OLTL Update Friday 1/16/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/16/04

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Viki compliments Marcie on her radio show; Marcie can’t believe that she even listens. Dorian comes running in to the student area and tells Viki she needs to speak with her about Starr, who hasn’t eaten in two days – she’s on a hunger strike.

Blair brings Starr some food, but Starr says she won’t eat until Todd can sit and eat with her.

Todd demands to know how he can be charged with intent to flee due to the Starr incident, but Vangie says that Todd has gotten Starr to do things for him in the past. Todd is livid to hear that Judge Fitzwater is presiding over his trial, and states that he’s toast.

Nora runs into Troy in the station, and tells her he would never hurt her son. McBain interrupts and says he’s there to tell him who the real Music Box Killer is.

Jess and Natalie read a letter from Joey, which says that he misses them and that he sure he did the right thing. Natalie says Jen was at the bar the night before and got totally wasted. At the student union, Jen tells Marcie she has a hangover, but she didn’t hang out with Rex. Marcie is dismayed to hear that Jen missed her makeup history exam, and tells her friend that she needs to hang out with better people. Ron comes up and asks Jen if she had a rough night last night.

Viki tells Dorian she will go and speak with Starr. Meanwhile, Blair tempts Starr with spaghetti, which she knows is her favorite. Starr dumps it in the garbage, and says Blair needs to tell everybody that Todd did nothing to hurt her.

Todd asks Vangie if she thinks he’s guilty, and she says she thinks he might love Blair a little obsessively. Her job is to present the best case she can, but he wants to make sure she doesn’t trash Blair in court.

McBain prods Troy for the killer’s identity, but Troy has a breakdown and says he can’t talk there- he could be listening. McBain asks who, and he says the doctor is the one who did it.

Jen thanks Ron for loaning her a CD, and Marcie asks them to accompany her and Greg out that night. They plan on going to Ultraviolet. Meanwhile Natalie impugns Jen further and says she needs to grow up and clean up her act. Riley and Flash come into Rodi’s and Jess tells Flash that Joey had dinner with her father. Flash tells them how glad she is that the killer is off the streets.

Troy tells McBain that they have to let him go. He’ll keep saying things to him, he says. His lawyer says that he wants to end this, but McBain sends him off. He asks Rae who he’s talking about, and she thinks it’s a delusion of himself or of Colin. McBain thinks it all fits, but there’s something wrong. Colson tells Troy he’ll be in Statesville until trial, and then tells McBain Troy will never be free again. Troy locks eyes with Nora and gives her a pleading look.

Vangie tells Todd she has to cast doubt on Blair’s character and credibility, but Todd forbids her to do so. He loves her and she loves him, but Vangie thinks she has a strange way of showing it. Blair tells Starr that she doesn’t have the power to drop the charges against Todd, and then Nora calls and tells Blair she needs to be there for the hearing. Blair begs Starr to eat something and Dorian and Viki enter and tell Blair to go ahead. Starr tells her two aunts that she won’t be eating so they shouldn’t waste their time.

Al goes to Rodi’s and grabs something to eat. He sees Greg there, who’s waiting for Marcie. John tells Antonio that something doesn’t feel right about the serial killer case, but he’s going back to New Jersey if the case is closed. Antonio buys him a drink and John tells Natalie he’s leaving.

Starr mouths off to Viki and Viki says she doesn’t talk to her that way. She asks what she’s studying, and Starr says the Third World. Viki tells her about Gandhi and non-violent resistance. For example, he did a peaceful protest, like what Starr is doing by not eating.

At the courtroom, Nora and Vangie tell their respective clients to ignore each other. Blair says she’s not ready to testify, but Nora says she needs her. Blair tells her about Starr and Nora says she needs to proceed with the case to teach her daughter valuable lessons. The judge enters and tells Todd that he looks amazingly different, but it’s sad to note that the charges haven’t changed. Blair recounts the night in question for the court. She says Todd followed her up the stairs, kicked the door in, and forced his way into her bedroom.

Ron buys Jen some coffee and says if she wants to bail on their date, she can. Jen says she doesn’t, and that she wants to go out with him. Meanwhile, Greg and Al continue to fight over Marcie, and she tells Greg they should leave; Al tells them to stay, he’ll leave. John says goodbye to his “brother”, and they make plans to meet in New Jersey at some point. Colson interrupts and tells John that Troy is waiting to be transferred, but he wanted to thank him for his help in apprehending the killer.

Viki brings Starr some juice, saying that Gandhi always had juice on his hunger strikes. She tells the girl she loves her and respects her, and wouldn’t pull any tricks on her. Starr takes some vitamins and has some juice, and Viki says she’ll come back and check on her strike. Dorian thanks her for helping with Starr, and Viki goes off to Todd’s hearing.

Vangie cross-examines Blair and asks her with how many men she had sex that night. Todd leaps up and tells his lawyer to shut up, and the judge orders him to sit down. Vangie accuses Blair of making up the rape charge so she wouldn’t lose custody of her children. The judge calls a recess so she can come to a decision.

Colson invites Riley and Flash out for dinner, and tells Flash he’s glad she’s safe now. Flash thanks him and he leaves. She can’t believe how nice he was, but Riley says he’s trying to work AA. Al spills cranberry juice all over Marcie and she asks Greg to take her back to her dorm so she can change. Jess and Antonio say goodbye to John and Vega says he should work with him at the Llanview PD.

Judge Fitzwater determines that the prosecution has proved there is sufficient evidence to take Todd to trial. Vangie asks for bail and the judge sets bail at $100,000, but issues a restraining order against Todd for seeing the kids or Blair. Viki arrives and tells him about Starr.

Troy protests his innocence and keeps saying it was the doctor who did it. Meanwhile, Todd implores Blair to stop the trial – she’s ruining their lives and the lives of their kids.


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