OLTL Update Tuesday 1/27/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/27/04

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John and Antonio are still at the campus. They are still trying all they can to keep the media from finding out who the victim is. They both agree that this is the part of the job they hate. John says he has learned that most parents would rather die themselves than to lose a child. Antonio looks as though this has made him think of Carlotta. Officer Madison hands Antonio Flash's CD player. Antonio tells Madison that he has done a good job. John and Antonio discuss that there were only Riley's prints on the CD player from when he picked it up. The killer just doesn't make any mistakes. John guesses that Flash was just listening to her music and didn't even hear the killer coming.

Viki comes home to find Kevin in the kitchen. She starts to describe the conference she has been at when she realizes that something is wrong. Kevin tells her that he wanted to tell her before she heard it on the news that he is resigning as lieutenant governor. He shows her the picture of him and Blair on the front page of the 'Philadelphia Post'. He says that everyone will now think this is why he is resigning.

Al is looking at a bench in the garden that was dedicated to Gabrielle. Luna shows up and tells him that he is doing a great job in bringing Michael a long ways. Al is worried that he still can't make Marcie fall in love with him before Valentines Day. Luna tells him that he will be able to pull this rabbit out of his hat. As Al continues to voice his concerns he notices that Luna has disappeared on him again. Marcie comes up and mentions to him that someone donated this bench to the memorial without leaving their name. She lets him know that through her job at the police station, she knows that he donated it, and wants to know why he would do something like this for Al Holden's mom.

Bo meets up with Nora and Matthew. Matthew gives Bo a big hug. Nora asks how the dedication went. Bo tells her how much it meant to him to see a garden dedicated to Gabrielle in her favorite part of the park. Matthew tells Bo that his mom told him that Bo would be upset tonight, so Matthew got Bo a surprise.

Asa sits alone at the mansion listening to Flash's music and having a drink. He is obviously very upset.

At the coroners office, we see Flash laid out on a very cold looking metal table. The coroner comes in and starts to cut her jeans off to start the autopsy. The camera spans the length of Flash's body up to little hearts painted on her right cheek. Back to the scissors cutting, then the coroner looking up again to Flash's face with the hearts on her cheek.

Back at the scene of the crime, John and Antonio are barking out orders to Officer Madison about getting names and phone numbers, and to get all the looky lou's away from there. John tells Antonio that the number 3 was etched into Flash's hairline, so it can't have been a copycat murder. John's phone rings. A concerned Antonio listens to John's side of the conversation as John is being told something that totally shocks him. When he gets off the phone he tells an equally shocked Antonio that Flash is alive. The medics didn't find a pulse at the scene, but the coroner did. They have moved her to ICU.

Rex is at his apartment with a police officer going through things. Antonio comes in and tells the officer to do another sweep. Rex is happy that he decided to be a good citizen. Roxy comes in carrying a box of stuff that Ron left behind when he moved into Nigel's hotel. Rex explains that he found a bag of Troy's so the cops are looking for other things of Troy's. Roxy sees a pair of gloves and lunges for them while Rex explains to Antonio that they are his, not Troy's. Antonio tells them to wait out in the hall. Roxy and Rex leave the room as the officer tells Antonio there is nothing more there. Antonio tells him that if he ever wants to make detective, he will keep looking. There has to be something there that will show Troy had help, or he was never there at all. Out in the hallway, Roxy looks at the gloves and sees the letter 'L' on the gloves. After smelling the gloves, she guesses correctly that they are Lindsay's.

Matthew shows Bo his surprise of Bo's three favorite movies. 'Bullet', 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly', and 'The Searchers'. Matthew thinks that The Duke is like his grandpa which brings a bit of a laugh from Nora and Bo. Bo's phone rings and he steps away from the table. Nora keeps an eye on Bo as she talks with Matthew about which movie they will watch first. After Bo's phone call, he pulls Nora away from the table to tell her that there was another attack, but that the victim survived. He doesn't tell her that it was Flash. Nora rejoins Matthew at the table as Bo explains that he has to go to work. Matthew is worried about him being sad when he is working, but Bo tells him he won't be as he kisses him good-bye.

Al tells Marcie that he just wanted to put a bench where Gabrielle would have liked it. Marcie just doesn't get him sometimes. Sometimes he helps people and sometimes he is a complete jerk. Al asks her if they can just get passed all the 'jerk stuff' and move on to better things. Marcie thinks maybe they can. She reminds him that she still has that record of his mothers and wonders if she gives it back to him if maybe he will call his mother. Al tells her that they are a little on the outs. Marcie reaches out for Al's hand and tells him that she knows, but when you reach out to someone, you just never know what is going to happen.

