OLTL Update Thursday 1/15/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/22/04

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Lindsay visits Troy at Statesville to try to get him to talk, and is surprised to hear him ask who she is. She leaves the visiting area and tells McBain that she can’t go through with it, but he threatens her with gun charges. At the station, Bo and Nora talk about the situation. She asks Bo if he thinks John is on the right track as to Troy not being the killer, and Bo thinks he may have had an accomplice. Vangie stops by and tells Nora she’s going to ask Judge Fitzwater to rescue herself, because there’s far too much history for her to preside over a fair trial. Nora tells Vangie that they got the test results on the other sample of DNA and the other man that Blair had sex with that night was Kevin Buchanan.

Kelly and Kevin enter the bedroom kissing, and start to make love. Meanwhile, David plays Scrabble with Addie at Dorian’s. Viki arrives with Starr and questions David as to what he’s doing there; he says he’s house-sitting. Starr complains about her community service, but Viki tells her she could have been sent to a juvenile detention center; Starr says she was just trying to free her dad.

At the Sun, Blair is furious to find Todd sitting in her office. He says it used to be his office and tells her he still loves her. She orders him to stay out of her coverage of the trial, but he reminds her that it’s technically Starr’s paper, and when he bought the shares as Walker Laurence, it reverted back to him. All he wants is his job back; she says welcome back and quits.

Viki spells out “Charlatan” on the Scrabble board but David says he still wins. Addie adds an S and ends up winning. David leaves a message for Dorian begging her to hurry up and find Adriana; the inmates are running the asylum. River comes downstairs and David asks why he’s in such a chipper mood.

Kelly and Kevin bask in the afterglow, but Kevin brings up the trial. Kelly says they’ll deal with it and move on, and they need to concentrate on the future and the baby. Kevin wants to talk to the doctor, and says the pressure during the trial will be insane. Kelly assures him that she’ll be fine, but Kevin says he’s going to resign as Lt. Governor. Kelly says she’ll support his decision.

McBain tells Lindsay to quit being a baby and to go back in there and get him to say whether he had an accomplice or not. She reluctantly asks Troy to remember their friendship, and he mentions her wearing a scarf and him scaring her at the gallery. Lindsay prods him for information and Troy keeps saying he didn’t kill the women, and that she knows the person who did – the doctor. She asks which doctor and he says his brother – Colin is in his head. He wants to destroy him and he chained him to the wheel. Lindsay says Colin was dead long before that happened, but Troy freaks out and says he wants to go back to his cell. Lindsay yells at John and says it’s obvious that Troy was incapable of the murders, but John thinks it’s an act and he has a friend who’s trying to help him while he’s incarcerated.

Bo and Nora tell Matthew that he needs to stop doing things for Starr that he knows if wrong. Meanwhile, Viki tells Addie about the trial, and Addie says she knew Walker was really Todd from the first time she met him. Starr beefs about her community service but Viki says she needs to genuinely repent for what she did. Starr admits she’s sorry she put Matthew in a dangerous situation and calls Nora to apologize to Matthew. Viki is taken aback to hear that Blair is at the Sun, as she knows Todd’s there. At the office, Blair packs her things and Todd begs her to stay; he’ll pay her double. She can’t stand the thought of being around him and hates what he makes her do. He asks what that is – lie, and accuse him of a crime he didn’t commit. She storms out. Blair comes home and tells Starr she quit.

Viki goes to see Todd at the Sun and finds him post-tantrum. She tells him she spoke with Blair and asks about that night, wondering if Blair ever said to stop. Todd yells that she’s his sister and is supposed to be on his side, and she insists she is. Todd says she didn’t say no, but he starts to get confused. He’s not sure what he remembers, but he thinks she may have said “stop”. He says that’s not the way it happened and that he doesn’t want to hurt her, and he loves her, but he breaks down in Viki’s arms.

Kelly calls David and tells her things are going very well, but David thinks that as soon as Todd and Blair get divorced, Kevin will leave her. Kelly chooses to have faith.

On Starr’s behest, Addie talks up Todd, but Blair says Todd did something terrible and things aren’t as they seem. Starr goes ballistic and tells Blair she hates her.

Lindsay and John return to the station; she tells Nora about Troy. Lindsay makes sure she’s free of the charges and asks if Troy will ever be out of their lives. John gets a call from his bosses and that he’s going to be suspended if the Music Box Killer case doesn’t stay closed.

Todd says he and Blair are over and he’s over, but Viki reminds him that he has her and he has his children. Evangeline comes to the office and Viki leaves, but tells Todd that he can call her if he needs anything. Vangie tells Todd that Fitzwater has rescued herself from the case.

Addie assures Blair that Starr didn’t mean that she hated her, but Blair knows that Starr loves Todd very much. She doubts she could ever love her that much. David comes in and asks Blair how she’s doing. He says he’s sorry for all that Todd did to her, and that it’s time for Blair to find someone who doesn’t hurt her all the time.

McBain and Nora review the evidence. He thinks that either someone is trying to protect Troy, or someone else entirely is the killer. Troy’s sister told them that even though all the kids took piano lessons, Troy didn’t practice and he couldn’t write music. John thinks there’s too much evidence and Nora deduces that he thinks Troy isn’t involved at all; he says the real killer may be out there, free as a bird. Meanwhile, Lindsay arrives home to find the gallery door open.

David talks with Dorian and says he has faith that she’ll find Adriana; he tells her that River has been acting suspiciously.

Starr and Todd instant message each other; she says she hates Blair but he admonishes her to never say that. Blair goes to visit Kevin and asks him to tell her why he believes they are meant to be together.

Lindsay takes some mace out of her purse and enters the gallery. A photo has been removed and a crude music score sheet done in blood red hung in its place. She gasps and drops the mace.


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