OLTL Update Wednesday 1/21/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/21/04

By Steph
Pictures by Juanita

RJ is talking to Lindsay about a new partnership where they would display art at his club, and the groups could play at her openings. Lindsay is not paying attention. She starts talking about how upset Jen is and how she never laughs. R.J. tells her that it’s not her fault. She tells R.J. to be sure to spend a lot of time with Jamie as this is an important time in a child’s life. She can tell by the look on his face that there is something wrong. She asks him if it is Antonio, and if he isn’t giving him time with Jamie. R.J. talks about how he doesn’t that Jessica is always with Jamie and that he doesn’t want Jamie to get attached to her and think that she is her mother. He says that Jessica is Antonio’s girlfriend of the “moment” and that she is a trust fund baby and has never had to work for anything in her life. Lindsay defends Jessica and says that she is a good person and R.J. is turning her into the stepmother from hell. She tells him that he has to be fair.

Rex shows up with flowers and Lindsay tells him that R.J. is there before he says anything. She says that he didn’t have to do this just because she put him in touch with an artist. Lindsay tells R.J. that Rex is going to buy some art for UltraViolet.

R.J. leaves and Lindsay tells Rex that she is impressed. He tells her that last night meant something to him and if only they hadn’t been interrupted. She reminds him that the phone call was about someone that they both love, Jen.

There is a knock at the Gallery door; Lindsay comes out of the bedroom in her robe. It’s John McBain. She tries to clean up the place and tells him to wait. John asks Lindsay about her gun and tells her that it is illegal to have a gun as a convicted felon. He asks her if she thought that Troy was the killer she said no, something about his eyes and his voice. He accused her of writing the stuff on his walls to take attention away from Troy. She denies saying that she doesn’t even know where he lives. He tells her that as long as she helps him he won’t file charges against her on the gun possession. He tells to get dressed; they are going to Statesville, Mental Ward.

Marcie is trying to help Jen understand what could have happened to her if Ron had not decided to take her to the hospital; that her drinking put her life in serious risk. Jen is complaining about how she messes everything up. She gets flowers delivered and in comes Rex. They question how he got into the house and he shows them the extra set of house keys he had from when he lived there. He tells them that he has been checking on Jen’s condition, he knew she would home today and he wanted to come by and surprise her. Marcie tells him, “Surprise is over, now leave.” She starts to go off on Rex about how he gets Jen to do what he wants by giving her drinks and taking advantage. The two argue back and forth until Jen stops them and tells Rex that he has to leave.

Marcie is trying to make Jen feel better and telling her that her life isn’t a mess. Jen mentions that she is going to flunk out of college. Marcie offers to tutor her. Jen goes on about Marcie’s busy schedule and where she would find the time and the girls decide that Marcie is going to move in to the house. They start to discuss going away for winter break to someplace tropical to make their study session fun. There is a knock at the door…its Michael. He is there to check on Jen. Jen tells him that Marcie is moving in and that she is going to help tutor her. Michael says “Excellent, Marcie is a great tutor” Marcie looks shocked and he covers it up with saying that he knew she was on the deans list. Jen tells him of their plans to go away and Michael flips out saying that they can’t leave for Valentines Day. Jen asks why he is so bent out of shape, Marcie jokes that he already bought them chocolates. He covers this up as well, with saying that the islands are very unsanitary and you can get sick easily. He tells her that she isn’t out of the woods just because she came home from the hospital. He offers to take Marcie to lunch and let Jen get some rest. Rex comes back to Jens, he tells her that it isn’t his fault that she got wasted and almost died. He tells her that he found someone who likes getting flowers from him, she asks who and he tells her that it’s her Mom.

Michael and Marcie are at lunch and he continues to try to sway her not to go away. He talks about all the airborne pathogens on aircrafts. She just laughs at him.

He confesses that he is going to miss her; she tells him that he doesn’t even know her and besides he works so much anyway. He tells her that he has some time off coming up. She suggests spending time with his mom that he hasn’t seen in a while.

Dorian is on the phone with Carlotta trying to comfort her, she realizes that someone is on the line and David pipes in saying that he didn’t know. Dorian gets off the phone with Carlotta and gives David the what for. He acts hurt that Dorian doesn’t trust him with the details of what’s going on with Adriana. He tries to convince her to let him go to Puerto Rico with her, even saying that they could get married while there. Paul shows up and goes round and round with David. They are both accusing each other of trying to get their hands on the money. Dorian comes downstairs and Paul asks where she is going. David says Paris; Dorian says California, they are both stumbling. Then Dorian finally says that she trusts Paul to know that she is going to California. He wishes her a good trip and says he has to go up stairs to get some stuff he left in a closet. David suspects he is going to snoop around to find out exactly where she is going. David comes back in the house from seeing Dorian off he says to Paul, “Notice that you don’t have any of those things to claim to have left here what a surprise!” David leaves.

Paul gets a phone call from Babe, he tells her not to come crying to him anymore. River comes in and says hi to Paul. Paul asks how Adrianna is; River looks shocked and Paul puts him at ease and tells him that he is on their side. He also warns him that Dorian is going crazy looking for Adrianna and suggests they get married fast.

River gets back to the Theatre with some stuff from Dorian’s house; some candles and fruit. He asks is she has thought any more about the marriage proposal; she seems a little scared saying that marriage is an important step. Adrianna is upset that Carlotta and Dorian are worrying about her. Roxy comes walking in offering to fix up the place for them.

Jessica goes to John’s room to ask him some questions for her story for the Banner. She says that she is glad she caught him before he left to go back to N.J.; he admits to her that he isn’t leaving just yet. She gets curious and he tells her that he is just being thorough but she isn’t buying it and asks if he arrested the wrong man. He tells her that the F.B.I. official statement is that Troy confessed. She comes back with the fact that he is now denying it. She brings up the fact that it would be very difficult for Troy to get out of Statesville all those times without anyone noticing and says that he must have had some help. He says that it is possible and if so it would have to be someone really close. She says that Nora wouldn’t help him but Lindsay might. They talk about Lindsay’s past with Colin and Troy and how she shot Sam and was declared insane. She also tells John that she was acting strange when Troy was holding them all hostages; that she seemed overly sympathetic. After hearing that John high tails it out of there.

R.J. is at the diner picking up Jamie. Carlotta tells him that she never imagined sharing a grandbaby with him and seeing him being so loving and caring. He goes to leave and Jessica walks in, she tickles Jamie and says “Hi, baby girl!” R.J. rushes off and says that they are in a hurry.

Jessica sits down with Prof. Haver. Stephen tells Jessica that he can see that R.J. has a problem with her. She tells him that it is a long story and basically that R.J. blames her for everything that went bad when Keri came back.

They talk about the case and what she and John talked about. He is very persistent in asking questions and Jessica tells him that she think that maybe Troy didn’t do it at all.

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