Kevin and Viki are still in the kitchen with a relaxed Kevin sitting on the kitchen island. They talk about Harrison and Asa wanting him to talk Blair into dropping the charges against Todd. Viki says she understands it but doesn't like it. Kevin hopes that Blair will be okay, the whole thing is such a mess. Kevin tells Viki that he believes Kelly is carrying his baby, and they are working things out. Viki is happy for him and asks him to come back to 'The Banner'. He was hoping he hadn't disqualified himself to work at 'The Banner'. Viki assures him that making a mistake in his personal life does not disqualify him. Viki gets a call from the university informing her that there has been another murder on the campus. She promises to be right over.

Bo meets up with John at the university and brings him up to date on Flash's condition. John goes over the evidence with Bo pointing out the similarities of all the cases. John shows him the note that was left with the body. After decoding it, it reads 'fooled you'. They conclude that Troy was telling the truth and that he really was upset. Daniel comes in wanting to know why he wasn't informed of another murder. John tells him that they did call his motel room in Boston several times and Antonio left at least three messages on the cell. Daniel tells them he is there now. Bo and John bring him up to date on everything, telling him that they have decided not to release the information that she is alive to the public. Daniel agrees to go along with that as John tells him that if anything leeks out to the press, they will bring charges against Daniel. They tell him that the victim is Flash, and that Riley thinks she is dead. Daniel tells them that they can't do that to Riley, they have to tell him she is alive or it will tear him up.

We see Riley looking at a bulletin board that has an announcement for 'Midnight Logic' on it. He rips the poster down and sinks to the ground holding his stomach as he cries out for Flash.

At Rex's apartment, Antonio and the officer leave saying they didn't find what they were looking for. Roxy jumps Rex about messing around with Lindsay. Rex tries to get away from her by going back into the apartment, but Roxy won't let him get away from this one. She doesn't understand how he could mess around with Lindsay when he is in love with Jen? Unless, that is, if he is trying to stick it to Jen?

Al is at the university looking for Marcie. She shows up with Michael's mother's album. Al tells her he has never even heard it. She tells him that she saw a record player at the motel where he is staying. She thinks he should listen to it and then call his mother. He doesn't think his mother would want him to call. Marcie shows him the dedication his mother put on the back of the album. It says that she sang these songs for the two most important men her life. Her sons, John and Michael. Al is touched and leans down to give a smiling Marcie a kiss.

Nora and Matthew return to the diner looking for Matthew's gloves. He finds them in the booth they were sitting in and then tells Nora that he wants to eat there. He thinks maybe Bo will join them when he is done working. Nora explains that Bo will be working late. Matthew thinks then that Bo can come by the house and wake him up and they can watch the movies then. Nora tells him that Bo will be working really late. Matthew then decides that Bo can come and spend the night and then they can watch the movies when they wake up in the morning. Nora explains that Bo has a house and a bed of his own that he will want to sleep in. Matthew has been thinking about that too. He thinks Bo should move in with them and asks Nora why she and Bo don't get married.

Daniel tells Bo and John that he is not looking forward to telling the mayor that they have 'not' gotten their man. Bo tells Daniel he needs to go find his son. Daniel agrees and leaves in search of Riley. John already has some pictures of the crime scene back. As he shows Bo that one of the pictures shows that the right heel looks like the shows compensate for one leg being shorter than the other, we see someone with a thicker right heel putting on surgical gloves and picking up a yearbook from the university. Bo tells John that he is going to the hospital to check on Sarah. We see the killer starting to flip through the pages of the yearbook as John tells Bo that the killer is probably already picking out his next victim.

Matthew is not letting Nora off the hook. While she struggles to explain to Matthew why her and Bo can't be married, Antonio enters with Jamie in his arms. Carlotta is delighted to see them. Antonio tells her that Jamie has a new word. 'Cookie'. Carlotta remembers that Christian said 'cookie' early also. This makes Carlotta a little sad as she gets a cookie for Jamie. Antonio tells her that he knows Christian is gone and he really misses him, but he really does have a lot to be thankful for. He has Carlotta, Jessica is great, he has his badge back, and Jamie is healthy and happy. Carlotta tells him that the love he feels for his children will always be the greatest love. Antonio knows that Carlotta misses Christian too. Carlotta says that not all parents deserve for the children to love them back. Antonio tells her that she does, she is a great mom. Carlotta wonders if he would still feel the same if she told him something terrible about herself.

