OLTL Update Tuesday 1/20/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/20/04

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Ron brings Jen into the hospital. Michael is on duty and gets Jen into a room right away. Ron calls Marcie and tells her that Jen is in the hospital, and she isn’t doing well.

Marcie arrives at the hospital and Ron asks what happened to her and Greg that night. Marcie explains about the cranberry juice and then blames herself, saying if she were there none of this would’ve happened to Jen. Ron and Marcie talk about how out of control Jen has been since her separation from Joey and hanging out with Rex.

Al comes out with an update on Jen’s condition. He tells Ron and Marcie that she is stabilized but was having convulsions. He assures Marcie that Jen will be ok but asks that she call her mother.

Lindsay thanks Rex for getting her home. They walk in the room and Rex begins kissing her. They are kissing and undressing as the phone rings. Rex tells her not to answer it but when Lindsay hears Marcie’s voice on the phone saying there is something wrong with Jen she runs to the phone and answers.

Lindsay arrives at the hospital after Jen wakes up. Michael tells her that she is doing better. She goes in to visit with Jen.

Marcie tells Michael Thank you. He apologizes for spilling on the drink and admits it was meant for Greg. She again thanks him for saving her brother and helping her when Gabrielle died.

John & Bo are trying to figure out who was in his room. John tells Bo that it couldn’t have been Troy because he has been guarded and the paint was wet when he got home. They continue to talk about the possibility that Troy had an accomplice, they check all the records and said that if he did he only made contact outside of Statesville. They try to figure out what the 3 23 stands for. John thinks that three represents the 3rd to last victim and 23 is the date they will be killed.

Bo realizes Flash could still be at risk and orders a guard for her.

Riley and Flash finish getting ready for her to move in with him. Flash starts to think about her parents and how things were so awkward with her father in London. She says that he only knows the little girl she was. Riley says that she should introduce him to the woman because he would be impressed. Flash leaves a message for her Dad.

Dorian and Kelly are about to open the door to Dorian’s house when they hear yelling. They walk in to see the fight between Kevin and Todd. Blair comes running down the stairs to break it up. Dorian is about to call the police but Blair asks her to stop because she knows that Todd was there to bring Starr back home. Blair tells Todd to leave before she changes her mind. Todd tells her that he will never give up on her.

Kelly takes Kevin’s arm and tells her cousin to call if she needs anything. She says to Kevin, “Come on honey, let’s go home.”

River comes home in a great mood. He talks to Dorian and tells her that he’s sorry for acting like a pain before. She says it’s OK, she is just happy to see him so happy.

Kelly and Kevin get back home to Asa’s. Kelly starts to rub Kevin’s back she starts to caress him but he stops her. She tells him she knows that he feels their marriage is over, but she says he is going to need her more than ever during this trial and she is going to stand by his side. She tells him that maybe this all happened for a reason, now she knows how he felt when she cheated in Texas. He assures her that he didn’t do this to get back at her.

Starr tells Blair that she went to her Dad’s and he got her to eat. She also tells her that Todd kept telling Starr not to hate her. Blair tries to explain why she has to go forward with the trial but Starr doesn’t understand. Blair leans over to kiss her and Starr turns the cheek. A scared Starr goes online to instant message her Dad. The “talk” for a few minutes, Todd promises Starr that it will all work out. And tells her to go to bed.

David and Dorian are discussing looking for Adriana when Carlotta shows up. Dorian tells her that they haven’t found her yet but she is hiring a private detective. Dorian also makes sure that she is still willing to go along with the plan. Carlotta agrees that it is best for Adriana to be “someone else”.

River and Adriana meet at the theatre. River is so happy to see her. He plays a song that he wrote for her. Adriana is glad to see him but tells him that she can’t stay. They are afraid that she will be sent back to Puerto Rico. River gets down on one knee and proposes.

Riley and Flash go to John’s room. He tells them he wasn’t around and didn’t see anyone around the room. John shows him the sheet music and he tells him that it’s Romeo and Juliet. He also tells him that whoever wrote it knew music well.

Bo talked to Emily who told him that all of the McIver kids took piano lessons.

Michael walks Marcie home and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.


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