OLTL Update Friday 1/23/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/23/04

By Kate
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Lindsay stares at the still-wet painting the killer has hung on her wall. She runs out in a panic.

Marcie and Ron move Marcie’s stuff into Jen’s place. Michael appears at the door to check on Jen and see Marcie.

Asa asks Kelly if she talked to Kevin about his meeting with Dawes, and Kelly says no. She says it won’t matter if Kevin resigns, and assures Asa that her marriage is doing really well right now. Meanwhile, Blair pressures Kevin to make her understand why he wants her so much. She apologizes for playing with his emotions and says that she needs his strength and pulls him into a kiss.

Lindsay gets to the station and tells Antonio, Nora and Bo about the painting written in blood. She insists that Troy isn’t the killer and that the serial killer is after her now.

Kevin pushes Blair away and says they can’t do this. He tells her he would never hurt her, but it’s too late - He and Kelly are getting back together. Blair angrily says that he and Kelly belong together and that she hopes they’ll be happy.

Flash meets up with Asa and Kelly at the Palace. He tells her he won’t stop worrying until he stops breathing. Flash says Midnight Logic is going to be opening a big show in Philly, and kisses Asa goodbye. He tells Kelly how much he loves that kid.

Haver meets up with Jessica and she tells him that she finished her first draft for the article on the killer and she’s not getting a lot of information from the police, and she gets the impression that they think Troy may not be the killer. Haver says he thinks that the killer may be ready to take another victim and soon.

Lindsay leads everyone into the gallery and goes to the place on the wall where the painting is, but it’s gone. She can’t believe it. John says if there’s evidence, they’ll find it; Lindsay begs them to believe her.

Michael tells Marcie he could give them a hand with her move, and Jess encourages her to accept. Rex drops by and tells Jen she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore; he’s hooked up with someone else.

Haver says that if Troy isn’t the killer, the real one will strike soon. He’s in control of everything and he knows that he’s smarter than everyone else. If Troy is behind bars and another person is killed it means the police are wrong and the killer has outsmarted them all.

Flash meets up with Riley on campus and he chides her for being late. Jessica asks Flash how she feels about the killer, and she says she’s not going to put her life on hold because of the threat. Flash tells Riley about the tour but he says she’d better look for a new guitarist.

Asa tells Kelly he will handle Dawes and she should just act pretty and pregnant. Kelly says it’s not an act and excuses herself; she approaches Blair at the bar. At the station, Nora warns Kevin that things are going to get pretty personal at trial, and asks if there was anything that could have been construed as “rough sex”. Kevin becomes irate but Nora says the defense will use this against him. Kevin says he was there the night of the Marty Saybrooke rape and he saw the look in her eyes – he sees the same look in Blair’s eyes right now. He warned her she was playing with fire; Nora wants to know what he means.

Jen can’t believe that Rex is with someone else. He says if he thought for a second he had a chance with her, he’d dump the other woman, but Marcie interrupts and tells Rex to get out. He tells her she drags Jen down, but Michael defends Marcie.

John says there’s no sign of forced entry and no evidence of the painting. Lindsay is insistent that someone is following her and Antonio says maybe she should call her doctor. She asks for police protection, and Antonio says he’ll ask Bo; he tells her to lock her doors. As soon as the men leave, her phone rings; no one speaks on the other end.

Marcie and Michael exchange banter as they move her stuff. They bond over books and grow closer. Jen and Ron enter with pizza and she offers everyone a beer; everyone declines and Jen thinks they think she’s an alcoholic.

Kevin tells Nora that if Blair got too close to Todd, something would happen, and Nora asks if that’s all, because if Blair did anything to goad Todd, that would be a problem. Kevin says that Blair didn’t deserve what Todd did to her and anyone who thinks so can go to hell.

Blair apologizes to Kelly for sleeping with her husband; Kelly says she forgave Kevin, so she guesses she could do the same for Blair. Blair tells her the trial is going to be very public, but Kelly says she’ll deal with it.

Flash demands space from her bodyguard so she and Riley can discuss him leaving the band. The cop leaves for 5 minutes and Riley says Daniel needs him now that he’s in AA; she can’t believe he would let the biggest break in his life go. She takes off and the cop chases after her.

Lindsay calls Rex and he wonders if the killer is leaving the threats for Jen; he tells her not to worry about Jen because Marcie and Ron are there. Lindsay insists on going to check on her daughter.

Michael tells Jen that binge drinking to the point of being hospitalized is not a good sign, but he doesn’t know if she’s an alcoholic. He says that even if she was an alcoholic Marcie would be there to take care of her, watch over her, stay up with her…the list becomes too familiar to Marcie and she leaves the room. Jen says that that’s what she did for Al, and Michael couldn’t have known that; Marcie still misses him.

Blair and Kelly get into a verbal altercation at the bar and Kelly says things are looking up for her and she hopes things go well for her cousin. Blair says she hopes she feels the same way after the trial, because she will not be dropping the charges against Todd.

Kevin refuses Asa’s help where Dawes is concerned; he got into politics to do something good, and he barely recognizes himself anymore. He’s going to resign in the morning, but Asa wants him to sleep on it.

Lindsay gets to Jen’s and senses that someone is watching her from the bushes.

Blair goes to the station to meet with Nora and discuss the trial she says she has a terrible headache that won’t go away; Nora tells her to get it checked out.

Kevin gives the governor his letter of resignation and Kelly says she will support him regardless. Asa and Brooks say he will regret his decision, but Kevin is relieved.

Michael drops a book to Marcie the next morning; he apologizes for hitting too close to home about Al. She wonders how he knew all those things, but he says he’s a doctor and he’s seen people do amazing things for addicts.

John meets Jessica on campus and he tells her he’s heading back to New Jersey; Jess says yesterday was the day someone else was supposed to get killed and it came and went; John says that doesn’t mean no one got killed. A motionless Flash lies in some brush, a music box playing at her feet.

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