OLTL Update Wednesday 1/28/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/28/04

By Steph
Pictures by Juanita

Viki visits the place where the latest victim was found. She talks to Stephen about how this girl had a family and could have been her own daughter. Jess meets up with Dr. Haver and her mom tells her to be sure to be careful and not go anywhere alone. Jess and Dr. Haver sit and discuss the MBK, he says how the person is very intelligent and could be anyone even a cop. He also talks about how wonderful his mother was and that serial killers come from an abusive childhood.

Jen and Marcie are at the Diner. Marcie asks about Jen liking Ron and she admits that she does but says that she is still a married woman. Jen asks Marcie about a special guy and Marcie blurts out that she doesn’t have feelings for Michael…Jen was talking about Greg. Marcie tells Jen that Michael kissed her but that they are just friends.

Lindsay and Rex are having brunch, Rex goes to kiss her hand and she backs off saying not to do that in public.

David sees Kelly and tries to shake her up about her reconciliation with Kevin. Kelly assures him that everything will be ok. David spot Rex and Lindsay and says he needs to talk to Rex. He takes him aside and asks if he has seen River in the club. Rex denies it and says that River is underage. David tells him he knows he serves underage kids and threatens him.

Meanwhile Jen shows up to talk to her Mom, she tells her that she knows she is there with a man and wants her to tell her who it is. Lindsay looks nervous in the direction of David and Rex and Jen mistakes her date for David.

Bo and John agree to keep Sarah’s condition a secret. John gets a phone call saying that Troy tried to kill himself. He rushes over to the hospital and talks to Michael. He shows John his medical chart showing all the hallucinogens that are in his system. John goes in to talk to Troy who is still insisting that he was set up. John agrees with Troy and asks him who did it; he starts to ramble on about Colin but John tells him that he is dead. Troy is too drugged to give John any useable information.

Cord arrives at Sarah’s hospital room; Asa is there and tells him that his daughter needs him. He sits with her and tells her that Daddy is there and she is going to be fine. They go back to Asa’s where Viki has just learned that Sarah was the victim. Riley and Bo are there and they all agree that it is best to keep her being alive a secret. Asa is very upset and lashes out at the fact that Tina isn’t there; Viki comes to her sister’s defense and said that she loves her children and asks Bo to keep looking for her. Asa then blames Riley for the attack saying that if he had kept a better watch out for her this wouldn’t have happened. Cord disagrees and asks Riley to come back to the hospital with him. Asa, Cord and Riley are in the hospital room; Asa tells them to go take a break and when they are gone Sarah wakes up. Antonio comes running in and asks if she knows who attacked her. The doctor checks on her and lets everyone know that her larynx has been damaged and it will be a long time before she can talk. He says that he can not allow any questioning because taking her back to remembering the accident can cause great damage. Riley goes in and sits with her and sings to her. Outside the room they are discussing Cord taking her back to London and Clint will meet them there. Cord comes in and has a tearful reunion with Sarah. As they are getting ready to wheel her out; Riley tells her to hurry back because they have a tour to go on.

Michael sees Marcie at the diner he is about to ask her out when Greg shows up with concert tickets to her favorite band. She gets a call and steps aside to take it. It is Michael and John’s mom and Marcie asks her when she can come to Llanview. She gets back to the table and she tells Greg that she can’t go that she already has plans. A crushed Michael thinks that she is going out with Greg but Marcie says that she hopes her plans are with him.

Kelly and Kevin show up at home after seeing Rae. Kelly says that the session went well and Kevin jokes that if knowing that his wife was very mad at him meant well then yes. They both start to apologize for past mistakes and Kevin says that if they are honest with each other than everything will be fine. She tells him that she hasn’t been completely honest and was about to tell him the secret when Viki comes in. She is there with news on Sarah. She also tells him that she is very proud of him and his decision. She said that Clint wanted to call him but didn’t know where to call. He puts his arm around Kelly and says that they will both be at Asa’s until they find a place of their own. Kelly gets a call and goes to the other room. It’s her doctor telling that her that she really is pregnant. She is crying with joy as so goes back to Kevin and says that she wasn’t being honest because she thought that he wouldn’t be happy. He hugs her and tells her that he is.

Bo, John & Antonio are in his office talking about Sarah and Troy, they want the details to be kept quite. They see Stephen come in to the station and Bo says this stays between us. Stephen brings in his notes on Troy. Outside the office Jen tells Rae that she is going to be Stephen’s new research assistant. Rae talks about how good looking he is and that he is unsure as to why he isn’t taken. Jess tells her of the discussion about his mother. Antonio comes out and Jess says that she will tell him her good news as he walks her back to campus.

John gets a call from the MBK, he is counting down from ten, as he gets to One he is looking at Jess and Antonio.

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