OLTL Update Monday 1/19/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/19/04

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At Roadie’s John asks Nat again to play a game of pool with him, this time winner keeps the table, finally she agrees. Nat wins the pool game, she told John that she didn’t know he was so good at pool. He tells her that there is a lot she doesn’t know about him.

Natalie says that she never feels more in control than when she is playing pool. John asks if when he is gone, if she thinks she will play again. She tells him that before tonight she wouldn’t have and thanks him for getting after her to play again. Nat says she will miss him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. John gives her his phone number and asks her to give him a call sometime.

Kelly & Kevin are talking at Roadies. She thanks him for telling the reporters that they aren’t separated. Kevin tells her not to get the wrong idea & she admits she knows he was just protecting her. Kelly asks Kevin, “What about our baby?” to which he replied, “Well, look, even if you are pregnant, we wouldn't be the first divorced couple..” Kelly cuts him off saying what do you mean “if”? He tells her the timing is convenient, she says that he will believe it when she starts showing. Kevin tells her about the subpoena and that they already have a blood sample. He tells her that everything is going to be public and that it will be rough but thinks it will be easier if they are separated. “Easier for whom?” she asks. Kevin says that if she files for divorce then she could keep the respect of the family and community. Kelly says that she doesn’t want a divorce and that nothing that has happened will change the way that she feels for him.

At Ultra Violet Ron & Jen are waiting for Greg & Marcie. Jen gives Ron a way out of the date saying that she knows that Marcie pressured him into it. Ron tells her he is there because he wants to be. Ron goes to call Marice to find out what is taking so long while Jen gets drinks.

Rex asks, “What the hell are you doing with that guy?” Jen says, “What’s your problem?” He says, “My problem is that the girl who I've turned myself inside out for just waltzed into my club with some stupid construction worker.” She tells him Marcie set up the date. Rex tries to tell her he cares about him, she says she knows what it is that he cares about and whatever they had is over. Rex told her she couldn’t leave him after everything he has done for her. Jen tells him that most people don’t think what he has done is that great. He asks if it is wrong of him to accept her for who she is. She tells him all he wants of her is sex and that he wants her to stay bad so that no one else will want her. Rex tries to tell her that he loves her. He gets upset and tells her, “You know, I used to think that I wasn't good enough for you, but now I think it's the other way around. If you're so desperate to be a total phony, then I'm wasting my time.” As Jen walks away with Ron, Rex calls Lindsay.

Jen gets plastered and is finally ready to dance with Ron, she stumbles over her self and passes out.

Starr & Dorian continue to argue about Starr’s hunger strike. Starr is still adamant that she will not eat until her Dad is let free. Dorian starts to threaten to take her to the hospital and feed her through a tube. Dorian backs off but not before telling Starr that she is being selfish.

At the courthouse Evangeline informs Viki of the temporary restraining order on Todd to keep him away from Blair and the kids. She asks Viki to help control him in fear that if he breaks this order than there is no hope of an acquittal.

Todd tries to convince Blair to drop the charges for the sake of the kids. She says that this isn’t her fault and if he wants it to end to confess. He tells her they both have a different understanding of what happened that night and the kids shouldn’t be the ones to suffer. Evangeline comes in and tells Todd that he is risking everything by talking to Blair. Todd says, “My daughter's health is more important than whether or not I've been released on bail.” Evangeline reminds him that he could cost her having her father in prison for the next 20 years. Viki gets Todd to back off, she goes to Blair to ask if she is reconsidering. Blair says, “So you really think that I'm dumb enough to believe all of his mind games?”

Dorian finds a sleeping Starr on the couch and thinks the worst. She keeps trying to wake her and finally Starr asks for a glass of water, Dorian offers every drink in the house and Starr gets upset and runs upstairs. Blair comes back from court and Dorian tells her Starr drank the juice but she still hasn’t eaten.

Viki comes to the house with a message from Todd to Starr, she says they can read it before they give it to her. Starr comes downstairs only after hearing Viki’s voice saying she had the letter. Starr reads the letter, Todd tells her to start eating or she will be a ‘shorty’ forever. Starr asks to write something back to him. In the letter she says that she will eat when her Mom lets her see him. And says “So if I starve you’ll know its all Mom’s fault.” She starts to go upstairs as Viki leaves and Blair and Dorian go in the other room. Starr comes back downstairs and sneaks out..

As Dorian is leaving to meet Kelly, Kevin walks in. He apologizes to her thinking he may have provoked Todd in some way. He tells her that they subpoenaed him and they took a blood sample. Kevin offers to lie on the stand for Blair.

Viki arrives at Todd’s house with the note from Starr. She tells Todd of her plan to ask Blair to have Starr come live with her for a while. Todd gets the idea in his head that he can just “drop by” anytime. Viki quickly discards that idea.

Starr walks in and says how she snuck into Viki’s trunk to get to her Dad. They talk and Todd finally gets her to eat. He takes her home and tells her to sneak back in. Starr tells him that her mom is probably too busy with her company to notice. Todd asks what company and Starr points to Kevin’s car.

Starr is walking upstairs while Blair is saying goodbye to Kevin. She asks Starr where she has been. Starr says that she was eating. Blair is shocked and amazed that she ate and is talking to her. Kevin sees his way out. He opens the door and Todd comes in and attacks him. They are fighting in the entrance.

Rex meets Lindsay at Roadies and tells her what happened with Jen. He asks her to talk to Jen. Lindsay says that she can’t even though she knows this is hurting him. Natalie comes over and asks what he was doing there with Jen’s Mom. Lindsay says that they were just talking and she was leaving. Rex offers to drive but she tells him he has had too much to drink and tells Lindsay to drive.

Lindsay tells Rex that he deserves someone who is going to appreciate him.

John goes to his room and sees in red the numbers 323 painted on his wall with a music box sitting on his bed.

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