OLTL Update Monday 1/26/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/26/04

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Lindsay catches Rex leaving his apartment and tells him that she has a present for him.

Marcie is getting ready to do her show. Today's topic will be 'sexual harassment on campus'. Al stops by to wish Marcie luck on the show. When he explains that he heard the kids at the library talking about the show, Jen starts to freak a little bit. She is sure that everyone will know they are talking about Prof. Barnes. Marcie tries to calm her down by reminding her that if they don't mention his name, there is nothing he can do about it. Marcie reminds her that Jessica is bringing another woman to the show that had the exact same experience with Prof. Barnes. Al decides to take off as Jessica and Tammy arrive. Tammy tells them that she can't do the show.

John stops by the police station to say good-bye to Bo and Antonio, explaining that the bureau has called him back to New Jersey. Antonio tells him that Bo is taking some time off. Antonio is confused because the killer is still out there. During their conversation Antonio gets a call informing them that the officer that was assigned to Flash has not been heard from all night.

Riley arrives at the Buchanan mansion asking Asa if Flash spent the night there. Asa thought she was with him at 'that flophouse Nigel calls a motel'. Riley explains that they had a fight last night and Flash stormed out and never came back.

On Llanview Campus a young couple are chasing each other and having fun when they find Flash's body behind some shrubs. The girl runs off screaming for help.

Asa is trying to get hold of Bo, but gets frustrated when they keep putting him on hold. Riley offers to just go look for the officer that is supposed to be with Flash. Kelly comes in to find out what is going on. When Riley explains about the fight and Flash being missing, Asa tells him to get going. Kelly tries to calm Asa down reminding him that Sarah has an officer with her, Troy is in jail, and Sarah probably just wanted some time alone to cool down after the fight.

Antonio and John have arrived on the scene of the crime and are trying to get things organized. Antonio reports to John that they found Officer Parrish knocked out in one of the maintenance sheds. John checks on the couple that found her body and reminds them that they will need to come to the station later to give an official statement. John and Antonio discuss not releasing Flash's name until her immediate family have been notified. Antonio says that Bo is at a memorial service for Gabrielle and he will wait till after the service to call Bo.

Al and Jessica convince Marcie that they should go ahead and do the show as planned. Even if they only have Jen to stand up to the Professor. Jessica suggests that they use that to their advantage and talk about how scary it is for other students to stand up and say something. Rae arrives to help out with the show. She, Marcie and Jen go on into the room to get ready for the show. Jessica and Stephen stay in the hall to discuss the article she is doing on the Music Box Killer. Jessica tells him that she is letting the authorities decide who the killer is. They discuss whether they believe Troy is the killer. Stephen tells Jess that he and Rae have been mulling all this over too. Inside the station room, Rae reminds Jen that she can't say the professors name on air. Jen starts to get really nervous again and thinks maybe this isn't a good idea after all. Marcie tells her that she will support her 100%, whatever she decides to do.

Lindsay's present to Rex is a sculpture. She tells him it is a thank you for all the support he has been giving her. Rex asks if the cops have figured out anything about the message that was left at the gallery. Lindsay tells him no because they think she was hallucinating since the message was gone by the time they got back to the gallery. Lindsay is just happy that Jen is safe. Rex comments that she will be safe with her new 'body guard'. Lindsay tells him that Marcie was just trying to do what she thought was right. Lindsay asks him if he is still hung up on Jen. He tells her that Jen has moved on and so has he.

Marcie begins her show by telling the audience what the subject is and introduces Stephen and Rae. Stephen and Rae explain what sexual harassment is, and how it can affect the victims. Rae also talks about how bogus complaints can really hurt a persons career. Marcie then introduces Jessica as the student reporter for 'The Banner'. Jessica says that she has spoken to four women that have had this problem with one professor. She explains that they have not reported it because they are terrified that they will be labeled troublemakers and that no one will believe them. When Marcie introduces Jen as one of the women, Jen starts to freak a little bit and starts to back out of it. She finally starts to tell what happened to her, and lets Professor Barnes name slip out when she tells her story. Suddenly, Professor Barnes storms into the room and grabbing a microphone announces that he will be a part of this panel now. He tells them that if he is going to be accused, he has a right to defend himself.

Lindsay and Rex discuss where to put the sculpture. Rex explains that when he bought the place, he bought all that was in it also. He jokes about selling some of Troy's stuff on the internet, how some people pay big bucks for serial killer's stuff. Lindsay thinks that is disgusting.

Kelly is still trying to keep Asa calmed down. Asa rants that he told Sarah to stay put, but no one in this family ever listens to him. He brings up Kevin flushing his career. He blames it all on Blair. Kelly knows that Asa wanted a life of politics for Kevin and she is sorry about that. Asa storms off to his study leaving Kelly instructions to come and tell him as soon as they hear anything about Sarah.

Riley arrives on campus to look for Flash. He sees the crime scene taped off and really starts to freak out. He finds something of Flash's and gets really worked up. John and Antonio try to calm him down, but he wants to know where Flash is now!