Al tries to apologize to a crying Marcie for kissing her. She tells him she is sorry too, for falling apart like that. She explains that it isn't fair to him because she loves Al, and she will always love Al. Al tells her that he will take pretty much anything he can get from her. Marcie tells him that she is starting to like him, but only the parts of him that remind her of Al. Viki and Kevin come into the room and Marcie rushes to find out if they know anything. Viki tells them that the police have still not released the name of the victim, but she is going to make an announcement and cancel all nonacademic activities till further notice. When Stephen enters the room, Viki takes off to talk to him for a second. Al offers to hang out with Marcie since he knows Jen is in class. Marcie tells him she just wants to go see her brother. Al convinces her that since Al and Ron live in the same place, she can go with him, and maybe listen to the album together. Marcie finally gives in and leaves with Al. Kevin introduces himself to Stephen. Kevin knows that Stephen has been working with the police and asks him how he thinks the killer is staying one step ahead of the police. Stephen tells Kevin that the killer is very intelligent, he's methodical, the cops keep underestimating him, and Stephen wouldn't be surprised if he didn't have a genius I.Q. Stephen says this almost as if he is singing the killers praises.

John is at the motel telling showing an officer the picture of the heel indentations. He sends him out to look for someone that has some kind of 'heel device'. Daniel comes downstairs and reports that Riley wasn't in his room. He heads out to look for his son as John reminds him that Riley can't tell anyone that Flash is alive.

Bo is at Asa's telling Asa that Sarah is still alive. At first Asa is upset with Vega for telling him that Sarah was dead. Bo explains that She was attacked and is now in a coma. Asa thinks of Ben. Bo explains that her neck was damaged and her throat. She may never be able to sing again, if she survives. Asa knows that singing is all she lived for. He tells Bo this is all Bo's fault and throws his drink across the room.

Marcie and Al are talking in the lobby of the motel when John comes down the stairs. Al is surprised to see John, he thought he would be back in Boston by now. John tells them that the case took a turn for the worst. Marcie asks if they know who the victim is yet. John tells her they still haven't notified the next of kin yet. Marcie feels bad for the family. John notices their mothers album in Al's hand and comments that he used to have one also but it got broke in the move. Al starts to talk to John about the two of them making an effort to go see their mother as Marcie slips away and calls information on her cell phone. She asks for the number of Eve McBain.

Roxy unpacks the box pulling out a bust of Elvis first saying that it reminds her of Max. Next she pulls out a disco ball and asks Rex if he remembers all the dances she taught him when he was little. He reminds her that she shipped him off to his Aunt Corinne's house when he was five years old. She tells him that it isn't too late. He can do it cause he is her child and they have the same 'D.M.A.' She asks him for one little dance, for his momma.

Kevin and Viki are back in her kitchen watching the news about the latest murder. Kevin switches the channel to hear Harrison telling the people that his lieutenant governor has walked out on them, but he never will. Kevin turns off the TV and Viki comments that she guesses it is over now. Kevin tells her that it might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bo is used to Asa needing to blame someone, so he tries not to let Asa get to him. Asa tells him again that he will never hear Sarah's voice again because Bo didn't do his job. Bo has had about enough of it and tell Asa what he did all day. He made arrangements for Gabrielle to be buried in Argentina next to Al. Then he went to the dedication of the garden. He loved Gabrielle very much and he tried to protect her. He tells Asa that the only reason he came by was to offer some comfort but he can see this is going nowhere. He starts to leave when Asa asks him to stay. 'Please son'.

Al and John decide to put the album on the record player and listen together to their mom. Marcie is on the phone with their mother inviting her to a dinner party that Marcie plans on throwing. As John and Al listen to the album, we flash to scenes of Roxy and Rex sharing a slow mother/son dance, Kevin and Viki share a glass of wine in her kitchen, Nora and Matthew leaving the diner, and Carlotta, Antonio and Jamie enjoying each others company. As the song comes to an end, we see Daniel finally find Riley and tell him that Flash is still alive. Riley stands and they hug.

Asa and Bo are in Sarah's hospital room watching the monitors. Sarah wakes for a second to see them standing there, then closes her eyes again.

The Music Box Killer winds another music box with surgical gloves on and opens it.

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