Killer.

Jordan and Vangie talk about the Manning rape trial; he says he heard about it from Marty Saybrooke, who worked as a psychiatrist with him in Los Angeles.

David leaves Kevin and Kelly and Kevin wants to know what’s going on with his wife and Vickers. She swears he has nothing on her; Kevin asks her to be honest and tell him if she’s really pregnant. Kelly gets a call from the doctor and puts Kevin on the phone; he expresses concern for his wife’s health, but the doctor says she’ll be fine if she takes care of herself.

Blair comes to and tries to leave, but Todd takes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Vangie talks to someone on her cell phone and thanks the person on the other end for even considering helping her; Vangie thinks Todd is innocent but tells the other person they can evaluate him when they arrive. At the hospital, Blair insists that stress is causing her headaches, and Jordan prepares to examine her.

Troy is sedated; as he falls into unconsciousness, he tells Nora he knows who the killer is.


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