Professor Barnes turns the whole sexual harassment accusation around on Jen saying that she approached him and told him very graphically what she was willing to do to get an A. Jen protests loudly that it is all a lie. The professor thinks he has had his say and leaves. Marcie tells the audience that they will take a break now, and will be back after some community announcements. Jen is very upset that she blurted out Professor Barnes name. Rae, Marcie and Stephen try to calm her down pointing out that Stephen chairs the grievance board and maybe now other women will step forward. Jen knows the show isn't over yet, but she sees no reason for her to try to continue and rushes out. Rae goes after her. Marcie doesn't know what to do now that Rae and Jen are both gone.

Al catches up to Tammy who has been listening to 'Bridge the Gap' and tries to convince her to step up to the plate. He tells her that she can stop this guy.

Marcie continues the show with a discussion with Stephen about the grievance committee. Jessica comments that the board needs people to file complaints. They can't just act on gossip. Marcie understands that but wishes they could find one other person that could back up what Jen said. Tammy enters the room and tells them that she will do it.

Antonio and John are trying to question Riley at the station. Riley tells them he last saw Flash when she took off after their argument last night. He tells them why they were arguing. Finally, Antonio tells Riley that Flash was murdered last night.

Kelly goes to the study to talk some more with Asa. Asa wants to know where Kevin is. Kelly tells him that Kevin went for a walk, that he is just as upset about his resignation as Asa is. Kevin will go back to being editor at 'The Banner'. Asa thinks Kevin was meant for bigger things. The maid brings in a copy of the 'Philadelphia Post' that Asa is not happy to see at all. He comments that the Dawes want to make sure that Kevin goes down in flames.

Rex and Lindsay are 'playing at' making out when Lindsay backs off saying she doesn't think it is such a good idea. Rex reminds her that they are both consenting adults and they aren't hurting anyone. Lindsay reminds him of Jen, but Rex thinks Jen doesn't give a damn. Lindsay things she does. Rex wants Lindsay to teach him all about the finer things in life. Lindsay tells him that she can do that, but reminds him that there is no chance that she will fall in love with him. Rex agrees that she is in charge, he is just the student. They are both shocked to hear Jen knocking on the door and yelling that she needs to talk to Rex.

Marcie's show is over now and she is in the hall talking to Al about what a success the show was after Tammy told her story. Students started calling in like crazy and now they are lining up to testify against Professor Barnes. Tammy told Marcie that Al was the one who convinced her to speak up. Al says he just gave her a little push. Marcie is very thankful for the help.

Jessica and Stephen have stayed in the broadcast room discussing the outcome of the show. Stephen is pretty sure that Barnes will try to make the university fire him so that he can sue, but he also knows that Barnes is on his way out. He tells Jess that all of this happened because she started the ball rolling with her article in 'The Banner'. He asks her again how her article on the Music Box Killer is coming along and she admits that she hasn't been writing about that. The killer scares her to death. Stephen advises her to use that, to admit to herself that this guy scares her and write about the fear. Jessica agrees to think about it. Rae joins them again and informs them that there has been another murder. A student from the university.

Antonio and John go over again with Riley what all happened the night before. They are trying to find Riley's dad because they can tell that Riley is kind of in shock. Riley tells them that Cord is Flash's father and that he is in London, but no one knows where Tina is. They tell Riley that he is free to go, but wish that he would just kind of hang out with them until they can find his father. Riley isn't really listening as they remind him not to tell anyone until they have notified Flash's next of kin. He leaves in a daze. Antonio comments that Riley blames himself, John replies 'I blame us'.

Jen has told Rex and Lindsay what happened on the show before she left. They both try blaming Marcie for putting Jen in that position. Jen defends Marcie saying she only wanted to do what was right, but she messed that up too. She worries about Barnes suing her. When she asks Lindsay why she is there, Lindsay explains that she just brought Rex the sculpture to thank him for being supportive last night. Jen didn't know Rex was with Lindsay last night. Lindsay tries to cover by saying that she thought she had told Jen. Jen decides to leave and asks Lindsay to come with her. Lindsay plays it off the best she can as Rex offers to buy her dinner to thank her for the sculptor. Jen warns Rex to leave Lindsay alone. Rex reminds Jen that Lindsay came to see him, just like Jen did.

Stephen reports to Jessica that he can't find out who the victim was until the next of kin have been notified. Jessica can't believe this is all happening again.

Asa and Kelly talk about the article a little bit, then decide what's done is done. Asa tells Kelly to try to find Kevin, right now he is just worried about Sarah.

John and Antonio are on the phones trying to find out information on Cord and Tina when an officer brings John evidence that was found on the body. John shows Antonio that it is a message from the killer, in code like the other ones.

A worried Al finds Marcie. She tells him that she went to the Dean's office and that Professor Barnes resigned. Al is pleased to hear that, but tells her there was another girl murdered, they found the body during her show. They have not released the girl's name yet.

Rex calls John to tell him that he has found another bag. This one is obviously Troy's so that means the one they found on the dock is the real killers bag. John tells him to stay put, he is sending a forensic team over. Rex says he will stay put and tries to get Lindsay on the phone.

John sends officer Johnson over to get the bag from Rex. Then he joins Antonio as they go over the message and try to decipher the code.

Asa gets the phone call that Sarah has been murdered.  

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